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TibetCtrip Specializes in Foreign Travelers Services Since 2000's

 Who We Are

Over the years of experiences in Tibet inbound tourism service, TibetCtrip, credited by TripAdvisor with annual excellence award from 2015, has grown considerably and received lots of trustworthy TripAdvisor traveler's reviews and recommendation.Here we will share a little more about how we got started, why we exist, what we do and why you should trust our travel service. If you have used us on one of the Tibet tours, you have heard all of this in much further detail. But we think it is important for everyone reading through our website and emailing us for Tibet travel advice to know a bit more about us, how this all started, what we do and why we do it. If you have questions about traveling in Tibet, send an email to

How it all started

Wanting to find a practical and real way to help the Tibetan people, TibetCtrip co-owner Tony "Tashi" worked as an English teacher in Lhasa high school in the early 2000’s after his graduation from university with a bachelor’s degree in economics and English. Most of the teachers in this high school were Tibetan people. The teachers, especially the local Tibetan teachers really wish to see their people be brought out of severe poverty and to see their people be given opportunities in life that previous generations didn’t have. It was difficult for local high school students to improve English because they were really lack of the practical English materials and correct teaching method, and of course the language situation at school. Most of the students were poor in English, some of them even cannot read alphabets. And it was fairly difficult for them to get entry to better universities for further study. This was how Tony, as a teacher, got involved in the education in the Lhasa high school for one year. But after one year work, frankly the students still can not use English at all because most of them did not use English in daily life. During the one year time in Lhasa, Tony walked to almost every corner of the capital city of Lhasa, and found that Tibet was very attractive to foreign travelers and there were many worldwide travelers in whole Tibet, this was really great opportunity for local people to get involved in the real English language situation and employment. Tony found out that it would be much easier to help local Tibetan people to work in inbound tourism and get them involved in the foreign tourism services. Also to help local people get jobs in tourism, this did not only improve the income of the local people, but also provided them a new window through which they can learn the outside world from the worldwide travelers when they meet and serve the foreign travelers. This was really a great opportunity for Tony to do something meaningful to local Tibetan community.

Tony then began to work in travel agency and gained lots of experiences in Tibet tour designing, organization and tour operation. Since 2004 Tony lived in Tibet for about 10 years, and drove to many parts of Tibet. Tony quickly get along well with many Tibetan drivers, also Tibetan guides, Tibetan owned hotel staff in many parts of Tibet. As a team, Tony always tried his best to work together with local tourism service people and keep training guides and drivers to show the best and the real Tibet. More and more foreign travelers wanted to travel Tibet with Tony’s agency because of quality services and also fair local prices. When the business got better and better, more and more local Tibetan people knew Tony well, and more Tibetan drivers and Tibetan guides loved to join Tony’s agency. This really moved Tony and the Tibetan tour service team quite a lot.

Tony deeply understood that, tourism should benefit the most local people. Some of the local Tibetan people wanted to work as English speaking guide focused on Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism, or Tibet photography and plateau trekking, private drivers catering to foreign travelers or were wanting to open small hotels, guesthouses or even open up restaurants serving Tibetan and Western food. These jobs and opportunities were definitely plentiful, but few were going to Tibetans. Most were going to Chinese who were coming from other parts of China to start these businesses while employing only Chinese staff, leaving Tibetans to wonder how they could benefit from tourism to Tibet. Even till today, the vast majority of tourism jobs in Tibet are still held by None Tibetans. While for Tony’s agency, we only employed local Tibetan people. Tony also trained some guides to open tour agencies as well.

Tony and his team have been trying best to bring the Tibet inbound tourism to a higher level, hence a new platform of was born.  

Our Highlight Features
  • Our expertise and reliability: We focus on service profession, tour quality, safety and reliability;
  • Flexible and accommodating Itineraries: We ensure foreign travelers can get better altitude acclimatization. All our Tibet tours are well designed with time for proper high altitude acclimatization.This is especially the highlight for our private Tibet tours; 
  • 100% Local Tibetan Guides and Drivers: We ensure all our foreign travelers can get authentic Tibetan tour experiences. None of our guides are Han Chinese, so are our safe drivers.
  • Absolutely no forced shopping or tourist traps: We would rather take travelers to enjoy countryside than taking them to buy fake things in shops;
  • Our sense of Tibet tourism responsibility:Preserving the native environment and local habitats insures the natural preservation needed for future generations of tourist to experience Tibet in real time. Furthermore establishing meaningful relationships between tourist and the Local Tibetan people offers mutual understanding of both cultures in which enhances respect for both tourist and host and thereby promotes future prosperity. Based on this value, we support local community by arranging local services, volunteering in local villages, and always trying our best to minimize impacts on environment and culture of the locals. 

Our brands: TibetCtrip Travel ServiceTibet Travel Expert ServiceExplore China Tibet Travel Service

              Tibetan office manager Sonam Duojie  

What sets us apart from others? 

We provide ultimate, extensive and quality Tibet Travel ervice. We help make your Tibet travel cheaper and easier! No matter where you want to go, what your interests are, whether you come here solo or with family or friends, whether you have tight budget or not, we understand and care about all your concerns.

1. Our Expertise and Reliability: 

All our travel consultants and Tibetan tour guides are qualified with at least 5 years working experience in Tibet. This is still far from enough. Our Tibetan guides are well selected according to different traveler group’s requests. So is it for our tour drivers. We are proud that they are among the top guides and best drivers in Tibet tourism. Because of the insightful knowledge of Tibetan travel information, the tours and travel information we provide are not based on books or heard from others, but from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation. 

2. Flexible and accommodating Itineraries: 

We always try our best to run our trips as flexible as possible according to customer’s personal requests, so that they are not confined by a fixed itinerary which is restrictive and inflexible. That is why our guests like to book our private Tibet tours. 

3. Fair trade and service guarantee: 

With more than 15 years Tibet tour quotations experience, we know exactly what price is reasonable according to specified service items. We do not sell you sky-high “Tibetan prices”, because we do not stress you to support our Tibet travel agency by paying high prices based on your compassion on Tibetan people. To provide better Tibet tours experiences with more reasonable prices is one of our core values. 

4. Absolutely no forced shopping or tourist traps:  

We guarantee that all tours are purely authentic without any hinted shopping commission because we seriously object any act of forced shopping. On the other hand all our travelers do not travel to Tibet to buy expensive fake staff but to maximize their Tibet travel experience with reasonable price in a limited travel time-frame. 

5. Our sense of responsibility: 

When traveling with us, your personal travel adviser will be available 24 hours a day. For example, if someone in the group, especially the young or old gets sick during travelling, we will take this seriously and probably take him or her to local hospital or transfer to lower altitude immediately. Before, during and after your Tibet tour, we are just a phone call away! 

6. Responsible tourism: 

Preserving the native environment and local habitats insures the natural preservation needed for future generations of tourist to experience Tibet in real time. Furthermore establishing meaningful relationships between tourist and the Local Tibetan people offers mutual understanding of both cultures in which enhances respect for both tourist and host and thereby promotes future prosperity. Based on this value, we support local community by arranging local services, volunteering in local villages, and always trying our best to minimize impacts on environment and culture of the locals.  

The types of Tibet tours we arrange

There are several types of Tibet holiday that we arrange. All of our journeys are high quality and carefully prepared by TibetCtrip travel service team staff. We normally arrange 100-150 professionally guided journeys across Tibet every year. And we also work as local tour operator for worldwide travel agencies. We devote a considerable amount of time to planning each of our tours. 

  • Tibet Family Tours: Choosing one of our well designed Family friendly Tibet tours packages, experience the real Tibetan culture, explore the Tibet civilization and discover the beautiful landscape of Tibet with your family on a budget. As one local Tibet local Travel Agent, we specialize in quality family vacation tours designing and service as we understand the families with young kids and old. Learn more family tours of Tibet.
  • Tibet group tours: Foreign travelers looking for a budget Tibet tour no longer have to settle for crowded group tour buses! Budget travelers often feel that they are faced with limited Tibet group tours options. But here we have been working to open up new group travel opportunities for travelers looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Learn more Tibet group tours!
  • Tibet Trekking Adventures: Explore Tibet natural beauty via trekking! Now you can easily experience Tibet through intense cultural emersion while trekking across the many Tibetan natural wonders.Learn more Tibet trekking!
  • Tibet Kailash Tours: From reliable Tibet Kailash travel permits application to the ground tour service arrangement, you are in the right hand. Our knowledgeable Tibetan tour guide and safe Tibetan driver will try level best to ensure a peaceful, spiritual and comfortable pilgrimage.Learn more Tibet Kailash journeys!

Thanks for your precious time on our site and thanks for your interest to book with us. 
Looking forward to meeting you in Lhasa,
Kind Regards with peace and joy!
Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team
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