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When is the best time to visit Tibet- Weather and Climate

For a Tibet travel, when is the best time? This is a question asked by travelers seeking unrivaled adventure and cultural discovery in 2015. While it’s possible to visit any time of the year experts say that the best time is from mid-April to June and September to early October. While this serves well as a general rule of thumb, Tony of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( wants travelers to know that this can vary by region. 

  • 1  Lhasa and the surrounding areas are suitable for travel any time of the year. While one should expect cold temperatures in the winter months it’s a great time to beat the crowds of the peak travel season.

  • 2 The China-Nepal friendship highway (Lhasa-Shigatse-Lhatse-Tingri-Nyalam) is usually in fair condition year around but is closed to foreigners travelling in Tibet from December to January due to the risk of icy road conditions. However, it is accessible during the rainy season (July and August) even though landslides are apt to occur.

  •  Mt. Everest is best visited in early May, all of September, and early October. During these times the weather is nice and visitors can enjoy crystal clear views of Everest.

  •  Northern Tibet on the other hand is best visited July to August as winter typically lasts October to May and sometimes into June. Summer brings beautiful scenery, festivals, and the opportunity to learn about Tibetan Nomad life.

  • The Mt. Kailash area is great to visit in May, June, July, and September. Although the climate is not harsh travelers should be prepared for temperatures to drop drastically at night. Please be aware that this area is a popular religious pilgrimage destination for Buddhists and Hindus so booking with a Tibet travel agency far in advance is advised.

    Tibet is a huge country with diverse geography and with it comes varied climactic conditions. Travelers tend to have the best experience when following these guidelines; if visiting in the off-season arrive well prepared. Although the contrast between summer and winter can be extreme, travelling in Tibet is a rewarding adventure any time of year!

    Real time weather report in different places in Tibet:  

    PlacesWeather Report from
    (Click on the image to get the weather forecast)
    Lhasa Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Garze Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Nagqu Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Nyingchi Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Qamdo Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Tingri Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast
    Xigaze Click for Lhasa, Tibet Forecast

    Here is an interesting report of Sun and Moon Information in Lhasa: 

    High (ºC) 6.67 8.89 11.67 15.56 18.89 22.22 21.67 21.11 19.44 16.11 11.11 7.22
    Low (ºC) -10.56 -7.22 -3.33 .56 5 8.89 10 8.89 7.22 1.11 -5 -9.44
    Precip(mm) .1 .1 .1 .2 1.1 2.9 4.7 4.8 2.3 .4 .1 .1
    High (ºF) 44 48 53 60 66 72 71 70 67 61 52 45
    Low (ºF) 13 19 26 33 41 48 50 48 45 34 23 15

    Lhasa Average Climate by Month