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Lhasa Downtown Walking Group Tour to see Potala,Jokhang,Barkhor Streets


This daily departure Tibet tour offers the visit to the most famous tourists attractions as listed below:

1) ♥ Potala Palace 3-4 hours (to and from)
2) ♥ Jokhang Temple (1 and half hours)
3) ♥ Barkhor Bazaar (2 hours)

Special Notice:

  • Starting location: Yak Hotel Lobby at 8:40 am (nearby the Dunya Restaurant)-Tibetan guide will meet all of you
  • According to the Potala Palace Administrative official booking policy, Potala ticketing sightseeing entry time will be reconfirmed half day prior to the scheduled entry time------this means we can only inform travelers' exact Potala sightseeing hour only half day in advance. So your Tibetan tour guide will adjust the day's sightseeing time for Potala Palace accordingly. It could be in the morning or in the noon time or afternoon.
  • We suggest you book this day trip on the 3rd day from arrival date (ie: Day1 arrival, Day2 leisure time, Day3=this day tour)
  • If your trip extends to Everest Base Camp and/or Kailash, please inform this to us before booking.
  • Hotel suggestion list: Yak Hotel, Dhood Gu Hotel, Fengmafeiyang Hotel, Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel, Cool Yak Hotel, Tashi Takgye Family guesthouse, Snow Heaven Hotel, House of Shambhala, Kailash Hotel, or Pingtso Kangsang Youth Hotel, Shangrila Hotel, The St. Regis Resort (if your hotel is far from downtown, taxi is convenient in Lhasa, only 15-30 RMB per transfer)


Site 1

Potala Palace

Potala Palace, one of Tibet’s top must see cultural sites, has been capturing travelers’ imaginations as it takes them on an adventure through Tibetan history. With its highest point at about 300 meters (around 1000 feet) above the valley floor its gargantuan size often surprises travelers: this building houses over 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines, and around 200,000 statues.

A visit to Potala Palace is typically first on a Tibet tour itinerary. Travelers will first huff and puff their way up several flights of stairs before reaching the entrance. While challenging to those not acclimatized to the altitude, panoramic views of Lhasa and the surrounding mountain scenery reward travelers at the top! As travelers enter the front doors fantastically painted walls foreshadow the beauty to come. Next the group proceeds to the former living quarters of the 14th Dalai Lama, including his thrown room and areas where he received foreign dignitaries.

For many this is a Tibet travel experience that will not soon be forgotten. Potala Palace was the residence of former Dalai Lamas all the way back to the 5th. Over hundreds of years Potala’s interior has been ornately decorated: vibrantly colored and incredibly detailed paintings cover the walls and shelves of prayers books tower overhead. Travelers can see gold covered statues, shrines of unimaginable beauty, and even look upon the resting places of past Dalai Lamas. Incense fills the air and the glow of yak butter candles illuminates cultural treasures, creating a dream like atmosphere. As travelers are suspended in wonder and our native Tibetan guide will help give a historical and cultural basis for understanding what they see.

Site 2-3

Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

The Jokhang temple  was first constructed by King Songtsän Gampo (see also internet variant Songsten Gampo) probably in 642. It was originally called the Rasa Tulnang Tsuklakang or The House of Mysteries, The Magical Emanation at Rasa [the early name for Lhasa]. Both Bhrituti and Wencheng, the Nepalese and Chinese wives of Songsten Gampo are said to have brought important Buddhist statues and images to Tibet as part of their dowries, and they were housed here.

It was boarded up during the reign of the Bönpo king, Langdharma (reigned 838–841 CE). The famous Buddhist Master Atisha taught here in the 11th century and it has been considered the most important temple in Lhasa ever since.
This temple has remained a key center of Buddhist pilgrimage for centuries. It was sacked several times by the Mongols, but the building survived. In the past several centuries the temple complex was expanded and now covers an area of about 25,000 sq. meters

The Barkhor Street market is a must see cultural highlight for tourism in Tibet, comprising of a series of circular streets that encompass the Jokhang temple along with numerous merchants and vendors offering a wide variety of local Tibetan arts, crafts, and tasty cuisines. It is at the Jokhang Temple where the traditions of Tibetan buddhism can be observed by the sound of chanting sutras and the spinning of prayer wheels  as local Tibetans day and night can be seen performing routine pilgrimages and prostrations around the Bazaar. The Barkhor Bazaar offers a vast combination of Tibetan culture in both arts and religion proudly earning its reputation as the “Window of Tibet”.This day tour ends around 6 pm in the evening and after this you will have your own leisure time to enjoy the local food or just have a good rest in your hotel.

Dates & Price

1 Day Top Lhasa Highlights Tour with Tibet Travel Permits

We have daily departure from April 5 to the Feb.15 the next year. Please be noted that Tibet is regulary closed beween middle of February and end of March every year since 2008. 

April 5-April30
  • US$ 145 per person
May1-June 30
  • US$ 160 per person
  • US$ 215 per person
  • US$ 165 per person
  • US$ 155 per person
Nov.1-Feb.15 next year
  • US$ 145 per person


1. Price Per Person is in US Dollars on the currency exchange rate: 1USD=6.9RMB
2. Full payment to confirm (please use paypal to pay to, 6% service fee by paypal is to be charged)

Service Details

Price includes
  • Potala Palace entrance ticket
  • Jokhang Temple entrance ticket
  • Barkhor streets sightseeing
  • Local Tibetan Expert Tour Guide
  • Tibet travel permits covering your whole schedule (Please tell us your exact entry date and departure date)
  • Travel service fee
Price Excludes
  • Hotel, meals, drinks;
  • Tipping to tour guide

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