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10 Days Kailash EBC Group Tour-Special Program 2018


Maybe you just want the Kailash tour section, right? Most travelers can travel in Lhasa by themselves without packaging everything in the tour booking with travel agency. This Kailash tour should be the option. Once you get all necessary Tibet travel permits sorted out from us, leave 2-3 flexible days in Lhasa by yourself and then join the 10 days Kailash tour outlined below.

Day1 Lhasa-Shigatse, 280 km, 5-6 hours’ drive, 8:30-14:30
Day2 Shigatse –Saga, 440 km, 7-9 hours’ drive, 8:30-17:30
Day3 Saga-Mt. Kailash (Darchen), 510 km, about 10 hours’ drive, 8:30-18:30
Day4 Mt. Kailash-Dira-Puk Monastery, first day of trekking, 20 km, 7-8 hours
Day5 Dira-Puk Monastery-Zultul-Puk Monastery, second day of trekking, 21 km, 8-9 hours
Day6 Zultul-puk Monastery-Darchen-Lake Manasarovar, last day of trekking, 12 km, 4 hours. Then drive for 60 km, 1.5 hours
Day7 Lake Manasarovar-Saga, 450 km, 8-9 hours’ drive, 8:30-18:00
Day8 Saga-EBC, 300 km, 7-8 hours’ drive, 8:30-16:30
Day9 EBC-Shigatse-Gyantse, 430 km, 8-9 hours’ drive, 8:30-18:30
Day10 Gyantse-Lhasa, 260 km, 5-6 hours’ drive, 8:30-16:00


  • Best Landscape and Pilgrimage trip of Tibet in 10 days
  • 2750 km to the southwest of Lhasa (round-trip)
  • Highlight attractions: Everest, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Palkhor Monastery +Kumbum Pagoda, Karola Glacier, Lake Yamdrok
  • Easily to add more day trips before or after the tour above


Day1 Lhasa-Shigatse, 280 km, about 5-6 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 14:30
Attractions for today: Yarlung Tsangpo River Landscape along the way, and Tashilhunpo Monastery, also known as ‘the heap of Glory’, located at southwest of Shigatse city. Shigatse city is the second-largest city in Tibet, just after Lhasa city.
You will be picked up from your hotel, after 4-5 hours’ drive around 13:00, we will have lunch at Nyemo County. During the trip, we will stop at some beautiful palaces for you to take pictures. Upon the arrival at Shigatse, the first thing to do is check-in, and then our expert Tibetan guide will arrange your PSB permits (Alien Tibet Permit).At around 16:00,we will head to Tashilhunpo Monastery where we will spend a few hours.
Tips: Tashilhunpo Monastery will close at 18:30 in winter, close at 19:30 in summer.
Accommodation: Gesar Hotel or Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel if late booking

Day2 Shigatse –Saga, 450 km, about 8-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 17:30
Attractions for today: Lake Lang Tso and Landscapes along the way.
Take breakfasts around 8:00 am, we will start the drive from Shigatse to Saga, the last sizable county on the way to the starting point for your Mt Kailash trekking. We will have lunch at local restaurant nearby Sangsang town around 13:30. And then we will keep driving to Saga. You can view typical plateau scenery on the way and have stopovers to take photos if you want.
Accommodation: Hotel in Saga or similar if booking late.

Day3 Saga-Mt. Kailash (Darchen), 510 km, about 10 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 18:30
Attractions for today: Payang town and landscapes along the way.
Take breakfasts around 8:00 am, we will start the drive from Saga to Mt. Kailash, the holy mountain for Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon. We will have lunch at Payang town around 13:30 and continue the drive. Along the road, you can enjoy the mountainous view and we will arrive Darchen (the starting point of your trekking) at 18:30. You can have a good rest upon the arrival and prepare for the pilgrimage tour tomorrow.
Accommodation: Tourist standard Hotel (middle level) in Darchen

Day4 Mt. Kailash (Darchen)-Dira-puk Monastery (4,950 m), first day of trekking, 20 km, 7-8 hours
Attractions for today: Mt. Kailash and Dira-puk Monastery
Start at 8:30 am and you need to bring water, snacks and altitude medication for emergency. During the trekking, you can view the mystical Mt. Kailash from different angles and there are many prostration pilgrims and nomads who take more time to finish the Kora.
After 4 hours of trekking from Darchen (4,650 m) to Chuku Monastery (4,810 m) which covers 9 km. Then we stop at a nomad tent for a simple lunch. And continue another 4 hours’ trekking to Dira-puk Monastery which covers 11 km, stop for the night at the monastery, enjoy the eye-catching scenery of the north face of Mt. Kailash.
Accommodation: Dira-puk Monastery guesthouse
Tips: Eco-bus is available during the first 9 km, but it charges 60 RMB per person. Some tourists who can’t make the first 9 km trek have the option to take the vehicle, don’t worry, each of the tourists will meet together at the same time in the Chuku Monastery then go on the next 11 km trek.

Day5 Dira-puk Monastery-Zultul-puk Monastery, second day of your trekking, 21 km, 8-9 hours trek
Attractions for today: Zultul-puk Monastery (4,835 m), Droma-la Pass (5,630 m)
Today comes the most difficult part of the trekking, with two mountains to cross and 21 km to hike in the eight hours walking.
Wake up in the morning at 7:30, after breakfast, our trek begins. After 5-6 hours trekking, which covers 10km from Dira-puk Monastery to Shabje Drakthok, we will stop at a nomad tent for lunch and rest a while. At the Dromala Pass, pilgrims walk through with prayer flags around. From Shabje Drakthok to Zultul-puk Monastery covers 11 km which takes 4-5 hours with easier road.
Accommodation: Zultul-puk Monastery guesthouse

Day6 Zultul-puk Monastery-Darchen, last day of your trekking, 12 km, about 4 hours trek, Darchen-Lake Manasarovar, 70 km, about 1.5 hours’ drive
Attractions for today: Lake Manasarovar
Last day of trekking with an easier course of 12km that takes about 4 hours. Enjoy a rest breakfast before starting the trek, we set off at 8:30 after the beautiful sunrise. What comes to your horizon is the holy Mt.Kailash and the canyon. At noon, we will reach Darchen, the ending point of the trekking. After lunch, we will head to Lake Manasarovar, which is a freshwater lake in the Tibet. Just like Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar is also a place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from India, Nepal and neighboring countries. Stay overnight here, and celebrate the completion of your trek around Mt. Kailash beside the lake.
Accommodation: Lake Manasarovar guesthouse
Tips: There are 4 km of the last day have the option to take the bus which charges 50 RMB per person.

Day7 Lake Manasarovar-Saga, 450 km, about 8-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 18:00
Attractions for today: sunrise over the Lake Manasarovar and landscapes along the way
Recuperate the tired body on the way back to Saga, where you spend the upcoming night. At noon, lunch will be settled at Payang town just the same as coming.
Accommodation: Hotel in Saga or similar if booking late.

Day8 Saga-Everest Base Camp, 300 km, about 7-8 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30 am-arrive at around 16:30
Attractions for today: Peikutso Lake, Menbu Town, Gangga town (also known as old Tingri), Rongphu Monastery, Mt.Everest (8,843.43 m)
After a nice breakfast, we set off to Peikutso Lake which is at 4591 meters elevation, spend there for 2 hours, and then continue driving through Menbu Town where a natural village locates, arrive at Gangga Town (Old Tingri) where we will have lunch there. Rest a while, we keep moving to get to Rongphu Monastery. After visiting the monastery, we will drive to campsite. And normally tourists will challenge the 4 hours trek (or take the local shuttle which is RMB 30-35 per person) from the campsite to the Everest Base Camp. If god stands with us, we will see the breathtaking view of the sunset over Mt.Everest.
Accommodation: Nomad tent house at Mt.Everest campsite or guesthouse near Rongphu Monastery

Day9 Everest Base Camp-Shigatse-Gyantse, 430 km, about 8-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 18:30
Attractions for today: Sunrise of Mt.Everest, Gyantse County
Wake up this morning below the stunning north face of Mt. Everest with its amazing sunrise. (For those tourists who want to go to Base Camp in the morning to have closer view of Everest, we can take the local shuttle to Everest. B.C) and after shooting the photos, we come back to Campsite and then we drive back to Gyantse. As it’s a long way landscape that meal time and place are flexible depending on our journey circumstances.
Accommodation: Jianzang Hotel or Yeti Hotel or similar one if late booking

Day10 Gyantse-Lhasa, 260 km, about 5-6 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 17:00
Attractions for today: Pelkhor Choede Monastery, Kumbum Pagoda, Karola Glacier, Lake Yamdrok
In the morning after breakfast, we will start drive to Pelkhor Choede Monastery which architecturally is a merging of Han, Tibetan and Nepali architecture. The most remarkable architecture also a symbol of Gyantse, is the Bodhi Dagoba (Tibetan name: Pelkhor Choede), called ‘Kumbum’, it is also well-known as “the Ten Thousand Buddha Pagodas”. Then we will drive over Karola Glacier (5,150 m), which looks spectacular from the highway. And Karola Glacier is half an hour away from Yamdrok Lake. The scenery between Karola glacier and Lake Yamdrok is truly miraculous. As we keep going to Lake Yamdrok via Nagartse where we will have lunch and take a rest there, in the afternoon, we will be close to Lake Yamdrok. And you may have a wonderful time along the lakeside, the lake has fantastic blue water with yaks, goats around the lakeside, beautiful photographs is easily taken here. After the leisure time, we will return to Lhasa by 17:00.
Accommodation: Hotel by yourself
The rest time in on your own, if the schedule has no change, our agency would love to arrange a group dinner.

Dates & Price

9 Nights 10 Days Kailash+EBC Group Tour, 2018
Months Available Departure Dates Trip Price
April 24 $1,635
May 1,7,15,22,29 $1,635
June 6,12,19,26 $1,635
July 5,10,17,24 $1,755
August 3,7,14,21 $1,785
September 2,4,11,18,25 $1,695
October 1 $1,635
9 Nights 10 Days Kailash+EBC Group Tour, 2019
Months Available Departure Dates Trip Price
April 23,27,30 $1,635
May 7,14,21,26 $1,635
June 4,11,18,25 $1,635
July 2,9,16,24,30 $1,755
August 6,13,22,27 $1,795
September 3,10,21,24 $1,765
October 1,8 $1,655

Service Details

Price includes
  • Tibet Travel Permits;
  • All Entrance tickets for programs listed in the itinerary;
  • Transportation in Tibet: Ranging from mini van to mini bus (15 to 23 seats) according to final group size;
  • Tour Vehicle gasoline and parking fee;
  • Local Expert Tibetan guide handpicked;
    Lodging: Gesar Hotel or Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel in Shigatse, budget guesthouses in remote towns;
  • Oxygen canisters: 2 portable oxygen cylinder for each person;
  • Two Oxygen cylinders (10-15 L compressed oxygen) in the tour vehicle for emergency use;
  • Lodging and meals for guide and driver;
  • Travel Agency Liability travel insurance;
  • China domestic flight/train (It is optional per further requests)
Price Excludes
  • Travel insurance covers trip cancellation and emergency and evacuation(recommended);
  • Expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry, phone call, etc.);
  • International flight/train;
  • Yaks and porters during the trek (Optional per further requests);
  • Meals that are not specified in the itinerary (Averagely a meal in Tibet cost USD 6-20 per person);
  • Accommodation in Lhasa;
  • Surcharge for any unscheduled change or cancel during the tour
  • Gratuities for the guide and driver

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