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Transportations in Tibet

Tibet travels transportation

In recent years Tibet’s public transport infrastructures have improved a lot and it is much more convenient to get to Tibet the roof top of the word than decades ago. Maybe Tibet travel is never only once in one’s lifetime.
In Tibet, there are 5 main highways which are “bridges” between Inner mainland China and Nepal. These five legs of Tibet are the China Nepal Friendship Highway, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Tibet highway, Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway. In 2010, major part of the Xinjiang-Tibet highway construction was finished and now all the 5 main routes have paved road and the road condition was improved year by year, but during the rainy season from May to July, some parts of Sichuan-Tibet highway and Yunnan-Tibet highway may have landslide and flood. (To plan a Tibet land adventure, read more on Tibet weather.)

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According to different Tibet travel itineraries some of which may include the remote regions where the transportation infrastructure is under development, we provide a wide range selection of tour vehicles such as 4WD Jeeps, mini vans, mini buses and buses. This is challenging with local situation since in the peak tour season in Tibet it can be hard to rent a suitable vehicle if the tourists do not confirm the tour earlier.

A quick tip on Tibet tour vehicles: All the travel companies use vehicle resources from few local tourist transportation companies rather than few agencies’ own vehicles (read more on Tibet travel transports FAQs and Tibet Road Condition News).