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Jerked beef, mutton
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Jerked beef, mutton


Photo shows jerked beef.
 Photo shows jerked beef.Photo shows jerked beef.

A Tibetan hangs meat pieces to air them dry in his yard.

The jerked meat, a kind of distinctive Tibetan food, is a popular snack among Tibetans.

At the end of the year, Tibetans will cut beef and mutton into pieces and hang them up in the shade to air them dry when the temperature is below zero. They are edible next February and March.
The jerked meat becomes crisp and has a distinctive taste, leaving people a lingering aftertaste.
In Tibet, it's quite cold and dry in winter and the raw meat can be air-dried quickly, so it won't become hard to chew. In fact, the jerked meat is much more delicious and chewier than raw meat.

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