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20091108-P2 feedback letter from MOSE HUGH ARTHUR
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20091108-P2 feedback letter from MOSE HUGH ARTHUR

Good evening, Larry, Thank you for your inquiry about our experience on our recent Tibet tour. Both Janyce and I had a very good time. Dawa, our guide, gave us a really good tour of the various temples and monasteries, and also took us to a couple other places not on the itinerary that we had requested. Although Dawa's English was not quite perfect, he did well enough so that we were able to understand just about everything he was talking about. We did not get to visit the Tibetan family, but that was not a very large disappointment. Also, we had plenty of time to get out on our own and walk around the Barkor and other areas of Lhasa which we really enjoyed. The House of Shambala was well-located, and although funky, met our needs just fine.

If there was one area where your service could have been better, it was in the communications regarding the change in our airline flights back to Shanghai. It was not clear that we were holding two separate tickets - one from Lhasa to Chengdu and a separate one from Chengdu to Shanghai. That would not have been a problem, except that Dawa never provided any documentation, and I didn't have the capability to print out your e-mail. As a result, when we arrived at the airport in Chengdu we had no idea what our next flight was, or even what airline we would be flying on. We were able to figure things out, but less experienced travelers might have been really confused. Overall we had a very good experience, and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who might be considering a trip to Tibet.

Sincerely, Hugh  USA