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Tibetan Carpet and factory
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Tibet Carpet Culture and Tibet carpet factories

Tibet Carpet Culture

The Tibet Carpet has been developed for over 600 years of history in China. The designs of the carpet are basically still remained a very strong sense of historical influences as most of the motifs or graphics that appear on the Tibet carpet is still maintaining its original traditional styles. Moreover, the Tibet carpet is well known for its unique weaving techniques, attracting colors, soft carpet surface and durability.
Tibet Lhasa Carpet Factory is situated at Hebalin to the east of the old city of Lhasa. It is one of the remarkable enterprises in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), mainly producing traditional Tibetan carpets.
In the Tibet carpet factory, hundreds of experienced local Tibetan weavers using old-styled vertical looms weave carpets. All the carpets here are hand-made in different sizes, styles and patterns. Some are elegant, and some are colorful; they can be used as floor covering or hung on the wall as a beautiful picture. Every item is unique. The factory has developed into the biggest and the best in Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Knowledge on Tibetan Carpet:

Tibetan carpet, Persian carpet and oriental artistic carpet are reputed to bathe best three kinds of carpets in the world. Tibetan carpet is a symbol of the traditional Tibetan arts and crafts. With over 900 years' history, a distinctive production procedure for the handmade Tibetan carpets has been formed, including spinning, dyeing, weaving and trimming and so on.
Nowadays, Tibetan carpets are always a hot seller both home and abroad. A Tibetan carpet is an ideal purchase as a wonderful reminder of a trip to Tibet. What make the carpets so popular? That is the quality raw material, natural dyestuff, various designs and special weaving methods which together show the unique and charming Tibetan flavor. 

Tibetan carpets mainly categories:

1. Common carpet: It is usually made of yak hair and wool. The carpet is soft, light and smooth with colorful and delicate patterns weaved in special method;
2. Thin carpet: It is often made of the soft hair from sheep. The carpet always has simple patterns weaved in an ordinary method;
3. Rug or cushion: Being as big as a single bed, the rug is favored by Tibetan people in daily use. Generally it is weaved by using wool in varied colors. Being durable in use, the rug can prevent damp as well as keep warmth. Additionally, the rug can be used for decoration.
Overall there are actually many carpets factories in different parts of Tibet. Here below are just a few listed:
Lhasa Chengguan District Carpet Factory
Address: No. 7, Sera Road, Lhasa
Tibet Sera Carpet Factory
Address: Sera Road, Lhasa (about 100 meters to Sera Monastery)
The Tibet Gang-Gyen Carpet Factory is located in Shigatse.
Address: 9 Zhufeng Road, Shigatse-857000, Tibet?P.R.China?
The Tibet Gang-Gyen Carpet Factory is in the hub of the road network between Lhasa, Nepal and western Tibet. Shigatse is known for producing the best quality of traditional Tibetan carpets in the Himalaya regions. The factory, affiliated to the Tashilhunpo Monastery, was established in 1988 with the initiative of the 10th Panchen Lama for the purposes of creating job opportunities of the disadvantaged Tibetans, supporting the monks of Tashilhunpo for better living and preserving traditional Tibetan handcraft work.
Over the 20 years, the factory has trained 1,200 carpet weavers, yarn spinners, carpet trimmers and many other related artisans, and they have become self-sufficient. At the present, the factory employs about 150 Tibetan workers, 95% of them are women. 60% of the tourists from western counties visit the factory as a part of their touring activities in Tibet. Thus, the factory has been written and mentioned in publications, such as “Lonely Planet,” “the AA KEY Guide,” “Threads Magazine” and etc.

All visitors have a chance to see how Tibetan carpets are made, women work on the carpets, singing as they weave, dye, trim and spin. You may buy or order a carpet right away.