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Tsaparang Sightseeing

West Tibet Tourists Attraction-Tsaparang

Tsaparang is located in Tsada County of Ngari Prefecture. The magnificent Tsaparang stands on both sides of Xiangquan River. The peculiar Tsaparang was formed by the combined action of Himalayan orogeny and the river water erosion in ancient times. It has been the most noted natural landscape in Ngari Prefecture. Tourists planning Tibet adventure tour to Ngari would be surprised by the amazing soil forest with various shapes, such as castles and stupas.

There was an ancient country named Tsaparang located in Tsada County, Ngari Prefecture. A Portuguese priest constructed a Christian church here. Tsaparang was exterminated by its neibouring country Tsabaha and was changed to Shambhala later. There is a number of westerners hold that Shambhala was the primary form of Shangrila.

The famous Tsaparang in Tsada County attracted a large number of tourists to make a Tibet adventure tour here. The ancient orogeny, water erosion and weathering contributed to the formation of the special soil forest landscape. The "plants" in the soil forest varies in shapes and heights. It would be a wonderful experience to make a trekking or driving in the soil forest.

The morning glow and the sunset glow in Ngari Prefecture enjoy high reputation among visitors. Tsaparang in the glows is really amazing and charming. But this rare and magnificent natural landscape is only available for tourists planning a Tibet adventure tour to Ngari.

It should be noted that tourists planning a Tibet adventure are advised to make a good preparation before the trip since Ngari is praised as "the roof of the roof of the world" for its high altitude. Necessities to deal with the altitude sickness and possible emergencies should be prepared before the trip.