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17 days Faraway Mountains & People
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17 days Faraway Mountains & People

It also includes the treks through the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge and to the little known village of Baoshan Stone City near the Yangtze River.
Day 1, Arrive in Kunming.
Day 2, Visit the Western Hills and drive to Stone Forest to see its outskirts.
Day 3, Visit the Stone Forest at sunrise and drive to Dali.
Day 4, Visit the ancient town of Weishan, some Yi & Hui villages and Taoist temples on Mt.Weibaoshan.
Day 5, Visit Xizhou morning market, traditional Bai architecture and take a boat trip across Lake Erhai to see the Bai people on the eastern shore. Visit the Three Pagodas in the afternoon.
Day 6, Drive up to a height of 3,200 meters and then hike to the top of the Cangshan
Mountain at an elevation of 4,092 meters, viewing many  kinds of flowers and plants on the way.
Day 7, Drive to the county of Yunlong to visit the traditional Bai village of Noudeng.
Day 8, Visit the Heavenly Lake and take a walk in the surrounding forest. In the afternoon, visit the Tiger Head Mountain on which stands a Taoist temple.
Day 9, Drive to Shibaoshan with visits to the old bridges and villages along the way.
Day 10, Explore Mt. Shibaoshan by visiting temples, grottoes, and villages nearby. Drive to Qiaotou and prepare for the trek.
Day 11, A 7-hour trek on the high path through the Tiger Leaping Gorge to Bendiwan to have a great view of the Gorge and Mt. Jade Dragon and Haba.
Day 12, Continue the trek through the Gorge, cross the Yangtze by ferry and end the trek in Daju.
Day 13, Drive in the mountains through Naxi and Yi villages to Baoshan Stone City built on a huge rock near the Yangtze.
Day 14, Five hours’ walk in the area to see villages, terraces and the Yangtze Gorge.
Day 15, Drive to Lijiang and visit the old section of the town.
Day 16, Visit the Black Dragon Pool, Baisha village and Puji Monastery.
Day 17, A morning flight to Kunming ends the tour.