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Tibet Everest Tent Guesthouse Accommodation
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Tibet Tent Guesthouse-Everest Tent Guesthouse

Introduction to the Tibet Everest Tent Guesthouse:

EBC tent guesthouse is the most distinguished local guesthouse that owned by people from the local. There are about 30 some tent guesthouses naming from famous Hotel California to Rooftop hotel. It is located in-between the Rongbuk monastery and EBC altitude marker. The rectangular tents are covered with black yak wool and a traditional stove in the centre keep the whole room warm. Each guesthouse has small kitchen attached and they serve some simple food from vegetable noodle to egg fried rice and omelet so on. They provide blankets as many as you need, but it is good to bring your own sleeping bag or sleeping bag liners. Each tent guesthouse can host maximum five people and you can also book the whole room if you like. They use solar panel for electricity, so it is hard to find a place to charge your electronic devices. All the tent guesthouses are only opening 7 months from April to end of October.

Tibet Everest Tent Guesthouse Overview: 

The tent guest houses at Everest Base Camp are a once-in-a-lifetime place to spend the night - in the shadow of Mount Everest. All of the tent guest houses near Everest Base Camp are actually large, single room tents made of yak hair. These yak hair tenements are surprisingly robust and comfortable, as the yak hair can withstand both downpours and strong sunshine. In the tent, you will share accommodations with other guests. The collection of tents dot the area in the middle of Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk Monastery. However, the nomads who own the tents move away each November and come back again in April, so availability depends on the Tibet weather and volume of tourists. If the tent village is absent when you arrive, the Rongbuk guest house is a suitable backup. 

Room Amenities: 

Tent Guest House at Everest Base Camp - Tibet TrekkingThere are a variety of different tents there and you can choose whichever you prefer, though the service and amenities are almost the same at any of them. All tents will have a stove in the middle to heat the entire room. In front of the beds are simple desks for putting food, drinks, flashlights, etc. They all serve rudimentary food items, such as noodles, pancakes, and fried rice. 


Some tent staff can speak simple English but most cannot. However, your guide will assist you with any communication needs that arise. To have more reference on Tibet Everest Region Tent guesthouse pictures.