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Professional Tibet Travel Permit Application 2023/2024
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Apply Tibet Travel Permit with Lhasa-based Travel Agency

Are you looking for a trip in Lhasa, or central Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp, or even further to Mt Kailash or east Kham of Tibet? No mather you have just 1 day or up to 30 days Tibet vacation plan, we can apply your Tibet permits and deliver to you.

Apply Tibet Travel Permits and Visa documents with Local Tibet Travel Agency

Get Tibet Travel Permits and Visa documents from Local Agency

Updated on April 4, Tuesday, 2023:

Highlighted Tibet tour news update (TibetLocalGuide: As of April 4, 2023, Tuesday, Tibet is reopen to outside world and we welcome worldwide travelers to explore our motherland. Please contact us at:

Updated on July14, Wednesday 2021:

Highlighted Tibet tour news update (TibetLocalGuide: As of July13,2021, Tuesday, Tibet is about to be reopen in around one week time for those foreign travelers who are working and living in mainland China. We are collecting all the necessary documents right now to prepare for the trips planned for late July onward. This is surelly a BIG news update to the outside world. If you have any questions, please send us email to:  

Updated on May8, Saturday, 2021:

Great Tibet tour news update (TibetLocalGuide: As of May 8,2021, Saturday, Tibet is about to be reopen in around one week time for those foreign travelers who are working and living in mainland China. This is surelly a BIG news update to the outside world. However there are still tight restriction for application. Foreign travelers should provide the valid passports, working certificate photo copies, health green card, and negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result. If you are very much interested in a trip to Tibet or Kham (east Tibet/West Sichuan province), please send us email to: . With the cooling summer coming up soon in Kham and Tibet, it is a great tour opportunity to plan an authentic trip to both Kham and other parts of Tibet. Any urgent questions, please feel free to call us by 188 8908 2027

Updated on April 29, Thursday, 2021:

As of April 29, Thursday 2021, Tibet remains not open yet to the outside world. No single travel permits can be applied so for even for any foreign travelers who work and live in China. As one experienced travel agent in Lhasa, we recommend foreign travelers to postpone the Tibet travel plan no earlier than April 2021. If you are very much interested in a trip to Tibet or Kham (east Tibet/West Sichuan province), please send us email to: /

Updated on Sept.16, Tuesday, 2020:

Due to Covid 19 situation around the world, Tibet remains closed and no permits can be applied.

Updated on Oct.9, Friday, 2020:

Tibet remains tightly closed to the outside because right now foreign travelers can not get a visa to enter China easily, meanwhile for those foreign travelers who are already working in China with valid visa, they still can not get a permits to Tibet. This will last sometime till next year quite possibly. Foreign travelers would better postpone the trip to later 2021. If you are very much interested in Tibet tour, please email us and we will keep updating to you about how and when to travel once it is reopen:

Updated on Sept.16, Tuesday, 2020:

Recently more and more foreign travelers who are working and living in China sent us emails or online inquiries about the possibility of travelling in Tibet in October/November 2020. However Tibet still remains unopen to any foreign passports holders right moment and this may last quite some time till next year. We suggest foreign travelers not plan a tour of Tibet for 2020 or early 2021. If you are very much interested in Tibetan culture, an alternative tour option will be Kham, Sichuan province. It is far cheaper and also quite Authentic Tibetan travel destination. Any questions please email us:

Updated on July23, Thursday, 2020:

Most tourists attractions in Tibet are open but only for local travelers and people from mainland China. But all foreign travelers still can not get any Tibet travel permits. For those foreign travelers who are even working and living in China, they still can not enter Tibet due to permits restrictions. We suggest foreign travelers postpone the trip to 2021 (April onward). If there is good news of Tibet reopenning in the following months, we will update here. Till now the invisible enemy of COVID19 does not only infect people's health and worries about uncertain future, but also decreases the income for most hard working families. As a responsible travel agency here in Lhasa and family friendly tour operator, we will try everything we can to keep the Tibet travel cost lower but still try to keep the trip as private as possible. Any questions please email us anytime:

Updated on April 28, Tuesday, 2020:

Today, the Barkhor streets (kora) are allowed but people have to keep sotial distance. It looks like more and more local people slowly get back to their regular daily city life. However there are far less travelers this time of the year. Tibet travel permits application is still susppended. Travelers should postpone the trip to late 2020 or better to be from April 2021 onward. Our prayers go to all those people infected by the invisible enemy of COVID19.

Updated on April 13, Monday, 2020:

As of April 13,2020, even local Tibetan people cannot gather together to do their daily kora in Barkhor streets, and other linkor (circle walking is daily routing for pilgrims), Potala Palace is still not open for public, so is the same for other major moansteries or templs in Tibet. So far Tibet permits application does not begin for any foreign travelers yet. Should you have any questions regarding to travelling in Tibet, please write one email to us (

Updated on Jan.23, 2020:

Tibet travel permits application cannot be submitted from Jan.23,2020 onward, and this is a temporal travel restriction to protect worldwide travelers since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak (in Wuhan) which results to lots of travel restrictions in many parts of China. Tibet scenic and all other major tourists attractions will not be open to public. Once there is reopenning news, we will keep updated. Should you have any questions regarding to travelling in Tibet, please submit your inquiry. 

Updated on Nov.15,2019

As of Nov. 15, 2019, all Tibet travel permits application has been in good situation. There is no news of 2020 Tibet travel permits ban. But as usual, we do not suggest foreign travelers to travel to Tibet between Jan.20 and March 31 in 2020. As the Tibetan new year and Chinese New Year is in the same period of time, foreign travelers are not suggested to visit Tibet due to cold weather and busy and crowded festival. Our agency has begun all paper work preparation for Tibet permit application especially for those tour groups coming December and early January in 2020. For those wanting Kailash pilgrimage in early April, we suggest an early booking to avoid permit urgent case.

Information needed for 2020 Tibet travel permit application:

  • Apply 2018 Tibet Travel Permit with local tour agencyArrival date and departure date;
  • Entry point city (please confirm flight booking at least 15 days in advance, train booking at least 60 days in advance) and exit point city;
  • Foreign traveler's passport photo copy needs to be provided 10-30 days in advance (and China visa photo copy if you enter Tibet from mainland China);
  • Travel itinerary (you can have permit itinerary with your ideal places you wish to see, but your actual travel itinerary can be the same or just part of the full permit itinerary);
  • Apply the 4-8 days easy cultural tour at least 10-14 working days before arrival, and at least 15 working days before arrival for EBC tour, and 30-45 days before arrival for Kailash tour, Chengdu-Tibet overland or Shangri-La Tibet overland tour.

Tips for your Tibet travel to optimize your time and money

  1. Decide where you will have to go in Tibet;
  2. Book Tibet travel permit with your maximum duration covering all places you want to visit in Tibet (per your actual arrival and departure date);

    We have successfully obtained Tibet travel permit for thousands of travelers, who also enjoyed our great tour services. To apply for a Tibet permit for tour in late 2019 and early Jan. 2020, you need to email the scanned copy of your Chinese visa and passport at least 15-40 days before entry to Tibet, then we will take care of the whole complicated application procedures for you on time. Because in the winter season, Tibet local officials have low working efficiency and permits process is slower than normal.

  3. Book hotel in Lhasa. As a Lhasa-based travel agency, our accommodation sales price is lower than TripAdvisor or any other online agent such as or;
  4. If your trip covers Everest Base campKailash or other area needing military permits, foreign affairs permit, you will need to confirm your Tibet tour at least 45 days before your actual arrival date, so our agency can submit your Tibet permits application at least 30 days before your arrival date to ensure all permits will be obtained on time.
  5. Speical highlight: our agency is specialized in applying the most difficult permits for Kailash trips and grand North Tibet loop trip. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email to

Apply Permits and Visa with Local Tibet Travel Expert Agency

Tibet perTibet Local Guide Travel Service- Tibet Ctrip Tours is specialized in offering the most reasonable local prices for any kinds of quality Tibet tours and we provide reliable Tibet travel permits application services. Please feel free to submit your inquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the optimal solution.

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