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Tibet Tour Booking/Reservation Guidelines-Terms & conditions

Here we offer the easy guidelines for your Tibet tour booking and please have a look and lets avoid any misunderstanding before, during and after your Tibet vacation. Thank you for your reservation with our local Tibet travel agent and have a pleasant Tibet journey!

As local agency here in Lhasa, we have the best and softest travel policy for our customers.

How to book a tour & How to pay us?-Tibet tour booking process

After receiving your inquiry, we will work out great tour itinerary with all detailed and clear service items as well as price with full understanding of your requirements (we might have more questions).
When it finally meets your satisfaction, it's time for you to book the Tibet tour with us officially. Here are some easy steps to book a tour with TibetCtrip Travel Service:

1) State in an email to tell us that you accept the tour programs and price we offer (together with inclusions and exclusions) and are ready to pay a deposit;

2) Reservations and Payments
a. To book your Tibet tour more than 40 days prior to your arrival date,a deposit of $100 per person+full airfare+train fare is required to secure your reservation. The full balance can be paid upon your arrival in Lhasa.
b. To book your Tibet tour within 40-25 days prior to your arrival in Lhasa, 30% of the total ground tour costs + the full airfare and/or train tickets fare is required to secure your reservation. The full balance can be paid upon your arrival in Lhasa.
c. To book your Tibet tour within 24-15 days prior to your arrival in Lhasa, you are required to pay 40% of total ground tour costs+ full airfare and/or train tickets fare.
d. To book your Tibet tour 4-15 days prior to your departure for Tibet, 50% of the total ground tour cost+ all airfare and train tickets cost is required. (we do not accept urgent bookings only 3 days in advance)

3) Payment Methods (click Tibet travel Payment guide in a seperate page) 

a. Payment through PayPal-the most convenient way to pay on line.         
Please log in your PayPal Account and send us money after some easy clicks. You do not need to provide us your credit card info at all. All you need to do is to follow the Paypal payment link in the confirmation letter by your tour consultant (your tour organizer/ie email handler) and then you will go into the Paypal Secure Payment website to finish the online payment process in just minute.-way advised
To know more about PayPal, please click here. 

b. Wire Transfer (Bank of China or China Merchants Bank)-way advised
After your wire, we can get your deposit in 2-3 working days.
* The offer excludes the transfer processing fee, and tourists should be responsible for this part.
Our bank account to be given you by email after your confirmation:
Note: Please send us the receipt of your Wire Transfer by email attachment or fax.
Email: sales (at)  
Fax: 86-891-634-9360, Mobile (86-136-2899-9610) 

c. Payment through Western Union which reaches to us in just minutes-way advised.
(more details: Western Union
Please find the Western Union Agent location nearby, fill in the money order.
Mail to the Country: China
City: Lhasa (we are Lhasa based, account details only by email when clients are ready to confirm)
Payee's Name: 
First Name:   
Last Name:   
Send us the info of tracking code (MTCN),senders first and last name and the attachment of the photo copy of the money transfer by email.
Usually it only takes about 15 minutes for us to receive the money after your transfer. After we get it, we will reconfirm it by email to you and begin all the tour arrangements. 

d. Payment through credit card of Visa, Master card or Amex, will be charged 5% of total amount for the transaction as extra processing fee (fee is a little bit higher than the processing fee of cash out from your credit card from bank counter or ATMs), and this can be only accepted when in Lhasa. Right moment, here in Lhasa we didn't apply the access to online payment in Credit card administration center in Shanghai, China, as it will be overcharged and we do not add this burden to our clients. Additionally, providing your personal credit card info is not always reccommended. 

e. We accept travellers checks or cash for your full balance upon your arrival in Lhasa, and you are to sign your travellers checks with your own passports in bank of China, Tibet Branch thus the bank can cash out and exchange your money to CNY (Chinese Yuan, or RMB) and save to our account.

4) Alteration
If you wish to change your tour, you must inform our staff at least 15 working days before your departure date. Any extra charge or loss incurred due to such change will be borne by you.

5) Cancellation& Refunding
You may cancel your tour after confirmation with advance payment, you will be liable to pay cancellation charges. Cancellation charges are as follows:
a. more than 30 days before tour start date, 50USD per person.
b. 30-15 days prior to tour start date, 10% of the tour fare as cancellation fee will be charged.
c. 15-7 days prior to tour start date, 30% of the tour fare as cancellation fee will be charged.
d. less than 7 days prior to tour start date, 50% of the tour fare will be charged.
e. Cancellation upon arrival, 100% of the tour fare will be charged.

If a change to the confirmed itinerary or service standard is caused by local tourism bureau or transport bureau forces, such as weather, unforeseen circumstances such as earthquakes, snow slides or landslides, political upheavals, etc., neither party shall be held responsible, and any extra cost thus caused shall be covered by the tourist himself.

If a change to the confirmed itinerary or service standard is caused by an air or rail Transportation Company, or other factors that are beyond the control of Tibet travel Operators, we shall not be held responsible for the losses thus caused.

If a tourist has to leave his tour group because of personal accident, injury, or serious illness or family issues, a refund of the unused tour entrance tickets fee and unused accommodation fee shall be refunded to the tourist. No refund will be paid to a tour member who otherwise quits the tour group on his own account.

No refund shall be given for any portions for the tour package unused by the participant of his own accord.

Due to uncertainty of political, climatic and geographical situation of Tibet (e.g, possible earthquake alert which results to attraction closure), tour cancellations might be neither out of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service's control nor traveler's. Under such circumstances, there are two options for our esteemed customers:

1.If you agree to cancel the tour before your arrival, then we charge only USD50 per person as labor cost for the time spent during the planning session. if you book the flight/trian tickes from us then the cancellation fee will be charged according to the Airline/Railway administration policy, and the refund service fee charge from the bank will count on your side.

2. If you still want to continue an optional tour or additional program after arrival in Tibet, then we will discuss and design a similar tour that meets your requirements in another opened area for Plan "B". Tibetan areas which in Qinghai and Sichuan provinces in mainland China have slightly different political and climatic situations, but are equally interesting, with rich Tibetan culture and amazing natural scenery, so we can design a similar tour in those areas, but you are responsible to pay cost differences occurred by such changes.

Once the cancellation is confirmed by both sides, we will need your bank account information and Tibet Ctrip Travel Service will refund the remaining amount to you within 20 working days. Please be informed that bank transfer costs will be counted on your side.

The cancellation fee charged by Tibet Ctrip Travel Service will be kept under your name (person who contacted us) for a usable period of 2 years. Within the applicable period you can use it for next time or you can kindly pass your authority to any of your family, friends or colleagues to use by booking a tour with Tibet Ctrip Travel Service. A certifying email from you is necessary to pass the cancellation fee to others, but it is only applicable for private group. 

6) At the time you pay the deposit, we also need some information of every member in order to apply for your TTB permit (Tibet Entry Permit) and/or any other necessary travel permits:
- full name (first & last name);
- gender;
- date of birth;
- passport number;
- nationality;
- occupation;
* all exactly the same as on your passport. The reason you need to tell us your occupation is journalists and people that could be involved in political matters could be revoked (they need more complicated procedure to get a permit). Please fax or email clear photo copies of each member's passport (data page) and China visa to us:
Email: sales (at) or
Fax: 86-891-634-9360
Re the Tibet travel permits and visa issue, please click this

7) Once we received your deposit, we will make all the reservations according to the offer within one week. We will send you a confirmation letter when all the bookings are secured. At this time all you need is to be ready for trip to Tibet!

8) Insurance & Documentation
Please make sure to purchase your international standard of travel insurance coverage before you leave your country for Tibet. You have to obtain your China Visa before your trip to China. (Please be aware that enter Tibet from Nepal by land or air, we will need to apply China visa for you when in Nepal).

We will immediately contact our customers traveling with us, to find out about their health and safety. 
You can keep in touch with us instantly to know about your relatives or family or friends travelling with us. 
We will then do our best to get our customers out of the affected area as soon as possible. 
If any customer or tour group is stranded in an area, our tour guides will stay with them until they are able to escort them out of the affected area. 
If a disaster occurs in Tibet, all of our customers who are scheduled to visit the affected area will have their itineraries changed. 
We can offer many suggestions of other destinations that can be visited, of course with our customer's approval.
We will do everything in our power to ensure that each and every one of our customer's tours is uninterrupted.

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