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Top 3: 8 Days EBC Tour-Famous Small Group Tour of Tibet
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8 Days Tibet Everest Group Tour


Welcome to join 8 Days Tibet Everest Base Camp Group Tour! This tailor-made EBC group tour covers highlights in Lhasa such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor market, Norbulingka and Sera Monastery, and other famous sites from and to Everest Base Camp, such as Lake Yamdrok, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor Monastery and Tashilhunpo Monastery. Mt. Everest, the roof top of the Tibet Plateau attracts tens of thousands of travelers and adventurers around the world every year. When you choose us, you choose small size quality Tibet group tours for a private Tibet tour experience.

Brief Itinerary 

Day 1: Lhasa arrival. Scheduled shuttle bus transfer to hotel and rest for acclimatization(airport: 09:30, 13:30, or 16:30, train station: anytime). Overnight at Lhasa Yak Hotel or similar.

Day 2(B): Lhasa highlights tour. Visit the UNESCO-listed Potala Palace(Dalai Lama’s winter palace), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Streets. Welcome Tibetan group dinner. Overnight at Lhasa Yak Hotel or similar.

Day 3(B): Lhasa sightseeing. Visit two important Gelugpa monasteries: Drepung monastery and Sera Monastery(watch famous monk debate). Overnight at Lhasa Yak Hotel or similar.

Day 4(B): Lhasa-Shigatse(370km). Visit holy lake Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor Kumbum Monastery in Gyantse(best Tibetan paintings in preservation). Overnight at Shigatse Gesar Hotel or similar.

Day 5(B) Shigatse- Everest Base Camp(340km). Landscape driving and arrive at Everest around sunset. Overnight at campsite guesthouse.

Day 6 EBC-Shigatse(340km). Watch sunrise at Everest, light trekking, enjoy the magnificent scenery, and visit Rongbuk Monastery. Return to Shigatse. Overnight at Shigatse Gesar Hotel or similar.

Day 7(B) Shigatse-Lhasa(280km). Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery(seat of Panchen Lama). Return to Lhasa. Overnight at Lhasa Yak Hotel or similar.

Day 8(B): Depart from Lhasa. Scheduled shuttle bus transfer to airport/train station(airport: 06:30, 08:30 or 12:30, train station: anytime) and leave for your next destination.

Tour Cost & Schedule in 2020 

Class/Price for Per Person  Jan. 1 to
Apr.1 to
Jun.25 to
Aug.29 to
Oct.17 to
Nov.16 to
Dec. 31
Economic Class (3-Star Hotels) 850 US$ 930 US$ 1050 US$ 990 US$ 930 US$ 850 US$

Tour Itinerary Details

The journey from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp will take you from the modern Tibetan capital of Lhasa to pristine high altitude lakes, rivers, glaciers, farming valleys and through the Himalaya’s to Everest Base Camp at an altitude of nearly 5200 meters/17,000 feet. In the Buddhist holy city of Lhasa, you will rub shoulders with pilgrims while going through the Jokhang, the most famous temple in Tibet. You will wander through the Potala Palace as well as the massive monasteries of Sera and Drepung.

From Lhasa, you will go the to turquoise-colored lake of Yamdrok and the amazing Karo La Glacier before arriving in the town of Gyantse. Then you will go to Tibet’s second largest city, Shigatse, and go through Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. From there, the destination is Everest! At Everest Base Camp, you will get up close and personal with the world’s highest peak.

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Day 1 Arrival in Lhasa (Elevation 3650 m)

When you arrive to Lhasa, you will be met by your guide and transported to your hotel. You can spend the afternoon wandering around the Barkhor, Tibet’s ancient market area that surrounds Jokhang Temple. Each day thousands of Buddhist pilgrims make their way around this sacred temple.

Accommodation: Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel or similar one

Day 2 Lhasa sightseeing
You will explore the Jokhang, the holiest Buddhist temple in the Himalaya’s. Founded nearly 1400 years ago, Jokhang Temple houses the most sacred statue of Buddha. You will work your way through this fascinating temple alongside Buddhist pilgrims from the faraway regions of Tibet. The sound of pilgrims chanting mantras fills the air as does the smell of yak butter candle offerings. In the afternoon, you will go to the 600 year old Sera, one of Tibet’s largest Buddhist monasteries. Each weekday afternoon starting at 3pm, monks engage in Buddhist philosophy debates, which are fun to photograph.

Accommodation: Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel or similar one

Day 3 Lhasa sightseeing
You will start the day by exploring the Potala Palace, Tibet’s most iconic building. Towering above Lhasa with more than 1000 rooms, the Potala Palace served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lama’s for hundreds of years. After lunch, you will go to Drepung, another of Tibet’s huge monastic complexes. The pilgrimage circuit around Drepung takes about an hour or so and offers spectacular views.

Accommodation: Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel or similar one

Day 4 Lhasa – Yamdrok Lake – Karo La Glacier – Gyantse – Shigatse
Distance: 360 kms Elevation: 3980 m

After breakfast, you will hit the road and begin the next part of your Tibet adventure. From Lhasa, you will drive along the scenic Kyi Chu River Valley and then ascend to the top of the 4794 meter Kambala Pass, which has a breathtaking view of Yamdrok Lake and 7191 meter Mt. Nojin Kangtsang. You will then descend and drive along the lake-shore before making your way back up to the Karo La, a beautiful glacier that comes down almost to the roadside.

In the late afternoon, you will arrive in Gyantse. You will begin by exploring Pelkhor Chode Monastery and the Kumbum Stupa, the largest Buddhist pagoda in Tibet. This beautiful monastery lies within a walled complex in the Gyantse Old Town. A short hike to the top of the wall offers an excellent panoramic view of the monastery, town and the snow-covered mountains in the distance. Afterwards, you will make the short drive to Shigatse, Tibet’s second largest city. Along the way from Gyantse to Shigatse, you can stop at a couple of interesting farming villages to experience traditional Tibetan culture.

Day 5 Shigatse – Gyatso La Pass – Everest Base Camp
Distance: 350 kms Elevation: 5250 m

This day will take you from Shigatse to Tibet’s North Face Everest Base Camp. Along the way, you will be passing through several small Tibetan farming villages that you will be able to photograph. You will?cross over the 5248 meter high Gyatso La Pass, which ?offers a sweeping view of the rolling Himalaya Mountains.?You will continue on to the Everest Region crossing over another high pass. This pass, the Geula, offers a panoramic view of the glacier-covered Himalaya. From?here, you can see 5 of the world’s 15 highest peaks, including Everest.

From the Geu La, you will then go to Rongphu, the highest monastery in the world at just under 5000 meters in elevation. The iconic view of Everest from here will be a high point of your journey! You will then continue on to the Tent Hotels, which operate from mid April through mid October. The Tent Hotels are the closest that travelers can stay to Mt. Everest and are located 2 kilometers before base camp. If you are traveling outside of this time frame, you will stay at the Rongphu Monastery Guesthouse. From the Tent Hotels, elevation 5050 meters, you will take a separate bus the remaining 2 kilometers to base camp. If you’d like, you can also hike this last short distance.

The driving distance from Shigatse to Everest Base Camp is 350 kilometers with the driving time being 7 hours.

Day 6 Everest – Farming Villages – Shigatse
Distance: 350 kms Elevation: 3840 m

After watching the sun rise on Mt. Everest, you will begin the journey back to Shigatse. You will stop at some farming villages as well as the small farming town of Lhatse. You will arrive in Shigatse with enough time to explore the main market street there or to hike the pilgrimage path at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery again.

Day 7 Shigatse – Yarlung River – Lhasa
Distance: 260 kms Elevation: 3600 m

Your last full day in Tibet will take you back to Lhasa along the beautiful Yarlung River Valley. You will arrive in Lhasa in the afternoon with time to explore Barkhor Square, rub shoulders with Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims and walk around the mighty Potala Palace one last time.

Day 8 Depart from Lhasa
You will be transferred to the airport or train station to depart Tibet for your next destination.

Departures and Prices

Starting Date Price Form Booked
2020-01-03   $830 open for booking
2020-01-08   $830 open for booking
2020-01-14   $830 open for booking
2020-01-17   $830 open for booking
2020-01-23   $830 open for booking
2020-02-04  $830 open for booking
2020-02-14  $830 open for booking
2020-02-21  $830 open for booking
2020-04-01  $915 open for booking
2020-04-03   $915 open for booking
2020-04-05   $915 open for booking
2020-04-07   $915 open for booking
2020-04-10   $915 open for booking
2020-04-12   $915 open for booking
2020-04-14  $915 open for booking
2020-04-18  $915 open for booking
2020-04-20   $915 open for booking
2020-04-23   $915 open for booking
2020-04-25   $915 open for booking
2020-04-28  $915 open for booking
2020-05-02   $915 open for booking
2020-05-04   $915 open for booking
2020-05-06   $915 open for booking
2020-05-09  $915 open for booking
2020-05-13   $915 open for booking
2020-05-16  $915 open for booking
2020-05-18  $915 open for booking
2020-05-20   $915 open for booking
2020-05-24   $915 open for booking
2020-05-26  $915 open for booking
2020-05-28  $915 open for booking
2020-05-30  $915 open for booking
2020-06-01   $915 5 Guests Booked
2020-06-03  $915 open for booking
2020-06-07   $915 2 Guests Booked
2020-06-10  $915 open for booking
2020-06-12   $915 open for booking
2020-06-14  $915 open for booking
2020-06-16  $915 open for booking
2020-06-22  $915 open for booking
2020-06-24  $915 open for booking
2020-06-28  $1030 open for booking
2020-06-30  $1030 open for booking
2020-07-04  $1030 open for booking
2020-07-10   $1030 open for booking
2020-07-12   $1030 3 Guests Booked
2020-07-14   $1030 open for booking
2020-07-18  $1030 open for booking
2020-07-22   $1030 open for booking
2020-07-26   $1030 open for booking
2020-07-30  $1030 open for booking
2020-08-01   $1030 open for booking
2020-08-05   $1030 open for booking
2020-08-09   $1030 open for booking
2020-08-12   $1030 open for booking
2020-08-17  $1030 open for booking
2020-08-20  $1030 open for booking
2020-08-24   $1030 open for booking
2020-08-28  $1030 open for booking
2020-09-01  $980 open for booking
2020-09-03  $980 open for booking
2020-09-05   $980 open for booking
2020-09-07  $980 open for booking
2020-09-10   $980 open for booking
2020-09-13   $980 open for booking
2020-09-15   $980 open for booking
2020-09-18   $980 open for booking
2020-09-20   $980 open for booking
2019-09-23   $980 open for booking
2020-09-26   $980 open for booking
2020-09-28   $980 open for booking
2020-09-30   $980 open for booking
2020-10-02  $980 open for booking
2020-10-04   $980 open for booking
2020-10-07   $980 open for booking
2020-10-10  $980 open for booking
2020-10-12  $980 open for booking
2020-10-15  $980 open for booking
2020-10-19  $920 open for booking
2020-10-24   $920 open for booking
2020-10-28   $920 open for booking
2020-10-30  $910 open for booking
2020-11-03   $910 open for booking
2020-11-07  $910 open for booking
2020-11-11   $910 open for booking
2020-11-18   $810 open for booking
2020-11-22  $840 open for booking
2020-11-27  $840 open for booking
2020-12-02    $840 open for booking
2020-12-06   $840 open for booking
2020-12-13  $840 open for booking
2020-12-20   $840 open for booking
2020-12-25   $840 open for booking
2020-12-30  $840 open for booking

Online Inquiry

Travel Services Detail

Price Includes:

1. All travel permits for Tibet
2. English speaking Tibetan tour guide
3. All transportation in Tibet as per the itinerary (vehicle ranging from mini bus to 29 seats tour coach)
4. Airline shuttle bus for Pick up and drop off between hotel and airport
5. All administrative fees
6. All meals and accommodations for your driver and guide
7. Vehicle tolls and vehicle repairs (if necessary)
8. Accommodation
-Economy Hotel sharing twin room with breakfast buffet in Lhasa and Shigatse;
Hotel in Lhasa: as above
Hotel in Shigatse: as above
Tent or Guest House at Rongpuk;
9. All breakfasts at hotels when available (except at EBC base camp)
10. Entrance fees for the places listed in the Itinerary
11. One-time welcome dinner for the group
12. One box of mineral water, shared Oxygen tank in car

Price Excludes:

1. Transportation costs to and from Tibet
2. Chinese visa fee
3. Lunch and dinner
4. Personal expenses (laundry, photography fees, souvenirs etc)
5. Tips to the driver and guide

Shuttle Service between hotels and Airport/Train Station:
As for Lhasa Gonggar airport is 70km from the downtown, it is hard for us to arrange free shuttle service at any given time.
So, our travel agency can only offer free shuttle service to pick up/drop off tourists between hotels and Gonggar airport twice a day at a designated time. Some of the tourists may have to wait for others for a longtime beyond our designated time.

The free airport pick-up time is as follows on the day the itinerary begins:
Pick up tourists around 12:20 pm (for flights arrival at airport before 12:20pm) Please join on this time.

The free airport drop time is as follows on the day the itinerary closes:
Pick up tourists from hotel around 11:00am (for flights which depart after 13:30pm)

All the shuttle service from/to the train station on the date of tourists’ arrival and departure would be free.

If tourists want shuttle service not included in the designated time frame or they prefer not to wait for the free shuttle service, they are required to pay extra 50US Dollar/airport for airport shuttle bus service, which needs a report to travel consultant when booking the tour. If any clients need private vehicle pick up or drop off. It is US$100 one way (no more than 4 people at a time)




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