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Tibet tour booking and Tibet Travel Payment Guide

Follow the guideline to pay safely and secure your Tibet tour reservation officially with TibetCtrip. For our customers' convenience, we accept various Tibet travel payment methods as below:

1) Alipay or Wechat Pay-The most popular payment mode when you are in China

For those travelers who are already in China, it is fairly easy to pay by Alipay or wechat pay.

Most Popular Tibet Travel payment by Wechat or Alipay
Most Popular Tibet Travel payment by Wechat or Alipay

2) Tibet travel payment by western union transfer (regular Bank transfer for overseas travelers)

Western Union is the fast and safe way to pay for your Tibet tour.All you need to do is find the nearest Western Union branch in your area. Or visit to make payment to us with the following information (However Tibet bank authority does not allow people to receive western union transfer, you need to pay to our manager's address in Chengdu) 

Western Union wire to our private account

  • Receiver's First Name: KUNZHI
  • Receiver's Last Name:  YANG
  • City: Chengdu
  • Country: China

Please send us the following information after transfering: 

  1. Remitter's First Name:   
  2. Remitter's Last Name:    
  3. The sum of money in USD or EURO:
  4. Where you sent the money (i.e. City & Nation):
  5. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN Codes)-and please email the Money order receipt copy

3) Tibet travel payment by bank telex wire transfer  (regular Bank transfer for overseas travelers-no fee)

Bank telex wire transfer charges comparatively cheaper service fee than other ways of payment, it usually takes only 1-5 working days to get throgh to our company, so we suggest you pay us this way. Account information will be reconfirmed by your travel consultant.

4) Tibet travel payment by PayPal+7% fee (E.g: 100+7(fee)=US$107 is for 100$ net deposit)

PayPal is a secured and safe online payment, used by over 100 million users all over the world. When you receive our proposal with a quotation in your e-mail box, just click on the link which will take you to to make the payment. Or you can simply pay to However paypal has high transaction service fee of 7% and it is only recommended for small deposit below US$500.Quick Link to pay to:

Tibet Travel Payment by Paypal