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Debate in Sera Monastery, must-see spot in Lhasa
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Debate in Sera Monastery, must-see spot in Lhasa

Time 05-12-2011



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Debating is one of the prominent forms in Tibetan Buddhism studies as it sharpens one's thinking power while exploring one's quickness and Buddhist understanding. Sera Monastery is a commonly respected place for Buddhist scripture debate for centuries in southwest China's Tibet, or even around the world.
On Dec. 3, 2011, the reporter came to Sera Monastery to witness the famous Buddhist scripture debate here. When getting to the debate ground, the whole place has already been filled with people, including many foreign tourists.
Mr. Brian is from the U.S., he told the reporter that although he can only stay in Lhasa for two days, Buddhist scripture in Sera Monastery can not be missed, because he has always heard the debate is amazing, and of course, he has not been disappointed.
Ms Susan is from Holland, and she said although she can not understand the exact meaning of the gestures, she was so impressed by the arena of wisdom.