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Rama Kharpo Hotel, Lhasa, China – Tibet Hotel Reviews, Hotel Booking
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Rama Kharpo Hotel, Tibet Budget Hotel Booking

“An absolutely marvelous Tibetan Hotel experience”

Reviewed February 16, 2012
Tashi delek. This place totally rocks if you are looking for a real Tibetan experience. And if not, why have you come to Tibet? Hopefully not just to make another notch in your travel belt to exotic places. Admittedly, this small hotel would probably not appeal to all and I need to say from the start that my rating for...More 


“You cant beat the great location and warm hospitality!”

Reviewed November 1, 2011
This place has everything you would want in a budget accommodations:
1. Location: Located in the Muslim Square, it is walking distance (about 10mins) to Bakhor Street and Jokhang temple. The area you are living it feels very have local kids playing games just outside the doorstep, you have to walk through everyone going about their daily lives. It really feels like an authentic Tibetan experience.
2. Amenities: Your own toilet, hot water, bright sunny rooms. It looked better than the Yak hotel we walked past.
3. The service: A small family run place, even though not everyone speaks English, they are a few people who do, and the rest, will try their darnest to help you out. I was actually feeling the effects of the altitude sickness and was sick in the fiance mentioned it to them and they gave us free yoghurt coz they said it helps. Maybe its a placebo effect, but i think i felt better after that. And when they saw me, they would ask how i was feeling...
4. Laundry was very reasonably priced, and was useful after we had been on the road for a number of days and needed clean clothes
5. The yak yoghurt was great! and the yak momos! I Still cant really take butter tea....
6. Across from Rama Khapor, there is this provision shop manned by an old lady with her grandchildren and they have the happiest faces! Neither of us spoke each other's language but we tried through sign language and everything. As i was staying in Rama Khapor, we built a sort of friendship with this old lady and she would smile at us and try to communicate with us whenever she saw us.
All in all, its an amazing experience. I highly recommend Rama Kharpo. 

“The ideal budget accommodation”

Reviewed July 8, 2011
Very comfortable and spacious room; sit down toilet and hot water (luxury)! Full of Tibetan character and Tibetan friendly service. Atmospheric location in the old town but remember your head torch at night. Fantastic breakfast that set you up for the day.
Stayed June 2011, traveled as a couple