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Mrs. Rosa Lopez from Coral Gables,FL,USA
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Mrs. Rosa Lopez from Coral Gables,FL,USA
From: Rosa Batista-Lopez,USA rosaDOTlopez at casii DOT net
Sent: Wednesday, March 04,2009 12:23PM
Subject: Lhasa city tour,Feb.17-Feb.21,2009
Hello Tony,

The tour was excellent and we felt very fortunately to have been able to travel seeing as they may stop the permits in March -- what a shame and we pray all gets sorted out.

The guide and driver were both very courteous and always on time.They were accommodating and willing to make adjustments as needed.

I believe the guides name was Basang.While his English was somewhat limited we were able to understand him,he was very knowledgeable and willing to share historical information and would ask others when he didn't know the answer.

The driver,sorry I don't recall his name.The vehicle was clear and in good condition and he was a safe driver.He had a warm smile and was also very accommodating.

Both made our trip very enjoyable and interesting.

The hotel as you wrote had a great location but we didn't feel it was "ready to serve" perhaps is was too near the Tibet New Years but the elevator was not working,no one at the front desk most of the time, no one spoke English.The breakfast staff was pleasant and tried very hard to communicate.The rooms were clean but most of the time no hot water.

The Cafe right outside the hotel was excellent -- very nice, always willing to give information.

Overall we give the trip to Tibet a very high rating mostly for the people of Tibet they really made us feel welcome.

Thanks again for making it all happen in a short time and we plan to return to Tibet!
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