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Quality Tibet Tours with Affordable Prices 2019-2020

All of our ground tour service staff at Tibet Local Guide (initial online brand Tibet Ctrip Toursare local Tibetans with many years' experiences. Our Tibetan guides are familiar with the most beautiful highland landscapes and are experienced in high-altitude trekking. Our safe Tibetan drivers drove many years in every corner of Tibet and are reliable. Most importantly, as native Tibetans, they have deep-rooted knowledge of local culture, tradition, religion and history that is part of their daily life. During our trips, our guests have the opportunity to experience the life of Tibetans and learn about their daily routines and customs. 

Travel Tibet with local tour operator! We know Tibet better! Traveling with Tibet Local Guide-Tibet Ctrip Tours is an experience like none other.We look forward to welcoming you to the mysterious Tibet! Our mission is to create lifelong memories for our guests! Here below please take a quick look at few of our top tour guides, travel consultant and drivers.

Tibet Local Guide-Tibet Ctrip Tours Service general manager 

Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-Lhasa head officeHi, my name is Tony, founder of Tibet Travel Expert Service (with online presence of and I graduated with bachelor's degree in economics and English and worked in Lhasa as travel consultant with over 14 years’ experience. I love travelling, for me travelling is for learning and enrich ourselves. I specialized in organizing private tours for all group size according to traveler's needs. With passion and enthusiasm in Tibet tourism, I devote myself to supporting local Tibetan people. With the hot competition in tourism, I always focus on travel service quality and reasonable prices, and I always try to maximize traveler's travel experiences. All the service people in our company are local Tibetan. We mostly serve western travelers and there are no Chinese tour guides in the team.Travelling with us is different because we have a team spirit and our team has deep knowledge of Tibetan culture, climate, hotels and all destinations for tours, trekking or pilgrimage in Tibet. No matter you are an outdoors adventurer or Kailash pilgrimage person or a pure trekker, or just want to have a fresh experience in Tibet, our servic team will always have the easy and suitable solution for you. You are welcome to contact with us, we show you the mysterious Tibet!

1) Tibetan Cultural and Buddhist guide---Tenzin Gamphel

Dear friends, 
Tibetan Guide Tenzin GamphelTashi Delek and welcome to Tibet Ctrip Tours Service! My name is Tenzin Gamphel, born and bred at a small town in Chamdo (east Tibet). Currently, 27 years of age with Tibet tour guiding experience of seven years, I took clients from all over the world during my tenure as tour guide. I try to impart what I knew with my tour groups and they give me immense appreciation.

My working relationship with Tony, the chief of Vist Tibet - Tibet Ctrip Tours stretches back to summer of 2008 year. He is a man of conviction, competent, honest, dedicated, and down to earth and knows what he is doing which is very important as a travel agent manager.

I guided at the gorgeous scenic areas of nomadic area or simply taking tour groups at the classic tours like Lhasa to Mount Everest. As far as I am concerned, my all time favorite is Mount Everest base camp (5100) meters above sea level. From this scenic point, we have fabulous views of the majestic Everest Mountain.
Every time the experience is different. You feel like as if a giant rock building is right in front of you. You feel its shiny snow radiance on top.
You view its sharp lofted summit.
You touch to the local fossils Everest base camp.
So, I personally recommend friends to come, join and experience the world's top most mountain(JOMOLANGMA) Mother goddess in Tibetan.
See you all soon,
Have a safe trip to all!
Truly yours,
Tenzin Gamphel 

2) Tibetan Local Expert Tour guide and OP manager: Sonam Dorjee

Hello friends,
Tibetan Travel Guide Sonam Topgyal-Op ManagerI am Sonam Topgyal and born near the famous ancient town of Tsetang which is the cradle of Tibetan civilization. My hometown is located near the bank of Yarlung Tsangpo River and can view Yumbu Lhakang, the first ever building castle in Tibet. I have been in Tibet tourism for Tibet inbound travelers for more than 12 years. I am sort of senior to my fellow tour guides so you can bank on my rich guiding experience. I have taken tour groups at almost any regions of Tibet, trekking and both private and group tours.Tour guiding is my first love and I take immense pride on it. I love to share anything on any range of topics whether it’s about the history, local culture, Buddhist history and my native people’s life style. I never left a single client dissatisfied in regard to answering their inquiries.

Every time, I try best to answer, serve and guide with my full potential.

Wish all have a wonderful journey with Tibet Travel Expert Service!

Yours truly, Sonam Topgyal

3 Tibetan guide: Nyima Woeser  from the earthquake zone of Zhangmu

Dear friends,

Tibetan Guide Nyima Woeser from ZhangmuWelcome to Tibet Ctrip Tours! I am known in a name of Nyima which means Sun in Tibetan.I was raised at the border of China- Nepal called Zhangmu. I have been a Tibetan guide for more than 10 years and I emphasized mainly on English language and Tibetan Buddhism in general. I have a tour guiding experience of seven years and I took group tours at various areas of Tibet whether it’s at the western area of holy Mountain Kailash or at the highland tours like Lhasa-Everest-Zhangmu (border)

I share a good rapport with Tony as well as with the tour drivers which is essential to produce an efficient job performance. I mean cooperation is a rock solid pillar to produce successful, satisfactory, and smooth tours. I highly recommend this local Tibetan travel agency for friends all over the world where our

Work ethics were efficient, quality and productive.

Welcome to visit Tibet!

Cheers,Nyima Woeser

4. Tibet Travel Expert Tour guide-Tenzin Gelek (Trekking,Landscape & Culture)

Dear friends,

Tibetan-guide-Tenzin-Gelek-with-FatherMy name is Tenzin Gelek. I was born and brought up near Mount Everest in a tiny village called “Tashi Zom” and now I am active as tour guide. I take immense pleasure in my work and every time I take groups, I try best to serve and guide with my full potential. I have an honest and genuine personality which were highly appreciated by my previous clients. I do both trekking and private family tours at various areas of Tibet. Moreover I have a keen interest in trekking as I was being raised up at 4500 meters above sea level which means I have the capacity to help my altitude sickness tours to render them with first aid help or personal altitude medical helps. I also love to ask questions to the nomadic people about their way of living and share their local stories with my clients which were remarkably lauded by tour groups. 

I also share legendary tales near my hometown like the Himalaya Yeti or Snow leopard wild life and some clients appreciate it from the bottom of heart. You know, everyone likes beautiful tales.

When guiding tours, I guide with full focus, dedication and professionalism.

Welcome to visit to the plateau of the world!

Namaste or Khamsang(Local dialect)

Truly yours,Tenzin Gelek 

5. Local Expert guide: Lobsang Nyima

Hello, Friends from all over the world, welcome to Tibet Ctrip Travel Service!

Tibetan Guide Lobsang NyimaI am called Lobsang and hailed from the central area of Tibet. I have a guiding experience of 10 years professionally. My strength as a guide is that I am quite rich in knowledge about the central part of Tibet. I know the local culture and customs, nomadic people’s lifestyle, local religious devotees’ perspective about Buddhism. I am simply good at solving some difficult issues while doing tours like flight delay, guest being sick, Guest inquires which were not up to mark by other guide, Hotel booking delay etc…When any traveling tour group needs something to pull out from a certain drastic yet difficult situation then I am the first one to be called up by travel agency. My all-time favorite is guiding tours at the central areas of Tibet like Lhasa local city tours or around like one day return trip to the nomadic regions at the northern side.

I recommend friends to come and join our local travel agency and let’s feel the difference.

Cheers to all,Lobsang  

6 Local female tour guide-Tsering Dolma

Dear friends,
Tibetan-tour-guide-Tsering Dolma-at TCTSThis is my short personal story. I am called Tsering which means longevity and Dolma is a popular local name which is even used in lyrics as well as it signifies feminism beauty of a Tibetan women. I am 28 years of age with tour guiding experience of 8 years. High land tours and family tours were my favorite as trekking is quite tough for most of the female guides including myself. When I work, I work with pure dedication and fierce determination which were appreciated both by my Boss and clients alike. Buddhist history and cultural knowledge were two areas I am proud of being tagged as my strength. I never leave anyone dissatisfied when these two inquiries were being made by my tour groups.So, friends, let us join and feel the magic of wonderland on earth that is my beautiful country: TIBET

Have a memorable trip to one and all!
Tashi Delek,Tsering Dolma

7. Tour guide Sonam (Everest Region trekking and cultural expert tour guide)

Tibetan-trekking Guide Sonam from Everest ZoneHi, My name is Sonam (Sonam means good luck in our mother language). I was born in a humble family near Mount Everest. I have been a Tibetan guide for more than 10 years and now active as a trekking guide. I am fond of taking trekking groups at any given scenic areas of Tibet and enjoy the marvelous views of the snowcapped mountains and greenly scenes along with tour groups. I have vast experience in regards to handle, operate, arrange, solve petty issues while trekking. When i work, i make sure that i get excellent feedback from clients which is a sign of my success in work and client’s satisfactory as well.  I enjoyed the work with Tibet Ctrip Travel Service, a responsible and customer care focused local Tibet travel agency. So welcome to Tibet and feel the magic…Welcome to read more about me-Tibetan guide Sonam.


8. Passang-trekking specialist tour guide

Dear friends,

Tibetan Guide Passang-Trekking GuideTashi Delek! I am called Passang and brought up near the Everest region of Tibet. I have seven years of trekking experience at various areas of Tibet and I take utmost pleasure in it. When i feel the magic of Tibet’s snowcapped mountains and clear blue water, i share these magical experience with my tour groups as it’s a different inner spiritual joy experience which is unique to all. I have extra edge over my fellow tour guide friends when it comes to trekking with my high altitude upbringing. I like to share my family stories, legendary tales, and Buddhist mythical tales with clients. When they listen with much amazement, it gives me inexpressible joy in heart. So, friends, lets join and together we feel the beauty of my beautiful homeland (Tibet)

Thanks all,

Love and respect,Passang 

Tibet mountain trekking specialized cook – Bakdro Lak

Tibetan cook-best on highland of Tibet-TCTSBakdro lak came from a town called- Tolung which is only 25km from Lhasa but now stays with his family in Lhasa. He has to drop-out school from early age due to family financial problem but has keen interest in cooking since. To pursue his dream, he went with some excellent Tibetan mountain cooks for many years as a sub-cook and learnt the art of cooking gradually. He is known for his quick learning in cooking and huge praises were poured upon him by his cook teachers. He says that now most of his cooking teachers were old and cannot trek up on the high mountains of Tibet so he wants to leave a legacy for them in cooking industry in years to come. 

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