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Tibet travel permits and Visa ban update on March 28, 2013
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Tibet travel permtis and situation update

December 28, 2018, Lhasa travel permits news: as local tibet travel agent, we provide timely and accurate Tibet travel permits information and permits application services.Read more details on Tibet travel permits and visa documents.

As it has been true that all foreign travelers wanting to travel to Tibet must need all necessary Tibet travel permits and visa documents, and there are even further tight restrictions on foreign people who work as government public service officials, diplomats, journalists, military personnel, etc and they almost do not have access to the sensitive Himalayan region. This is probably one of the reason the US President Donald J. Trump has signed a bipartisan bill on Tibet into law that could enrage China, paving the way to impose a visa ban on Chinese officials travelling to America.

However, except for government officials and reporters, journalists and military service people, etc who have sensitive occupation, ordinary passports holders are still able to travel to Tibet with Tibet travel permits together with China visa (entering Tibet from mainland China) or Tibet group visa (for entry from Nepal). And all foreign travelers are forced to stay in strictly controlled accommodation which have all certificates to host foreign travelers, and during their entire travel in Tibet, legal travel agencies have to take full management and be responsible to update to authorities instantly that all foreign traveler’s daily tour activities are smooth and there is no any potential problem with regards to society stability.

This is not good news: Tibet is Open Now but multiple nationalities in one group may not get permits.

March 28th, 2013: Just two days after the good news about Tibet permits reopen from April 1, a new tour ban may practice soon. This ban says a Tibet tour group with many nationalities may not be able to apply any permits. As we announced previously on our Tibet travel permits page, we suggest foreign tourists not plan a tour as early as at the beinning of April. Once the situation is better, you can avoid any risks. 

This is big good news: Tibet is Open Now (March 25,Monday, 2013) 

March 25th, 2013: This is really Big and Good news for foreign travelers. After nearly 2 months closure from early February to March, Tibet is reopen now. We got formal notice from Tibet tourism Bureau this morning that Tibet will open to foreign tourist from April 1st. Our agency has already submitted permit application files for some groups which are supposed to come before April 10.


However, we never push you to come here imediately. Tibet travel is once a lifetime experience for many people. To travel to Tibet, you'd better google "important Tibet travel tips" and get well imformed before you go. If you have any questions with regards to Tibet travel permits, visa and Tibet travels arrangement, please feel free to email us at sales (at) or submit one online Tibet tour inquiry.


The updated news about Tibet Travel Permit (Feb.4-Monday, 2013): Currently we have been trying to submit one group travel permit (6pax,all same nationality, retired people) for entry in middle of February, but sadly, today, the Monday news release says that the travel permit application can not be accepted for any kinds of foreign tour groups whose travel schedule is between Feb.7 and AROUND THE END OF March. They will release an update in the near future but no one knows the exact first entry date allowed for end of March or early April. This means it is impossible to travel to Tibet in February and March in 2013. And this is a normal situation since 2008, if you are planning to come after 5 April to avoid some urgent cases, just go ahead to plan your tour with us.

We will keep posting any updates here, therefore please stay in touch and check with us for any detail information, you can reach us at info (at) or tibetctrip (at) and check out more Tibet travel news update.


The updated news about Tibet Travel Permit (Jan.15-Tuesday, 2013): Nowadays, there are ONLY A VERY FEW LUCKY foreign travellers in and around Lhasa, the permits application process is partially managable but not every travel agent can obtain the travel permits succesfully. Well currently the weather in Tibet is also quite harsh and it is not so suitable for a comfortable holiday in this winter time. It is suggested to travel to Tibet from middle April onward when it gets warmer. With regards to the permits application situation, you can be informed here or via emails.

Why a Tibet entry permit needed for foreigners? Considering the special ethnic traditions, political climate, the cultural relics, the environmental protection and the transportation capacity of Tibet, when non-Chinese citizens, including foreign tourists, Taiwan tourists and overseas Chinese travel to Tibet, you need not only a Chinese Visa but also Tibet permit.

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