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Group Tibet Tour:Tibet Samye Monastery


Our Samye Monastery Sacred Tour takes you to Samye Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery to be built in Tibet. It is a must-see attraction in Shannan region south of Lhasa. Sitting only 150km outside Lhasa, Samye Monastery is famous for its beautiful architecture. It has a layout in the shape of a giant mandala, with the central main temple representing the great Mount Meru. Together with other structures in the monastery, the design demonstrate important concepts in tantric Buddhist cosmology. You will see architectural influences of Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese styles. Inside the monastery, you will find a fine collection of Tibetan religious relics, artworks, murals and statues. It is also a spot popular for pilgrims, who normally take multi-week journey to reach here.

Samye Monastery day tour is an excellent trip for travelers who want to venture outside Lhasa. You will delve deeper into the religious history of Tibetan Buddhism and especially marvel at the architectural greatness that Tibetans have achieved.

This one-day small size group Tibet tour outside of Lhasa offers the visit to the must-see landscape highlight for tourism in Tibet-Lake Yamdrok and Karola Glacier. Yamdrok Lake, also called Yamdrok Yumtso, is a lake with two long arms of water, making it look like a scorpion from the sky. This shape means you can never see its shape from around it.

Yamdrok Lake is one of Tibet's three sacred lakes and the largest lake in southern Tibet. The other two famous and holy lakes are Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar. The lake is fan shaped and features numerous bays and inlets and nine islands. The lake has a number of different names. It is called Coral Lake, or Green Jade Lake. The lake received the name Coral Lake, because it is shaped like a piece of coral, and the name Green Jade lake comes from it calm surface and beautiful green color.

One day Tibet landscape Tour Highlights:

  • Local Tibetan Expert Tour Guide;
  • Many Departures a week and Departures Guaranteed;
  • Reliable safe driver;
  • Comfortable van or Mini Tour Bus (from 7 seats to 25 seats according to final group size);
  • Flexible stop on the way to take pictures;
  • More leisured time to enjoy the landscape;
  • Around 350 km roundtrip beautiful landscape sightseeing


  • Our local Tibetan tour guide and driver will pick you up from Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel parking lot on Beijing East Road in the historic center at 9:00 am. Travelers who stay in Lhasa downtown hotels such as House of Shambhala, Shambhala Palace, Heritage Hotel, Tashi Takgye Hotel, Kyichu Hotel or Yak Hotel, etc can easily walk to Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel car parking. While if you have a special request for meetup location we can happily accommodate that as well. Please inform us in advance. The 2 hours and 150 km safe drive will take us to Samye Monastery. On our way, we will travel past the stunning Yarlung Tsangpo River and Sand Mountain.
  • Relax as you travel along the bank Brahmaputra River-the mother river of Tibet, and see the famous Sand Mountain.
  • Samye Monastery, Tibetan’s first monastery and first college, locates in Shannan Region. It was constructed by the King Trisong Detsen of the Tubo Kingdom, and the monastery was also presided over by the Buddhist master Padmasambhava or Gulug Rinpoche. The design of Samye Monastery based on the principles of geomancy, a concept derived from India. There lies a mythical palace on the top of Mt. Meru at the center of the Tibetan Buddhist universe, at Samye, it is symbolized by the main temple, Wuzi Hall. The Moon and Sun chapels stand in the south and north respectively as the moon and sun in the universe. Surrounding the main temple is a great ‘ocean’ and four great islands and eight subcontinents.
  • The Wuzi Hall is the highlight of Samye Monastery. The building is combined different styles as the first floor was built by local Tibetan style, the middle floor was designed with Chinese architecture style and the top floor was under the influence of Indian style. And there were four more walls representing oceans around the Wuzi Hall. Also, there are two halls represent sun and moon in the monastery. Four special pagodas with four different colors (green, red, black and white) were been put in the monastery to suppress devils. The murals in Samye Monastery was also a highlight attraction. From the precious murals, travelers can learn the Tibetan Buddhism story and historical events of monasteries.
  • So today you will learn about the monastery’s unique architecture which encompasses Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese styles, and hear how it was the first temple in the country to be built at the request of King Trisong Detsen. The layout of the sacred site was created according to the ideal universe detailed in Buddhist scriptures. After this highlight Buddhism tour, you may have about 1-2 hours to enjoy the hiking on the nearby Mt. Hepo Ri (Heburi). It is a great way to enjoy wonderful views of Shannan region and be close to nature.
  • We will drive back to Lhasa downtown and see you off in the historic center by 7 pm. We wish you the best on your further journey. If you had a great time with us, we welcome you to check out more Tibetan culture tours that we offer.

Dates & Price

195 USD per person and daily available

Important Info

  • Confirmation will be received within 24 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Book this tour at least 2 days in advance, but book Tibet permits with us at least 15 working days in advance so that we can help arrange the right permit on time;
  • Tibet Permit will be delivered to customers' delivery address in one city of China.
  • You will need to provide photocopy of passports and China visas in advance (We accept all kinds of China visas if you are not journalist, holding public service passports).


  1. If customers fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu, please do not apply for China L Visa in advance, because customers need apply for their Tibet Group Visa from China Embassy in Kathmandu via travel agency. Before that, they need ask for invitation letter from our agency.
  2. A valid passport and China Visa used to apply for Tibet Permit are required on the travelling period
  3. A minimum of two people per booking is required Travelers who got a Tibet Travel Permit from another travel agency cannot book this day tour.
  4. Travelers who will travel to Kailash, Mt. Everest base camp, etc places will need to fix the Tibet travel permits earlier. Please inform us upon booking.
  5. This unique tour is provided by Tibet Ctrip Travel Service and cheaper than Viator.

Service Details

Price includes

  • Samye Monastery entrance ticket
  • Small-group (maximum of 12) Ganggyan Hotel Pickup and drop-off
  • English-speaking and local Tibetan guide
  • City tour tourist vehicle
  • Liability travel insurance
  • Drinking water provided during the trip

Price excludes

  • Meals
  • Tibet travel permits (please apply with us at least 15 working days before arrival in Lhasa)
  • Tipping to Tibetan service staff

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