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Same Nationality Travel Companions for Budget Tibet Group Tour 2013

<>We keep you informed with the up-to-date Tibet travel permits information to make your Tibet travel plan easier and workable. However, it is always good idea to maximize your money value by sharing your Tibet vacation with other fellow travelers from your own country. <>  <>After past years' quality travel service experiences, we begin to promote higher quality small size group tours for 2013. We design the itineraries with more consideration on every single member. It is said that some group tourists went to the Mt. Everest Base Camp and saw nothing because it was too late at night when they drove from Shigatse city to the Rongphu Monastery and campsite, and they had to leave the Mt. Everest Base Camp early since their second day schedule was still too tight. More importantly, the weather in the Mt. Everest Mountains ranges changes frequently and if tourists do not have much time there, they have no any chances to see the real face of the Mt. Everest Peak. <>
Tours will be published when one or two travelers call to set up a tour for themselves and invite others to join in their customized trip. The desire is to share travel enjoyment with like-minded people and reduce the cost.


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Fixed departures Tibet Tours 2013

Important Tibet Travel Tips: It is earlier to apply the Tibet Entry permits if there is no less than 5 people with the same nationality in one tour group. Due to this regulation, there are many people in the same situation like you that without others from your country to share the same trip, you may have to cancel your Tibet trip. We, at Tibet Ctrip Travel Service, are trying our best to make your Tibet dream trip come true. Sign up one of our tours as specified below and you help others, you help yourself!