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Tibet Travel Permits and Minimum Tour Request
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Apply Tibet Travel Permits with Lhasa Based Agency Now

Tibet permits visa information update on Jan.8,2017: Tibet travel permit is not applicable between Feb 25th and 31st March, 2017. This is the annual closure time and it very common since 2008, however this tour ban will be over and the Tibet travel permit process will recover as normal from 1st April.

Moreover, from later last year, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal has announced a new restriction for the Tibet Group Visa for 26 different nationalities as listed here:1. Pakistan, 2. Bangladesh, 3. Sri Lanka, 4. Afghanistan, 5. Azerbaijan, 6.Lebanon, 7. Syria, 8. Iraq, 9. Iran, 10. Kazakhstan, 11. Kyrgyzstan, 12. Tajikistan, 13. Turkey, 14. Uzbekistan, 15. Albania, 16.Democratic Republic of Congo, 17. Ghana, 18. Cameroon, 19. Kenya, 20. Libya, 21. Mali, 22. South Sudan, 23. Nigeria, 24. Somalia, 25. Tunisia, 26. Chad. So, all these 26 nationalities travelers should obtain the Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy in their home country.

How can you travel in Tibet with maximum flexibility?

  1. Book Tibet travel permit with your maximum duration (per your arrival and departure date);
  2. Decide where you will have to go;
  3. Book hotel in Lhasa by yourself or with our agency-as based in Lhasa, our accommodation sales price is lower than TripAdvisor or any other online agent such as or With their same price (with 3-4 nights booking) we can include the Tibet travel permits;
  4. Just book one day or two days highlight tour of Lhasa (e.g: day tour of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor street) and leave you more free days in Lhasa by yourself;
  5. If your trip covers Everest Base camp or Kailash, we suggest you book just part of the group tour (ie the tour out of Lhasa), or just book a car and driver and hire a guide, you can book accommodation outside of Lhasa upon arrival (but with accommodation flexibility).

Information needed to apply Tibet Travel Permits:

  • Arrival date, and departure date;
  • Entry point city (please confirm flight booking at least 15 days in advance, and/or train booking at least 60 days in advance) and exit point city;
  • Foreign traveler's passport photo copy to be provided 10-30 days in advance (and China visa photo copy if you enter Tibet via mainland China);
  • Travel itinerary (you can have permit itinerary with your ideal places you wish to see, but your actual travel itinerary can be the same or just part of the full permit itinerary);
  • Apply the 4-8 days easy cultural tour at least 10 working days before arrival, and at least 15 working days before arrival for EBC tour, and 30 days before arrival for Kailash tour

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