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Jampaling Monastery
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Tibet Highlights and Tibet Attractions-Jampaling Monastery

Today, in our special series on Tibetan Monasteries, we take a look at the Jampaling temple. Overlooking the town of Chamdo, the monastery of Jampaling is the largest of its kind in Kham, an area that features traditional Tibetan culture.

It was built in 1444 as one of the earliest institutes for Geluga, or the Yellow Hat sect in Tibetan Buddhism. As XXX tells us, in addition to an ancient history, the monastery has also embraced modern aspects.

A new day dawns at the Jampaling Monastery.

Worshiping pilgrims, monks chanting sutras. From the exterior, it may seem just like any other Tibetan Monastery.

But from the inside, the grand inner sanctum houses the statue of "Byamspa". Different from most other Buddhas, the "Byamspa" sits in a vertical position, instead of cross-legged.

Dengzeng yuanding, Monk at Jampaling Monastery, said, "Because Byams-pa is a Buddha who dominates the future. In Tibetan Buddhism, people believe in the future, and Byamspa."

Preservation work has been a priority for the monastery. A thorough restoration project was conducted in 1993.

The monastery is currently under renovation again. Many local residents have come here, to help the monks repaint the walls.

Dengzeng yuanding, Monk at Jampaling Monastery, said, "They are painting the Longevity Buddha. Local people participate in these activities voluntarily."

There are strict rules for becoming a monk in Jampaling. They have to be above the age 18, and have to be voluntary. Daily administration is also conducted with rigid discipline.