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Lhasa-Gonggar Airport Highway
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Lhasa-Gonggar Airport Highway (65km)-the first highway in Tibet

The first highway in Tibet, Lhasa-Gonggar Airport Highway has been completed in July, 2011 and it was in use since July25,2011 when Chinese Vice president Xijinping came to Lhasa for a celebration.

Lhasa Gonggar Airport Highway 02

Lhasa Gonggar Airport Highway 01

After its  operation, it only takes half an hour from the urban district of Lhasa to the Gonggar Airport. This great project, the senior road in Tibet, was started in April 28, 2009. This highway starts from the railway station of Lhasa. Many Tibetan elements are embodied into the scenerydesign along the Lhasa-Gonggar Airport Highway. Tourists fly to Lhasa or out of Lhasa will get more time to have fun.

Lhasa Gonggar Airport Highway 04

Lhasa Gonggar Airport Highway 06