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Yangpachen Hot Spring in Tibet
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Yangpachen Hot Spring in Tibet-Yangpachen Tour Tibet

Though not as famous as other scenic spots such as the Potala Palace in Tibet, Yangpachen attracts visitors for its unique resources: hot springs. About 87 kilometers (54 miles) away from Lhasa and covering an area of 40 square kilometers (2,471 acres), Yangpachen gains its fame from the abundant geothermic heat which provides people with much to explore. First exploited in the 1970s, one generating plant was built which now provides up to 45% of Lhasa's total electricity. Research is now being undertaken for the further opening up of that area.

The hot spring, Yangpachen

A singular location and plentiful snow both make it possible to form hot springs here. People are amazed to see that while the neighboring regions are areas of frozen soil covered with ice for over half the year, there exists a 40-sqaure kilometer area which is a carpet of lush green grass. It is said that Yangpachen in the morning is most attractive when it offers visitors illusions of a fairy land. When the air is still cool in the early hours of a day, masses of mist rise from the lake like a sea of cloud.

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Yangpachen was originally grazing land. Now indoor and outdoor swimming pools have been set up, in which visitors can enjoy a bath in the heaven of the world for an expense of CNY 40 to CNY 100. Sometimes people are lucky enough to experience snow falling while having a bath. Water in the hot spring is rich in hydrogen sulphide, which is beneficial to health. However, furious sports are not recommended because a large amount of oxygen is needed at the altitude of 4,300 kilometers (2,671 miles).