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Ms.Elena Myadzelets

Ms.Elena Myadzelets

Tibet and Nepal tour,Autumn 2006
I got acquainted with Tony while planning my trip to Tibet and Nepal.He was the first prson to contact me amongst all emailed tour agents.I wanted to have an idividual trip with my 5 years old daughter on my way to India. He took into consideration all peculiarities of our situation and wishes being constantly in a contact with me and giving some essential suggestions for our trip.
At last thahks to Tony and his great job my dream came true when we visited the roof of the world. During our 10 days tour in Tibet we recieved special care and attention fom Tony that made us feel as though we were at home all the time: safe and happy while keeping the spirit of adventures.
It was the first wonderful trip to this holy place and in the future it would be great to go there again, for sure I will rely on Tony's experience and professional service.
If you are planning your trip to this sacred part of the world it would definitely be the right choice to get all arrangements through this company. Make your dreams come true having a great experience in your life in Tibet with the right Tibet tour booking!
Elenla from Russia