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Tibet Group Tour: One-Day Yamdrok Lake Karola Glacier Sightseeing


This one-day small size group Tibet tour outside of Lhasa offers the visit to the must-see landscape highlight for tourism in Tibet-Lake Yamdrok and Karola Glacier. Yamdrok Lake, also called Yamdrok Yumtso, is a lake with two long arms of water, making it look like a scorpion from the sky. This shape means you can never see its shape from around it.

Yamdrok Lake is one of Tibet's three sacred lakes and the largest lake in southern Tibet. The other two famous and holy lakes are Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar. The lake is fan shaped and features numerous bays and inlets and nine islands. The lake has a number of different names. It is called Coral Lake, or Green Jade Lake. The lake received the name Coral Lake, because it is shaped like a piece of coral, and the name Green Jade lake comes from it calm surface and beautiful green color.

One day Tibet landscape Tour Highlights:

  • Local Tibetan Expert Tour Guide;
  • Many Departures a week and Departures Guaranteed;
  • Reliable safe driver;
  • Comfortable van or Mini Tour Bus (from 7 seats to 25 seats according to final group size);
  • Flexible stop on the way to take pictures;
  • More leisured time to enjoy the landscape;
  • Around 350 km roundtrip beautiful landscape sightseeing



To be picked up from your hotel lobby between 7:40 am and 8:00 am

Our Tibetan tour guide and driver will meet you at your own hotel between 7:30 am and 8:00 am. The exact time of meeting is to be reconfirmed one day in advance. Clients need to confirm the personal hotel name, hotel room number, hotel address with contact phone number. 

You need to prepare for leaving for the trip around 7:20am. Be sure to be on time, because in your group, someone may take an afternoon flight around 4 pm out of Tibet.


On the way to Lake Yamdrok

We are going to drive around 140 km to get to Lake Yamdrok. The road from Lhasa to the airport tunnel is well paved and it takes about one hour at most. We extend the way to the west of Lhasa by driving over the Lhasang Gonggar Airport highway, wind up the mountain roads and cross the lofty Gampala pass(4750m) through numbers of switch backs and surmount the pass with heaps of prayer flags flapping in the breeze. From ridge, it offers a stunning view of the sprawling Yamdrok lake down in the valley and snowcapped mountains in the horizon. Winding down from the pass toward the lake shore of Yamdrok lake and continues enjoy the unforgettable vista of its pincer-shaped expanse of turquoise water. Yamdrok lake is one of the holiest lake in Tibet. It is revered as a talisman, supporting the life-spirit of the Tibetan nation. It is said that should its water dry Tibet will no longer be habitable. It holds a great value among Tibetans and Tibetans offer prayer flags and makes pilgrimage to the lake.

Yamdrok Lake, also called Yamdrok Yumtso, is a lake with two long arms of water, making it look like a scorpion from the sky. This shape means you can never see its shape from around it. From Gyantse, you can see one arm, and follow it until it disappears around a bend in the shore which makes it difficult to estimate the size of the lake.


We will drive to Langkartse county and have lunch in local restaurant

After sightseeing we are gonna drive to Langkartse county where we will have lunch. It takes around 2 hours and we enjoy our meal and relax well before heading to Karola Glacier sightseeing.


Visit Karola Glacier-Nojin Kangsang Glacier

We are going to visit Karola Glacier for around 1 hour in a leisured way. Mt.Noijin Kangsang (7206m / 23641ft) is the closest major Himalayan peak to Lhasa the capital of Tibet. Name of the peak is known with many variations in different books and maps such as Nojinkangsang.


Drive back to your hotel around 7:40 pm, tour ends

It takes around 3 to 4 and half hours to drive back to your hotel in Lhasa. For those travelers who fly out of Lhasa today by an afternoon flight which is no earlier than 4:30pm, we can transfer to airport at 3:30 pm. If you want to get off the tour bus nearby the downtown Barkhor streets where you may want to walk little bit or have meals in a good restaurants, our guide and driver can drop off here and also send the rest people to their hotel before 7:30 pm

Dates & Price

Daily departure 

April 5-June30
  • 1pax:US$335 
  • 2pax:US$225/p.p
  • 3-6 pax: US$ 175/p.p
  • 7-12pax: US$95/p.p
July1-  Oct.31
  • 1pax:US$400
  • 2pax:US$255/p.p
  • 3-6 pax: US$ 190/p.p
  • 7-12pax: US$110/p.p
Nov.1-Jan.20 next year
  • 1pax:US$300
  • 2pax:US$205/p.p
  • 3-6 pax: US$ 155/p.p
  • 7-12pax: US$85/p.p


  1. 1. Price Per Person in US Dollars base on the change rate: 1USD=6.9 RMB
  2. Hotels in Lhasa Downtown recommended for you to book: Snow Heaven Hotel, Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel, Yak Hotel, Dhood Gu Hotel, Rama Khapo Family Guesthouse, Tashi Takgye Hotel, Shambhala Palace, House of Shambhala, Cool Yak Hotel, The St. Regis, Shangri-La

Service Details

Price includes
  • Addmission fee for Lake Yamdrok and Karola Glacier
  • Comfortable and Legal Tourism vehicle per final group size
  • Local Tibetan expert Tour Guide
  • Mineral Water 2 bottles of 500 ml per person
  • Travel Agency liability insurance
Price Excludes
  • Accommodation
  • Food, all travel permits (please book permit 50$ per person serperately or add the Potala+Jokang+Barkhor day tour which includes permits already)
  • Tibetan tour guide and driver's tipping (recommended 5 USD per person for guide and driver seperately)

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