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Tibet Travel FAQS, Questions and Answers on Tibet Travel 2020

In these Tibet travel FAQ'S pages, we have chosen some frequently asked questions by our tour clients in the past years and we provide the related answers, additionally we provide some tips for packing and mountain sickness and hope it can be very helpful as your travel tips when you plan a Tibet vacation. These questions are related to the Tibet travel permits,Tibet tourist visas and policy, Tibe weather and climate, Tibet road condition, Tibet customs and taboos and beyond.

With the world fast changing situation, people may feel unsafe to travel anywhere in the world, the travel safety is to our top priority and everything we do in our power is to help you travel in Tibet with worry free in later 2020 and 2021. Due to the COVID19, it will be wise to postpone your trip to a later period when the situation gets to normal. Check out more Tibet Travel FAQs from our site.

Tibet Travel Advice-Tibet Permits FAQs and Answers

Q: Are you Lhasa Based Travel Agency? Do you arrange Local Tibetan Tour Guide?

A: Yes, of course. We are based in Lhasa and we only arrange Tibetan tour guides and experienced drivers as well as Tibetan Run Accommodations except for client's reference. 

Q: How soon can you apply a Tibet Travel Permit for my entry to Tibet? How soon can I expect the Permits to arrive in our address in China?

A: As local Tibet Travel Agency in Lhasa, we can apply your Tibet Entry Permits in 2-3 working days time (we can only submit the Permits in the Tibet Tourism Bureau about 2-3 weeks in advance which means you'd better confirm your tour at least 3-4 weeks in advance to avoid any urgent handling process), According to the policy, the authority only begin to issue the permits 2-3 weeks at most before tourists arrival in Tibet) and it takes 3-5 days for sending the permits to your address in China. However, we need to prepare all paper document files and be ready to submit the permit application around 4 weeks in advance.

QIf I take urgent booking from your company (eg.7-11 days in advance), are you able to deal the permits and air tickets?

A: Yes we can. In the past, lets say, before 2008 we fixed the Tibet travel permits arrangement in 2-3days time for many urgent bookings sucessfully. But it is not the same situation since 2008. Because the permits regulation is changing frequently, we always suggest our clients to avoid the top urgent tour arrangement for Tibet. As said above, there is urgent delivery service charge for permits (from CNY180 to CNY480 just for permits delivery). But air ticketing situation is subject to change in the peak tour season, we suggest our clients confirm the air ticketing normally 2-4 months in advance.

Q: Are there any other permits we have to take for our Travel in Tibet?

A: For Tibet trip with Lhasa, Shigatse, Namtso, Gyantse, Yamdrok Tso, Tibet Entry permit is enough, but for other itinerary with Mt.Everest, Tsetang, Nyingchi, Chamdo, Mt.Kailash, etc, more permits are involved, for more details, please follow this link. 

Q: Is Tibet entry permit free of charge?

A: Yes It is free of charge. The GOV issue the permits with a stamp on permits telling that it is free of charge and no commission fee involved, but every agency needs to arrange office staff to work out many papers (name list, itinerary, signatures, stamping, specified format files for passports data pages, China visa pages, tour guide licenses, Driver licenses, etc) and it is time-consuming work, sometimes it is terrible since the Tourism Bureau delays to issue the permits out due to meetings, or festivals, or this clerk not on duty, that one not on duty), after the permits out, agency has to send the permits to the Tourists departure city in China for Lhasa. So there is actually some service charge involved in your tour package.

Q: Can I buy the Tibet travel permits from you only and travel by myself in Tibet?

A: No, never and ever. 

Q: With this Tibet Travel Permit, where can I go in Tibet?

A: Tibet Travel Permit (or TTB) only endorses you to enter Tibet, to stay in Lhasa area and two another major towns of Tibet like Gyantse and Shigatse. If you are planning to travel beyond and further, you will be asked for PSB Permit (ie ATP, Alien's Travel Permit) which we will apply for you. 

Q: How can you send the Permit to me, or how can I receive it?

A: If your last stop before entering Tibet is in China mainland, we can mail express the travel permit to the place you will be staying, e.g. your home address, postal code if you work and live in China, or the hotel name, address, postal code if you travel in China that time. You will be receiving an EMS (Express Mail Service) envelope enclosed with the permit. But if you only have a flight connection in one certain city, we have to arrange the permits delivery person to the airport to pass you the permit (we will reconfirm to you with the person's name and mobile phone number)

Q: How can I make a tour itinerary?

A: You can choose the pre-made Tibet tour itinerary from our website and send your requirement to us. We will have our travel advisor help you with the further discussion. You can also pop up your own itinerary but have to consult our advisor to see if your proposition is feasible and doable.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept major 4 ways of payment:
1). Bank telex wire transfer [we will send you our company bank account info via email];
2). Western Union Agent wire transfer
3). Paypal
4). Cash

Q: How can I pay the balance?

A: You can pay the balance by cash upon your arrival in Lhasa, in your hotel lobby or to our office in Lhasa (our travel advisor would love to meet you face to face)

Q: Does the hotel room have access to internet?

A: Some hotel rooms, not all, in Lhasa have access to internet, so you should inquiry your travel advisor for accurate information before making decision. But some hotel has business center where you can use internet service. Read more practical Tibet Travel Tips.

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