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Top 8-14 days Lhasa-Manasarovar-Kailash-KTM
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Lhasa-Kailash-Nepal Tour in 15 or 16 days per your requests

Please be aware that this tour can be further extended to Everest Base Camp and Guge Kingdom Ruins.Our experienced Tibetan drivers have drove along these bumpy roads in west Tibet around 20 times a year, and our guides also lead many groups under the foot of great Mt Kailash. You will never be alone or feeling lonely in this paradise as travelling with our staff seems like a happy FAMILY TRAVEL. You can begin this tour from China to Lhasa by train or air, and of course you can fly from Kathmandu, Nepal. Please shape out your international flight routing for cost wise and then just contact us. Our agency provides quality services for these pilgrim tours at all time.

There are daily flights to Lhasa from Beijing,Chengdu,Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou,Xi'an, etc. if you fly from Kathmandu,Nepal to Lhasa, please be sure that you arrive in Kathmandu at least one day before any of these dates of Monday, Wednesday and Friday (China visa date), then fly to Lhasa the next day to visa date (the earliest).

2015 Lhasa Kailash Nepal Pilgrimage Overview:

Speical note: For higher quality tour with better price, 2-4 people to sign a private tour is necessary!

Program can be further customized for 2015 and 2016!

Day 01 Arrival in Lhasa [3650m] to be picked up and transfer to downtown Lhasa, rest well for acclimatization
Day 02 Lhasa highlight sightseeing by walking: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Bazaar, Tibetan tea house leisure time
Day 03 Lhasa highlight sightseeing by car: Drepung & Sera monastery)
Day 04 Lhasa-Yamdrok Lake-Karola Glacier-Gyantse
Day 05 Gyantse (Pelkhor Monastery+Kumbum Pagoda)-Shigatse (Tashilhunpo Monastery) [3900m]
Day 06 Shigatse-Lhatse-Saga [4600m]
Day 07 Drive from Saga to Manasarovar [4560m]
Day 08 Excursions at Manasarovar,Drive to Darchen (Tarboche [4750m])
Day 09 Trek to Dira-puk
Day 10 Trek to Zutul-puk [4790m]
Day 11 Trek back to Darchen [4560m]
Day 12 Drive to Saga [4600m]
Day 13 Drive to Nyalam or Zhangmu [2100m]
Day 14 Leave for Kathmandu [1400m], 123 km, Your Tibte Kailash tour ends with us
14 days Lhasa-Manasarovar-Kailash-Kathmandu (Lhasa in Zhangmu out)

14 days Kailash tour Day to Day arrangements 

Please click here to check out the highlights reference for this Kailash trip

Day01 To Lhasa, transfer to hotel
Accommodation: any nice 3 star hotel in Ancient Downtown Barkhor area or similar due to late booking. Upon arrival at train station or Ghongkhar Airport, your driver and guide will pick you up (with your name sign), then we drive to the downtown ancient Lhasa city. Stay at the hotel for adapting to the high attitude. It is helpful to take things easy for the first few days. You’d better drink little bit more water than usual and walk light (be noted the first day’s acclimation is important to ensure you a good health status for the following tour, so behave wise)

Day02 Lhasa Sightseeing: Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Bazaar, Sera Monastery
Accommodation: any nice 3 star hotel in Ancient Downtown Barkhor area or similar due to late booking. In the morning visit Jokhang Temple, then walk on the Barkhor street surrounding Jokhang, a big free market with its prolific stalls for selling local specialties. And in the afternoon we will go to visit Sera Monastery. Jokhang Temple, the center of the Tibetan Buddhism and the sacred land of Buddhist followers where thousands of pilgrims come for worship everyday. The temple, built in 647, is the earliest wood-and-masonry structure still existing in Tibet. Sera Monastery was created in 1419 and has always been an important Buddhist seminary. As rose are planted everywhere in the monastery, it is also called the court of wild rose Today still 200 lamas live in there. Luckily you could see the line-up for visit the god as long as you could imagine, also the exciting debating situation of monks there every afternoon.

Day03 Lhasa Sightseeing: Potala, Drepung Monastery
Accommodation: any nice 3 star hotel in ancient downtown Barkhor or similar due to late booking.Visit Potala Palace, have a view of the Drepung monastery, Potala Palace was originally constructed in 637 by Songtsen Gampo, the first king of the united Tibet , and later expanded and served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas as well as the religious-political nexus of traditional Tibet . The crowds of pilgrims, innumerable magnificent murals, Buddhist statues, scriptures and rare treasures altogether create a dense religious and art atmosphere that impresses every visitor. Drepung Monastery, the sacred land of Gelug Sect, which was established in 1416 and the second, third and fourth Dalai Lama once resided in. Norbulinka: Dalai Lamas' summer place and also the place in holidays for local people to put up tents for the enjoyment.

Day04 Lhasa Lake Yamdrok-Gyantse (260km, 3900 m)
Around 8:30 am, we will leave Lhasa for the historic town of Gyantse via Yamdrok Lake, according to local mythology, Yamdrok Lake is the transformation of a goddess, on the Gangbala Pass, you will have a clear picture of this Tibetan holy lake in turquoise, in distance you can also see the snow capped Summit of Ninjingkangsang. In Gyantse, you will find the largest stupa in Tibet—Kumpa Stupa (Ten-thousand stupa, the 8-storey Stupa is 42m high and 62m in diameters contains a total of 76 chapels with wonderful murals revered by art scholars around the world.), just next to the Stupa is the Pelchor Monastery, This typical Tibetan Buddhist monastery is the only one large building complex in Tibet that old monastery and Stupa are completely preserved and characterized as a monument. It is recorded 14,000 kilograms of copper was used to make the 8-meter-high sitting statue of Sakyamuni Buddha housed in the grand hall of the temple. Another important site on the way to Gyantse is the Karola Glacier, if weather permitting, we have opportunity to take high quality photos of the glaciers. it must be exiting! 

Accommodation: Yeti Hotel or similar one if late booking

Day05 Drive Gyantse to Shigatse (visit Pelkhor and Tashilhunpo Monastery), 90 km, 2 hours
visit Pelkhor Monastery in the morning (2 hours), and after early lunch we will drive to Shigatse city which is the 2nd largest city in Tibet. In the afternoon around 3 pm, we are going to visit Tashilhunpo Monastery

Accommodation: Sigatse Manasarovar hotel or similar one if late booking

Day06 Shigatse-Lhatse/Saga (about500 km) [4600m]
Accommodation: Hotel (hot water, standard room with private bath)

Day07 Saga-Paryang-Lake Manasarovar, 4560m, about 490 km, 10hrs
Accommodation: Budget guesthouse From Saga it is 145 km to Zhongba. The road is good and the trip can be completed in 4-5 hrs. There is also a small monastery at the western end of town on a hill. From Zhongba onwards the southern road deteriorates. There is also danger of vehicles getting stuck. But this section of the road has panoramic views of mountains on either side of the road. There will be several river crossings and we drive past Mayum la pass (4600m). The scenery is stunningly beautiful with panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Day08 Manasarovar-Darchen (4560m), 30km
Accommodation: Budget guesthouse About 30 km north of Lake Manasarovar is Darchen, the main gateway and the village. The monastery at Darchen, Darchen Gon, is a part of the Drukpa sect. The two-story monastery structure in the center of the town serves as a trading post and shelter for pilgrims. Within the dukhang assembly hall are new and old thangka paintings and some statues, the main image being Sakyamuni. West of the gompa is the Mani Lhakhang that has a large, new Mani prayer wheel. This is the site where the original old flagpole (a Darchen is a flagpole for prayer flags) of Darchen was located. When beginning their Kora pilgrimage around Kailash, many pilgrims often circumambulate the Darchen Gon monastery and the Mani Lhakhang before setting out. We organize yaks or ponies for the Kailash circuit trek at Darchen.

Day09 Kailash Circuit trek-Dira Puk: (6 hrs)
This Kailash circuit covers 53 km and can be done in 3 days. We head west in clockwise direction and after a few kilometers the trail climbs up to a cairn at 4730 m from where the southern face of Mt. Kailash comes to view. En route we will visit Tarboche where annual flagpole raising ceremony takes place during Saga Dawa. Accommodation: Camping or in local tented camp or simple guesthouse.

Day10 Dira Puk-Zuthul Puk, 6 hrs
Today we cross Drolma la pass (5630m) and Gauri Kund Lake (5608m) where Hindus worship and immerse themselves in the icy waters of the lake. Accommodation: Camping or in local tented camp or simple guesthouse.
Day11 Trek back to Darchen (trek ends)
The final end of the Parikrama is an easy 2-3 hrs walk down to where the river emerges on to the Barga plain. We complete the 3 day circuit trek of Mt. Kailash. Accommodation: Camping or in local tented camp or simple guesthouse.
Day12 Darchen-Paryang--Saga Accommodation: hotel Drive from Paryang to Saga (252km, 7-8hours). Overnight at Saga
Day13 Saga/Nyalam/Zhangmu (about 280km),o/n in hotel
Day14 Zhangmu-friendship bridge-Katmandu
In the morning drive to the Friendship Bridge of the border. Our guide and driver will see you off at the Kodari of the China side at 11:30 Beijing time. Your Tibet pilgrimage tour ends with Tibet Ctrip Travel Service. If in need, any additional tour services in Nepal, we would be more than happy to help you arrange.