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Tibet Travel Essentials on Permits, Clothing, Weather, Mountain Sickness, etc
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Tibet Travel Essentials on Clothing, Permits, Weather, Kids, Insurance

Here is some quick travel essentials information which is good to know before you go. To help foreign tourists have a pleasant Tibet journey is our travel agency’s mission.


Clothing for Tibet Travel in low and high tour season

When deciding what to pack, layering is the way to go. This is especially true for travelers who will be trekking or biking. Mornings and evenings can be very cold, but warm up as the day wears on. To remain comfortable, travelers are advised to bring clothes that can be easily removed and carried in a daypack. Also, appropriate shoes are of the utmost importance. For a sightseeing tour comfortable walking shoes are important, for a trek it is imperative that travelers ware comfortable hiking shoes.
Clothing for travel in Tibet May to October: 
Light leather boots in case of snow; Light Overcoat or Raincoat; Light Jacket; Thin Sweaters; Sun hat; Shirts; Thin Socks; Light shoes
Clothing for travel in Tibet November to April :
Heavy jacket, Warm underwear; Warm trousers; Warm sweaters; Woolen shirts; Gloves; Warm hat & Scarves; Warm socks
Packing tips: Take from your home all possible personal things such as necessary medicine such as Diamox tablets, personal medical kit, cosmetics, toilet items, water bottle, sunglasses, sun screen lotion, flash light and batteries, day bag-pack, camera and films, etc. You may not be able find them during your trip to Tibet. Check out more Tibet tour packing tips. 

How to get the Tibet travel permits?

 Tibet travel permit (normally it refers to Tibet entry permit) is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Together with other necessary Tibet travel documents such as military permit, foreign affairs permit, and visa etc., foreign tourists have to take to travel in Tibet legally. To apply for it, travel agency needs the clear photo copy of the passport and Chinese visa, together with other information such as your occupation should be provided. Journalists and people that could be involved in political matters will be revoked. Read further on Tibet travel permits.  
When is the best time to travel in Tibet?
Tibet, one of the most dramatic climates places in China is known for the sudden weather change in a day and in a year. Through it is cool in summer from May to August; it is extremely cold in the winter from December to next March. To avoid the cold and dry weather from December to March, it is said that it is the best time for a Tibet trip is from April to November, while the golden time is the summer time of June, July, August and September. However, tourists can visit Tibet all year around to explore different landscape beauties and different cultures. Read more on Tibet weather and climate.
Can I travel in Tibet with my young kids?
Tibet may not be an ideal travel destination for very young Children. The climate and generally harsher weather conditions in Tibet may not be suitable for very young children. And our suggestion is that it is not so good to bring kids under 4 years old to Tibet especially in winter tour season, but it is much easier for kids above 3 years old travelling in Tibet in summer vacations (June to August). Click here to see Tibet family tour photos. If you do decide to bring your young child to Tibet please be certain that you bring all your child's daily needs with you.
Shall I need to buy insurance before my departure for Tibet trip?
We highly suggest our clients to buy insurance at their home country insurance companies to cover the mishaps and physical unease occurring during the travel period in China and Tibet because their local insurance policy is more favorable to them than those in China and easier to operate for clients.
What should I know about the altitude sickness?
Please read further about Avoid High Altitude Sickness
Can I take photos of Tibetans, even the monks or the seniors?
Usually Tibetans are quite friendly and easy going. But we do suggest you ask for permissions before taking photos of them because some of the people may believe your photos of them will do harm to their religious soul.

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