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Shigatse JiuMu Yamei International Hotel-Shigatse Hotel Booking
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Shigatse JiuMu Yamei International Hotel

Brief Introduction

Jiumu Yamei International Hotel is situated in front of the legendary Tashilumpo Monastery; it was built with a charismatic blend of some European aspects, Chinese characteristics, as well as some late Tibetan culture element, which evidently display the dignity, comfort, and uniqueness of the hotel.
The hotel initially has 96 rooms of various categories. Every corner of the rooms, no matter from the floor space to the amenities in the room, or from the decoration of the bed to the bathroom, also illustrates a simple, delicate, comfortable and warm ambiance. Presently, it is the only four-star hotel with centralized air conditioning in Shigatse. 
Add: No.3, the north of Nian He road, Shigatse, Tibet 
Post code: 857000
Tel: +86-0892-8838088\8823000\8837000—8888
Fax: +86-0892-8839555\8833575
Manage Mr.Zhao:13889009988
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Shigatse JiuMu Yamei 01

Shigatse JiuMu Yamei 02