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UK, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore Students travel in Tibet Oct. 2011
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Students Tibet Travel Review to local Tibet travel agent

23 students with 3 teachers from Hongkong traveled in Tibet with our local Tibet travel agency.

The review is provided by our distinguished students tour group from Hongkong Collage. Get more references by viewing their Students travel pictures of Tibet and follow this link to check out budget students Tibet tours.

Tibet tour review below was quoted from their original reviews.

"Overwhelmed! This was how I felt during and after the trip to Tibet.  Words could hardly describe the scenic splendours and exhilarating experiences the trip had to offer us.
Tibet is a region where yaks greeted us as we roamed around in the vast expanse of land that is engulfed by the Himalayan mountain range.  Upon our flight arrival to the city of Lhasa, we were welcomed by the breath-taking view of the mountains standing shoulder to shoulder, shrouded by a sea of clouds.  None of this scenery was lost during our journey as at any moment I gazed out into the horizon, I could do nothing but to stare in awe. 
People in Tibet have high regards for tradition and religion as for many, it has become their lifestyle.  Among the crowds of pilgrims we visited several major monasteries including the colossal Potala Palace where traditionally the Da Lai Lhama would take residence.  I had felt enriched by the unique cultural lifestyle, witnessing things ranging from celebratory dances to debating monks (yes, debating monks).  In addition, the food and traditional cuisine is unlike many other.  Yak will appear in every menu along with touches of Indian and Chinese cooking.  I had taken personal delight at the sighting of Yak on a dish; many did not.  Nonetheless, it’s worth trying.

Students travel in Tibet
In my eyes, the real essence of this CAS week was setting foot beside the magnificent Mt. Everest.  Its local name, Qomolama, is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world and looking upon it, I could clearly see why.  On the night we entered camp, I had not craved for sleep.  Instead, I savoured the moments I had under the moonlit night sky capturing the glorious view around me.  The next morning, we travelled closer to the foot of Everest.  Half of us took a small bus whilst the other half had hiked our way there.  Although the hike was only a couple kilometres, where we are hiking at is no normal place.  At an altitude of about 5000m above sea level, every step you take can wear you out.  Despite the fatigue and intense morning cold, the hike was an experience of a life time, an experience many could only dream of doing." Please click the link to read more Tibet travel reviews from this student tour group.

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