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TCTS_Tsering_NyandakTibet Ctrip Travel Service (TCTS) is professional Tibet travel agency and tour operator located in the heart of Lhasa offering fully customizable private tours and competitively priced group tours. Since 1999, TCTS has provided authentic cultural travel, remote trekking adventures, and Kailash spiritual journeys. As a major longstanding travel service here in Tibet, we take pride in immersing our guests in Tibet's fascinating culture and stunning landscapes. TCTS is one-stop shop packaging Tibetan tour guides, drivers, cooks, vehicles, accommodations, ticketing and professional Tibet visa  arrangements. 

Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS is local leading private Tibet tour designer and operator. We know Tibet better! Traveling with TCTS is an experience like none other!  Tibet Travel Agency Recommended on Trip Advisor

Everest Base Camp is Reopen from July 1, 2015! You can visit Everest in just 6 to 8 days! The booking is just a couple of days away! It is easy, fast and hassle free!

Most Popular Private Tibet Tour Packages-Top 8 Itineraries 2015

Tibet Famous Tours and Adventures 2015

TCTS operates a variety of Tibet tours for different interests; for some inspiration, you may check out our Best Tibet tour packages selected based on customer feedback. Please remember that each itinerary can be fully customizable, you can ask our travel consultants to tailor make your vacation in your way. You can expect minimum booking from us with just guide and permit!

Most Popular Private Tibet Tours

 Top 5: 4 days city tour of Lhasa from 300$
    Potala,Jokhang,Barkhor,Drepung & Sera, Tibetan tea house

•  Top 7: 5 days Lhasa-Drak Yerpa-Ganden-Yamdrok from 500$
    Lhasa, local tea house, Drak Yerpa +Ganden Monastery+Lake Yamdrok

•  Top 6: 6 days Yamdrok-Karola Glacier-Gyantse-Shigatse from 600$
    Lhasa, Lake Namtso, Yamdrok,Glacier, Pelkhor & Tashilhunpo

•  Top 2: 7 days Namtso-Yamdrok-tso-Gyantse-Shigatse from700$
    Lhasa, Lake Namtso, Yamdrok,Glacier, Pelkhor & Tashilhunpo

•  Top 1: 8 days Lhasa-Everest-Base Camp-Lhasa from800$
    Attractions: Lhasa,Shigatse, Everest, Gyantse, Karola Glacier, Yamdrok

•  Top 4: 8-10 days Lhasa-Namtso-Everest-Base Camp-Lhasa
    Attractions: Lhasa, Namtso Gyantse,Shigatse and Everest B.C

•  Top 3: 10-12 days Ganden-Samye Trekkingfrom1600$ Attractions:Lhasa, Ganden, Samye, trekking landscape 

•  Top 8: 9 days Tsurphu-Yangpachen Trekking: Attractions:Lhasa, Trekking landscape (4 days Tibet trekking)

We design your Tibet tour according to your unique requests, the nights and days, group size and budget!

Small size Budget Tibet Tours (2 people to sign up at one time)

Budget Tibet tour with Local Tibet Travel Expert Agency

Travelers looking for a budget Tibet tour no longer have to settle for crowded group tour buses! Tibet budget travelers often feel that they are faced with limited options. But here at Tibet Ctrip Travel Service, we have been working to open up new Tibet Group Tour opportunities for travelers looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Small-size-group-tour-of-Tibet-lower-budget • 4 days city tour of Lhasa
    Potala,Jokhang,Barkhor,Drepung & Sera, Tibetan tea house
 • 5 days Lhasa-Namtso-Lhasa, attractions: Lhasa and Namtso lake
 • 7 days Lhasa-Namtso-Yamdrok-tso-Gyantse-Shigatse
    Lhasa, Lake Namtso, Yamdrok,Glacier, Pelkhor & Tashilhunpo
 • 8 days Lhasa-Everest B.C-Lhasa
   Attractions: Lhasa, Gyantse,Shigatse and Everest B.C
 • 8 days Lhasa-Everest B.C-Zhangmu-Nepal: Attractions: Lhasa to Nepal Overland
 • 14 days Lhasa-Lake Manasarovar-Kailash-Nepal: Attractions: Lhasa, Manasarovar-Kailash to Nepal

Tibet Theme Tours 2015-2016

Tibet-family-tour-Lhasa-agencyChoosing one of our well designed friendly Tibet family tours packages, experience the real Tibetan culture, explore the Tibet civilization and discover the beautiful landscape of Tibet with your family on a budget. Kids above 4 years old and old people less than 75 years old (but we have 84 years old guest also) are suggested! All family travel itineraries are customizable according to different family situation!

Tibet student group tourStudents are finding that Tibet travel is an experience that can help them gain the global perspective needed to set themselves apart from their peers. Unique Tibet cultural experiences and natural beauty that can't be found anywhere else await those who make the trip. Your classmates and you are warm weclome to explore the wonder land of Tibet. Feel free to let us design Students Group tour of Tibet now!

Kailash-tour of Tibet 2015-2016Mt. Kailash is among the most sacred places on earth. Many pilgrims missed the Tibet Kailash tours in the past years because of many restrictions, but like in the past years, we have been trying to help more and more overseas travelers make Kailash pilgrimage dreams come true!---7 Itineraries!

How to book a trip with Budget Tibet travel

Latest Tibet Travel Agency News 2015

Visa of Tibet-Tibet Visa-Apply Now!

3 pm, March 31, 2015 update: Great news that our Tibet tour agency has obtained 5 Tibet entry travel permits for entry dates before April 10. The earliest entry is April 1 by flight to Lhasa.     read more...

Nepal Earthquake,April 25, 2015

Today April 25th, 2015 at 14:11 an area between the Nepal capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earth quake. Badly damaged at the epicenter and in the Kathmandu city downtown. Tremors were felt across the region, and neighboring country like India, Bangladesh and Tibet. ...     read more...

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Go Healthy and Active Tibet Trekking Now! Enjoy trekking adventure tour of Tibet in 2015!

Tibet Trekking with Local Tibet travel Agency TCTSTibet's stunning landscapes draw tens of thousands of travelers each year from around the world. Tibet trekking is a fantastic way to escape the crowds while falling into sync with its natural beauty. Successful Tibet adventures require careful planning and preparation; below you can explore the possibilities and take comfort in knowing that you are in the hands of an experienced travel agency!

  • 60 KM trek to Mt.Everest Base Camp in 12 days
  • Ganden to Samye Monastery trek in 10 to 12 days
  • Tsurphu to Yangpachen Scenery Trekking in 9 days
  • Everest Khangsung Face-Kharta Valley trek 20 days
  • Everest Advance Base Camp (6400m)-ABC Trekking-Tibet 16 days
  • Many Options for One-two Days Tibet Hiking
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South Korea-No Mi Jin, Kwon Oh Sook's Group of 10 travelers in 2008

Dear Tony, "Tibet Ctrip Travel is Great Tibet Tour Operator!"-We have enjoyed our great vacation tour in Tibet. Our group of 9 women and 1 man from South Korea had lots of fun in Tibet travel. You know some us even cried at Zhangmu when we say goodbye to our Tibetan tour guide and the nice driver. ...     read more...

USA-Greg,Tina,Todd,Beeck,Miller and James Tibet tour-2009

TibetCtrip Travel Service is one Reliable Tibet Travel Agent and Great Tibet Tour Operator in Lhasa. Their Tibetan guide, driver and the Tibetan owned hotels they offered us were quite nice. Our family appreciated the professional service and would like to recommend this legal Tibet travel agency.     read more...

Budget Tibet tour-Tibet travel review USA travelers 2010

Through out of our travels in Tibet, our Tibetan tour guide proved to be invaluable. He provided excellent details about the many scenic and historic sites visited during our travels. Our Tibetan travel agent was recommended by a group of travelers from worldwide Summer 2010.     read more...

Tibet Kailash travel for Singaporean Guests in 2012

Tony, we know you did superb job to get our Kailash travel permits in such a short time as everyone knows in 2012 Tibet was closed in the summer time. We contacted many travel agencies online but lucky that we did not choose any of them otherwise our Kailash photo tour surely will be ruined. Thank you ...     read more...

UK, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore Students travel in Tibet Oct. 2011

"Overwhelmed! This was how I felt during and after the trip to Tibet. Words could hardly describe the scenic splendid tours and exhilarating experiences the trip had to offer us.     read more...

Poland--Tibet Trekking Review-Mt. Everest B.C Trekking 2013

Our group of 4 people from Poland spent a couple of days on the trip to Tibet with TibetCtrip Travel Service. Mr. Tsering is our Tibetan tour guide. During the whole trip-in this especially during the trekking on the route Old Tingri to Everest base camp, Mr. Tsering was very helpful and pleasant for ...     read more...

Tibet Culture Tour Review by USA Travelers Winter 2014

I would definitely recommend Tony and Tibet Ctrip Travel Service. He was very competitive in pricing and allowed us to book our own hotel and adjust the price accordingly. More importantly than price, though, Tony was very ethical, had great interpersonal skills, and delivered on everything he stated ...     read more...

Tibet traveler's Reviews and recommendation 2015

Mostly our Tibet travelers are from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia,Poland, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico,Vietnam, Thailand, etc.     read more...

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