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17 days tour cross the Eastern Tibet-Tours of Kham
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Tibet Kham Tour along Tea Horse Road

Day 1 Arrive in Kunming
Day 2 Fly to Shangri-La (Zhongdian), visit Sungtsanlin Monastery and the old part of Zhongdian.
Day 3 Drive to Xiacheng via mountain passes as high as 4,380 meters viewing the beautiful mountains, river gorges and pastures along the way.
Day 4 Drive to Litang via a mountain pass at 4,580 meters with fantastic views, drive through Mt. Haizishan with lakes and fantastic rock formation at over 4,200 meters.
Day 5 Visit Litang Monastery, old part of the town and rest
Day 6 Visit nomads on the pastures and drive to Xinlong to visit a monastery.
Day 7 Drive to Ganzi with visits to Ganzi Monastery and the town.
Day 8 Drive through mountains and grasslands to Baiyu.
Day 9 Visit Baiyu Monastery.
Day 10 Drive to Dege with a visit to Katok Monastery.
Day 11Tour the famous Dege Printing House and monasteries.
Day 12 Drive to Zhuqing via Manigango and visit Lake Xinluhai.
Day 13, Drive to Ganzi with visits to monasteries and villages en route.
Day 14 Drive to Daofu and visit Daofu monastery famous for making handicrafts.
Day 15 Drive to Danba
Day 16 Explore the area of Danba to see the unique Tibetan houses and ancient watch towers before driving on to Wolong.
Day 17 Visit Wolong Panda Research Centre and drive on to Chengdu to put up in a hotel for the night which ends the tour.