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Practical and informative Tibet Travel Advice & Tips Guidelines

With our practical Tibet travel guidelines, your travel reservation can get smoothly. As we have done the most of the Tibet tour preparation work for you.Follow these Tibet travel tips, you can get the latest Tibet travel information including Tibet travel permits, visa documents, weather and temperatures, flights and train travel schedule and also you can learn basic Tibet travel facts such as high altitude sickness, Tibet tour packing advice, Tibet local customs and beyond.

Tibet entry permit for flying to Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet travel documents

You do need to have the legal Tibet Travel Documents such as Tibet entry permits in hand to fly to Lhasa. We provide one-stop Tibet tours package service with permits.

Tibet Money and currency, Credit Card UseMoney & Credit Card

Can I use my credit card when in Tibet? You can, however we do not suggest so. Then Where and When to exchange Tibet currency? Read more information now. 

Qinghai Tibet railway travel, Amazing Train travel to Tibet!

Qinghai Tibet Train Travel

Qinghai Tibet railway travel is awsome! However you need to know the Tibet train ticketing situation, train schedule, Train facility, prices and more.

Against Tibet Mountain Sickness when travelling in Tibet

Tibet Mountain Sickness-AMS

Please do not worry too much about Tibet Mountain Sickness during your Tibet Travel. We have some useful Tibet travel tips to help you avoid it and keep healthy. 

Flights to Lhasa, Tibet, Tibet Lhasa flights Airfare and scheduleFlights to Lhasa,Tibet

We offer comprehensive air travel information about Tibet Lhasa flights booking. We help you solve the flights ticketing beforehand without permits inadvance.Tibet travel packing list, Tibet tour packing tips and advicePack wise for comfort travel

Can you offer me some Tibet tour packing list thus I can know what I need and what I do not necessarily, because I do need to have a comfortable Tibet Travel.

Tibet Cultural travel tips-Etiquette and Taboos in Tibet

Tibetan Etiquettes, Respects

There are many different polite and impolite behaviors in Tibet because of the local customs and Buddhism religion. Respect Tibetan local culture.When is the best weather to visit Tibet?The Current Tibet Weather

You do not only need to book your Tibet tour with the right agency, but also  book your Tibet tour with the right time. Enjoy Tibet trip with the best weather of Tibet!Tibet road condition, know before you goRoad condition in Tibet

How is the Tibet tour transportation and the road condition? What road and which itinerary I can expect from you? How is tour vehicle we will be using? Is it good enough for the trip?

Tibet Travel Permits & Visa Documents 2014 and 2015

Foreign travelers can easily get Tibet travel permits & Group Visa from "Professional Local Tibet Travel Agency". Local agency has to begin Tibet travel permits application process 10 to 15 days ... ... Read More

Qinghai Tibet Railway Travels, Tibet Train Travel Essentials

Taking Qinghai Tibet train travel is probably once a lifetime experience for westerners. Since its completion in early 2006, the railway has become an increasingly popular Tibet travel option ... ... Read More

Against Tibet Mountain Sickness

At over 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) 75% of people will have mild symptoms. The occurrence of AMS is dependent upon the elevation, the rate of ascent, and individual susceptibility. Many people ... ... Read More

Lhasa flights schedule

This flights page offers the new information on Tibet flights schedule, Lhasa flights schedule, Tibet flights airfare, flight to/from Lhasa and Tibet airports. ... Read More

New Qinghai Tibet Train schedule- Railway Travel Schedule Update

Here below is the information about New Qinghai Tibet train schedule and prices updated on March 1, 2013. It includes the train between Lhasa and Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, ... ... Read More

Tibet Hospital and Medicine

The history of the Tibetan Traditional Hospital can be traced back to 1916. Named Mentsekhang in Tibetan, it began as a regional government teaching organ in which Tibetan doctors and astronomers ... ... Read More

Tibet Travel Language,Useful Tibetan Numbers, Daily Words

Here we collected some of the useful local telephone numbers for emergent cases, weather broadcast, and other useful Tibet numbers, area codes for major cities in Tibet. In the mean time, we ... ... Read More

Tibet Transportation-Know before you Go to Travel in Tibet

Tibet Transporation FAQ'S page provide you with the useful information about flights and train to/from Lhasa,Tibet. ... Read More

Private Tibet Tour, Comfortable Private tour of Tibet, Private Tour

Tibet Tour Itinerary FAQ'S page provides you with the useful information about How to have a suitable tour Itinerary, how to design a perfect Tibet Travel Route just for you. ... Read More

Reputable Tibet travel to Protect Tibet's environment

It’s the mission of Tibet Eco Travel to provide quality and responsible Tourism. At Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (Lhasa based Tibet travel agency), we have been trying everything in our ... ... Read More

Tibet Travel Permits-Tibet Travel Permits & Visa Solutions, FAQs

The easiest way to solve the Tibet visa or Tibet travel Permits problem is to find a legal and really local travel agency in Tibet. We, at Tibet Niwei International Travel Service (Inerational ... ... Read More

Tibet Travel Permits & Visa Documents 2014 and 2015

Foreign travelers can easily get Tibet travel permits & Group Visa from "Professional Local Tibet Travel Agency". Local agency has to begin Tibet travel permits application process 10 to 15 days ... ... Read More

Tibet Weather & Tibet Climate-Best time to Visit Tibet

The Tibet weather and Tibetan climate is not as harsh as many people imagine it to be. Tibet's climate is favorable to travel from April to November and most ideal in August and September, so ... ... Read More

Getting to Tibet by Qinghai Tibet Train or Air or Driving

How to get to Tibet! Travel to Tibet is easy now! Whether a traveler travel to Tibet from Europe such as the country of Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, ... ... Read More

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