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Lets Design Your Own Private Tibet Travel Now!

Tibet Tour Itinerary FAQ'S page provides you with the useful information about How to have a suitable tour Itinerary, how to design a perfect Tibet Travel Route just for you.

Q: How Many nights and days shall I need for may private trip in Tibet?

A: It depends. It depends on where you go, what time to take the trip, and what altitude you will experience and how many people there are in the group, whether you have very young or very old in your tour party, and your own time-frame and your trip style. Normally 3-7 days are good for easy culture city tour in Lhasa, Tsetang, Gyantse, Shigatse, Namtso. 8-10 days are good for tour with Everest Base Camp, 12-14 days are good for Ganden Samye Trekking, Old Tingri-Everest Trekking, Shalu to Nartang Monastery trekking, Tsurphu Yangpachen Monastery Trekking. and 18-22 days are good for Overland biking from Lhasa to Kathmandu, 13-16 days are good for Kailash Manasarovar Sacred Journeys.

Q: Can I design my own private Tibet tour itinerary by myself?

A: Maybe, but as we are Lhasa based Local Tibet Travel Agency, we know the road condition and the road distance very well. And most importantly we know the current permits situation here in Tibet. For some Tibet tour destinations, it is probably not accessible. So, it is suggested for us to design a more reasonable Tibet tour itinerary for you, on the other hand you can specify your very detailed tour requests, unique requirements, interests, likes and dislikes, etc., we can customize a trip per your own wish. Moreover, if you have got one itinerary from other agents, especially from those who claim themselves are Lhasa based but actually they just sell you something in offices outside of Lhasa on internet.

Q: Is the Tibet tour itinerary flexible per my wish? 

A: No, not exactly, we need to confirm a tour itinerary before you come to Lhasa because different itinerary is involved with different permits situation (for example, Kailash tour needs Military permits, Everest tour needs Alien's Travel Permit, Tibetan-Overseas needs different permits, etc.), on the other hand, we do offer some flexibilities especially if your tour schedule is not so busy a day, you can change the city tour programs sightseeing order, decide what time to begin the trip, what time to finish the sightseeing, what time to have the meals, what time to busy something, etc. Furthermore, if your trip is a fixed Tibet join in tour, the trip itinerary is not flexible, since there are many other tourists taking the same itinerary.

Q: If we feel quite bad due to the Tibet Mountain Sickness, shall I be allowed to change the itinerary? 

A: Well we do give our clients understanding about their health issue, if they meet heave altitude issue when in Tibet, we can talk with you for a plan B, if the trip is almost finished, there is no refund, or if your trip is just at the beginning, we will refund you some money such as the entrance tickets, and the hotel and car rental cancellation charge. We do not charge you outrageously as other agents did but they got bad reputation. If you are a wise traveler, you can easily check out which is good one and which is not.

Q: If my Tibet flights or Tibet train delayed or were cancelled urgently, let's say one day in advance, will you be able to help us adjust the tour itinerary accordingly?

A: Yes, we have to. We are able to adjust the tour program very well if there are some urgent schedule changes because of flights or trains. But there is no refund from our ground tour section because all the ground Tibet tour bookings are fixed well before you enter Tibet, on the other hand if there is some loss resulted from the train or flight, the airline company or train company will have to offer some compensations accordingly, for example, provide you accommodation, arrange you to next train or flights suitable.

Q: Can I have the off-the-beaten-track in my own private Tibet tour?

A: Sure, why Not, but before we draw out the itinerary, tell what in your mind clearly and let's discuss together. Hope finally we can work out that sort of trip itinerary which meets your needs.

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