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Tibet Weather in a Year: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

It is important to know the Tibet weather information before you come here. Here you can get the general information about weather from spring to winter in year. Additionally you can read further weather information for different month and different places in whole Tibet and hope it is helpful when you plan a travel to Tibet, you could follow this link to read more Tibet weather tips

Tibet weather in 4 seasons-Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Spring Weather of Tibet

Spring is from April to May. Tibet plateau begins to warm up at the end of March every year and from April leaves begin to sprout from trees. In few streets in Lhasa such as Jiansu Road, for example, the trees turn to be green. The big trees in Potala Plaza grow well. The snow on the mountain peaks begins to be melt and farmers prepare for their planting work in the fields. And at this time many Chinese people and foreign tourists start to travel to Tibet.

Summer Weather of Tibet

Summer is from June to August. It is usually the best time for travelers because the weather is not as harsh as in the cold winter. It rains much at night but very sunny every day thus the summer rainy season is regarded as the "best time” of the year to visit Tibet. However, for many trekking routes, it is not very suitable. The best trekking time in Tibet is late spring and autumn.

Autumn Weather of Tibet

Autumn is from September to November. It is still busy tour season in Tibet. In September and October, there is no much rain, thus the air is dry and the leaves on trees become yellow. Many people come to Tibet to have adventure trip to high altitude because it is good time for trekking and shooting photos of mountain peaks.

Winter Weather of Tibet

Tibet winter season is from December to March. It never rains but snows often. Many high mountain roads are icy and blocked sometimes. Road travel is difficult but it is still manageable since the Tibet transports infrastructures become better and better yearly. However it is very dry and cold, the air is quite thin and it is not suggested to travel to Mt. Everest or do any trekking. But the culture tour in Lhasa and around as well as Tsetang, Shigatse are just great.

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Real time weather forecast in different places in Tibet

PlacesWeather Report from
(Click on the image to get the weather forecast)
Lhasa Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Garze Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Nagqu Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Nyingchi Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Qamdo Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Tingri Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
Xigaze Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast

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