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Tibet Ctrip Travel Servcie are highly recommended by Kiwi People (New Zealand)

Ms.Lata-Reshmi-from-Auckland NZ
China Tour and Nepal tour, April-May2008
From: Lata Reshmi
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 12:14 PM
To: Tibet Ctrip, Lhasa Travel Agency

Subject: Thank you Tony---Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Recommendation letter

Dear Tony

It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Your baby is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear all the earthquakes that is happening in China and keep praying that all your loved ones are safe.

I would like to personally thank you for all you have done for ray, Jackie and I. I think out of all three of us I benefited a lot from leaving the group.

It was a very hard decision for me to make,in fact in the end the decision was made for me when all the arrangements were made without much decision with me. I wanted to go to Shangri-la and than break from the group, it was not meant to be.

I love our tour leader dearly and it was hard for me and I was very torn to leave her in particular,but the journey I went through after leaving was what I was meant to do.

We flew to Cunming and I got very sick so I stayed in bed and rested. The hotel we stayed in was full of energy even Jackie who never feels anything felt energy each time we went into the hotel. I knew that it was something special so we inquired about it and it seems the "queen herself has stayed in the Hotel and during the war it was used as headquarters. After I rested we went to a cultural village where we saw a Tibetan show, the Buddhist temple which was amazing, nothing else compared. We set and chanted with the monks and was allowed to be part of the ceremony and received the water drink with the head monks blessings.

We also experienced the "Yuk" buttered tea (sweet and salty) and Tibetan donut looking thing which was really yummy.

We were also present when the documentary for the games were made in little Tibet. After we left the grounds with so much happiness, we were in little Tibet and it just felt great to be in that atmosphere. I had a major energy shift happen.

We enjoyed staying in cunming for two full days where we experienced flower markets,essential oils, massages and the beautiful surroundings of our hotel,water from my room. We flew to Kathmandu.

From the minute I arrived to the day I left the trip was totally awesome and out of this world and for once I felt like I belonged somewhere in the world. I have come home to appreciated my family, culture and my own self worth as a person and the knowledge that has lied dormant in me for years. I feel very enriched by the experience that I had in Kathmandu personally. I feel I have found myself again, no longer feeling lost. The spiritual journey is a very lonely journey.
I would like to thank you for Birendra for he was great, now the guide he gave us was priceless. He was just so spiritual and we just felt at home with him.

We drove to the boarder and Tibet was an arms reach away, we saw the friendship bridge and we saw the Tibetan getting on with the normal life. At that stage I was content and knew in my heart that I had done everything to get into Tibet. We also went to Little Tibet in Katmandu and experienced what I feel we would have if we were in Tibet. We spoke to Tibetan that are living in Nepal as refugees. We were able to pray with them again. I felt I was in Tibet as I was surrounded by Tibetan everywhere I looked. There are about 50000 Tibetan refugees in Kathmandu so I was amongst them.

The Temples and Suptas we saw was just like nothing I had seen before, the energy in the temples were very high. The suptas that I spent at nearly all day had the original Buddha thumb buried there and for all the Buddhist worldwide it is a very special place to go to.The monasteries were just unbelievable just in little Tibet there was about 20of them surrounding the suptas..

Thank you for arranging everything and making it possible without any hassles the extra that we asked you to do. I understand and feel very guilty that with the earthquake while you were coping with such a horrible/sad situation you seem to be able to help us as well. Tony you have showed me that you are truly spiritual and wonderful person even when you are faced with such difficulties.

Tony, we made the right choice to book our Tour with you but no other one. My friends and I really enjoyed the Great tour in Tibet you organized. We are happy to recommend you guys and your travel agent.

May God keep you and your family safe during this ordeal. And you and your family will be in my prayers. Too many wonderful things happened in Kathmandu for me to write down but know that I am very happy with my journey.

Thank you
Reshmi from New Zealand
Ms. Lata Reshmi

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