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15 Days Mt. Kailash Kora Group Tour with EBC & Sakya


Mt. Kailash is recognized as the lofty mountain in the world, and the center of the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon - native religion in Tibet and Jainism. At 6656 meters above sea level, Mt. Kailash, shaped like a pyramid, is the main peak of Gangdise Range with symmetrical sides. Historically, there used to have many Chinese and foreign monks preaching in there. Thus, it became the center of worship for four sects a long time ago, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon, which is also the Mount Olympus in the east, a fascinated place for tens of thousands pilgrims of china, India and Nepal.







Arrive in Lhasa

Free Lhasa Airport/Railway pick-up at designated times. Rest to acclimatize.


Lhasa, Economy Hotel (twin)



Potala Palace on Marpo Ri (Red Hill), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street


Lhasa, Economy Hotel (twin)



Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Watch Monk Debating


Lhasa, Economy Hotel (twin)


Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse (370km)

Drive along Yarlung Tsangpo River, Kamba-la Pass (4700m), Mt Nojim Kantsang (afar), Yamdrotso Lake (4441m), Karola Glacier, Pelkor Chode Monastery with Gyantse Kumbum


Shigatse, Economy Hotel (twin)


Shigatse > Tingri > EBC (350km)

Tashilhunpo Monastery


EBC, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


EBC > Saga (450km)

Watch sunrise of Mt Everest (8844m) at Everest Base Camp (5200m), Lake Peikutso


Saga, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Saga > Manasarovar > Darchen (450km)

Lake Manasarovar


Darchen, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Mt Kailash Kora?: Darchen > Dirapuk (Drive 7km, Trek 13km)

Take environment-friendly shuttle bus from Darchen to Sershong Valley and start your trekking here. Mt Kailash, Tarboche Flagpole, Drirapuk Monastery


Dirapuk, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Mt Kailash Kora?: Dirapuk > Zutulpuk (Trek 18km)

Mt. Kailash, Dormala Pass (5630m), Zutulpuk Monastery


Zutulpuk, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Mt Kailash Kora?: Zutulpuk > Darchen (Trek 7km, Drive 5km)

Mt. Kailash


Darchen, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Darchen > Saga (450km)

Drive from Darchen to Saga


Saga, Budget Guesthouse (dorm)


Saga > Sakya (350km)

Drive from Saga to Shigatse


Shigatse, Economy Hotel (twin)


Sakya > Shigatse (170km)

Sakya Monastery




Shigatse > Lhasa (280km)

Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa


Lhasa, Economy Hotel (twin)


Depart from Lhasa

Free drop-off to Lhasa Airport/Railway at designated time



Optional: this group tour is also available for Kyirong exit. If some group members prefer to exit from Kyirong instead of Lhasa, we will see them off at Kyirong border first, thus the itinerary from the Day 11 will be a little different with a plus detour to Kyirong Port, the famous newly-opened overland port between Tibet & Nepal. Here you will see the scenic Kyirong Valley at the foot of Himalaya range.


Day 1

Arrive in Lhasa

Our local guide will wait you at Lhasa Airport/Railway at designated time to transfer you to hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to spend on your own. Rest to acclimatize the high altitude here in Lhasa is suggested.

Day 2

Lhasa (B+D)

Attractions: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

Today is the most classic day tour of Lhasa city. We may not see these sites by the exactly same order below because at summer times Potala Palace has designated visiting hours.

Potala Palace sits on the 130m-high Marpo Ri (Red Hill) in the centre of Lhasa city. The fortress like Potala Palace is a structure of massive proportions -- 400 meters east-west and 350 meters north-south, with 13 stories containing over 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and about 200,000 statues.

Jokhang Temple is widely considered the most sacred and important temple in Tibet, situated in Barkhor Square of Lhasa Old Town, spreading over an area of 25,000 square meters with its shining golden roof.

Outside of Jokhang Temple, the surrounding area called Barkhor, including narrow streets and a public square. Barkhor is both the spiritual heart of the holy city and the main commercial district for Tibetans - a fascinating combination!

Day 3

Lhasa (B)

Attractions: Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Watch Monk Debating

We will visit Drepung Monastery in the morning, which is located at the foot of Mount Gephel, 5km from the western suburb of Lhasa. Drepung Monastery is known as the most important monastery of Gelugpa in Tibetan Buddhism.

In the afternoon we will visit Sera Monastery, situated at the foot of Tatipu Hill, in the north of Lhasa City. One of the highlight of visiting Sera Monastery is watching the monks debating in a courtyard here (available between 15:00-17:00 from Mon-Sat). As part of their study, the monks hold debates to improve their understanding of Buddhism. It's a sight of fascination even though you don't understand a word of what they are debating about.

Day 4

Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse (370km, B)

Attractions: Drive along Yarlung Tsangpo River, Kamba-la Pass (4700m), Mt Nojim Kantsang (afar), Yamdrotso Lake (4441m), Karola Glacier, Pelkor Chode Monastery with Gyantse Kumbum

Driving along the Yarlung Tsangpo River to today’s start attraction, Yamdrotso Lake (4441m), which is one of the three holy lakes of Tibet (other two are Namtso and Manasarovar), and lies to the south of Yarlong Tsangpo River in the Shannan Region. Yamdrotso Lake is 130km long and 70km wide, shaped like a coiling scorpion. Its average depth is about 20-40 meters, and 60 meters at the deepest. From Lhasa, you will first see Yamdrotso Lake at the summit of Kamba-la (4700m), in a fabulous shade of deep turquoise with the huge massif of Mt Nojin Kangtsang (7191m) in the distance. Yamdrotso Lake lies several hundred meters below the road. Yamdrotso Lake is said to be the female Guardian of Buddhism and home to wrathful deities. Devout Tibetan pilgrims circumambulate Yamdrotso Lake in around seven days.

Karola Glacier is about 300 meters from the main road with easy access, located at the boundary of Nangartse County and Gyantse County, about 30km from Yamdrotso Lake. With an altitude of 5400m, Karola Glacier sits back against the northern slope of Mt. Naiqin Kangsang (7191m). Karola Glacier is made up of a large ice cap and two hanging glacier tongues. Colourful prayer flags flutter in the foreground, while towering mountains surrounds Karola Glacier to form a memorable vista. Karola Glacier is magnificent but due to global warming, it has been melting and getting smaller every year.

Pelkor Chode Monastery is located in in Nyangchu River Valley in Gyantse. The earliest history of Penchor Chode Monastery is traced to the ninth century. Architecturally, Pelkhor Monastery is a fusion of Han, Tibetan and Nepali architecture. The most striking architecture in the complex, a symbol of Gyantse, is its Gyantse Kumbum. This 35m-high chorten, with its white layers trimmed with decorative stripes and its crown-like golden dome, is considered as the most important of its kind in Tibet. Gyantse Kumbum has nine-tier with 108 gates and 76 chapels and shrines. It has enshrined about ten thousand figures of Buddha images and murals. That’s why it’s also referred as 'the Ten Thousand Buddha Pagodas'.

Day 5

Shigatse > Tingri > EBC (350km, B)

Attractions: Tashilunpo Monastery

In the morning, we will visit the most prominent site in Shigatse city --- Tashilhunpo Monastery, which covers 70,000 sq meters and is the seat of Pachen Lamas. Afterwards, we will stop by to quickly obtain Alien’s travel permit in Shigatse with your original passport which takes about half an hour or so. Then we will head to EBC. Enroute we will pass by Tropu-la Pass (4500m), Gyatso-la Pass (5100m), and Pang-la Pass (5050m), where Himalaya range is in view on a clear day. After passing the dramatic zigzag road, shortly you will arrive at Rongphu Monastery, to stay at the dorm monastery guesthouse for the night, or in warmer months of the year, we will drive further to stay the night at the nomad tent of Everest Base Camp.

Day 6

EBC > Saga (450km)

Attractions: Watch sunrise of Mt Everest (8844m) at Everest Base Camp (5200m), Lake Peikutso

In the morning, we get up earlier to watch sunrise of Mt Everest (8844m) at Everest Base Camp (5200m). Later we will head to Saga via Old Tingri, and on the way stop by to visit Lake Peikutso (4590m) with stunning views of snow-capped Mt Shishapangma (8012m) and Nepal’s Langtang range in the background. With some luck, you may see wild animals here, such as wild donkey, wild antelope, etc.

Day 7

Saga > Manasarovar > Darchen (450km)

Attractions: Lake Manasarovar

Today you have a long drive on a well-paved road which is a pleasant experience, with Himalaya range in view, clean blue sky above, and very little habitations to be seen. After Mayun-la Pass (5216m), you officially leave Shigatse prefecture behind and enter into Ngari prefecture of western Tibet. at Hor Qu, you will see Gurla Mandata (7728m) in the southwest and detour to Lake Manasarovar (4560m). In Tibetan language, Lake Manasarovar means ‘Victorious Lake’ and is reverend a sacred lake in four religions: Hinduism, Bön, Buddhism and Jainism. Lake Manasarovar covers 412 square kilometers with its sapphire-blue waters, sandy shoreline and snowcapped-mountain backdrop. Afterwards, head to Darchen for the night, a small town known as the starting point of Mt Kailash Kora.

Day 8

Mt Kailash Kora: Darchen > Dirapuk (Drive 7km, Trek 13km)

Attractions: Mt Kailash, Tarboche Flagpole, Drirapuk Monastery

Early morning, take environment-friendly bus from Darchen to Sershong Valley (If you have hired yaks, horses or porter yesterday at your own expense, here is where you will meet up with them). Your 3-day Mt Kailash Kora now begins! Trek from Sershong Valley, shortly you will enter Berkha plain with clear views of Gurla Mandata (7728m), 4km into the path, we reach the height of 4790m and the first prostration point that marks the first views of Mt. Kailash’s southern façade. The next important landmark is Tarboche Flagpole (4750m), where the main rituals of Saga Dawa Full Moon Festival takes place here every year. Coming up next is Chuku Monastery (4820m), where you can find a revered marble statue inside. Take your time from Chuku Monastery to the coming Dirapuk Monastery, as this stretch has some of the best views of the entire 3-day My Kailash Kora. The second prostration point is a short distance ahead, with its prayer flags and clear view of the east side of Mt Kailash. There are several trails to reach our final destination of the day: Dira-Puk Monastery (5080m), where can see the north face of Mt Kailash, Chana Dorje, Jampelyang, and Chenresig.

Day 9

Mt Kailash Kora: Dirapuk > Zutulpuk (Trek 18km)

Attractions: Mt. Kailash, Dormala Pass (5630m), Zutulpuk Monastery

We continue on the main Mt Kailsh Kora path towards the east. We pass through Kangkyam Glacier and Jarok Donkhang (5210m) meadowland. A short distance later is Shivatsal (5330m). Pilgrims go through a symbolic death here and are reborn at Drolma-la (5630m), which is half an hour away. After some rest and refreshments, we soon arrive at Lake Gauri Kund (5608m), literally meaning Lake of Compassion in Tibetan. We gradually descent to the grand Lha-chu Valley. The third prostration point is at the valley mouth. The day concludes at Zuthul-Puk Monastery. zuthul puk means miracle cave in Tibetan, and as its named you will find a cave built by Milarepa here, where you can find his handprint and footprint.

Day 10

Mt Kailash Kora: Zutulpuk > Darchen (Trek 7km, Drive 5km)

Attractions: Mt. Kailash

We follow the river and then climbs the Gold & Red Cliffs. Pilgrims search for holy stones on these cliff walls. We will see prayer flags across the river, and Lake Rakshas Tal in the far distance. After reaching the fourth prostration point, the final walk back to Darchen is quite easy. Your Mt Kailash Kora will end around noon. Rest and free in the afternoon.

Day 11

Darchen > Saga (450km)

Return to Saga from Darchen. If you miss any views on your way to Mt Kailash earlier, today is the day to make it up. Ask our driver to stop anywhere to take photos. Photos taking here are often included steppe, streams, desert dunes and snowcapped mountains in a shot.

Day 12

Saga > Sakya (350km)

Drive from Saga to the small town of Sakya (4280m), which is about 25km off the Friendship Hwy, and stay here for the night.

Day 13

Sakya > Shigatse (170km)

Attractions: Sakya Monastery

Morning we will visit Sakya Monastery, one of the largest monasteries in Tibet with watchtowers on each of the corners of its high walls. Afterwards, drive from Sakya to Shigatse.

Day 14

Shigatse > Lhasa (280km, B)

Drive along the Northern Friendship Hwy (different from earlier Day 4 which was along the Southern Friendship Hwy) back to Lhasa. In summer time, we will stop by visit water mill making Tibetan incense material if time permits. Drive along Lhasa River, also called Kyi River, a northern tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo River in the south, back to Lhasa.

Day 15

Depart from Lhasa (B)

Your Tibet tour ends today. We will pick you up to transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway at designated time.

Optional: this group tour is also available for Kyirong exit. If some group members prefer to exit from Kyirong instead of Lhasa, we will see them off at Kyirong border first, thus the itinerary from the Day 11 will be a little different with a plus detour to Kyirong Port, the famous newly-opened overland port between Tibet & Nepal. Here you will see the scenic Kyirong Valley at the foot of Himalaya range.

Dates & Price

2018-04-01 $1780 8 Guests Booked Book
2018-04-04 $1780 4 Guests Booked Book
2018-04-07 $1780 6 Guests Booked Book
2018-04-09 $1780 1 Guests Booked Book
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2018-04-13 $1780 7 Guests Booked Book
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2018-05-16 $1780 6 Guests Booked Book
2018-05-21 $1780 2 Guests Booked Book
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2018-06-03 $1780 5 Guests Booked Book
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2018-06-24 $1990 2 Guests Booked Book
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Service Details


  • All necessary Tibet permits
  • Accommodations as specified in the itinerary:

    →6 nights at Economy Hotel based on twin-sharing rooms

    →1 night at Budget Guesthouse based on twin-sharing rooms

    →7 nights dorm bed at guesthouse or nomad tent in EBC

  • Breakfasts (B) at hotel as specified in the itinerary; one welcome or farewell Tibetan dinner
  • Tourist vehicle with experienced local driver as itinerary needed with free Lhasa Airport/Railway transfers at designated time
  • Experienced knowledgeable local Tibetan guide
  • All admission fees of attractions listed in the itinerary
  • 1 bottle of oxygen stored in tourist vehicle for emergency use
  • Drinking water provided during the trip
  • Tourist accident/casualty insurance


  • Yaks with herder or porter to carry luggage during Mt Kailash Kora (You can hire them in Darchen on Day 8 on your own expense)
  • Flight/train to and from Tibet (We provide flight & train booking services)
  • Chinese visa
  • Meals not specified above
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to tour guide and driver
  • Single supplement if you prefer a private single room
  • Anything not listed in INCLUSIONS

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