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Bakdro Lak-Best Tibetan cook
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Tibet mountain trekking specialized cook – Bakdro Lak

Bakdro lak came from a town called- Tolung which is only 25km from Lhasa but now stays with his family in Lhasa. He has to drop-out school from early age due to family financial problem but has keen interest in cooking since. To pursue his dream, he went with some excellent Tibetan mountain cooks for many years as a sub-cook and learnt the art of cooking gradually. He is known for his quick learning in cooking and huge praises were poured upon him by his cook teachers. He says that now most of his cooking teachers were old and cannot trek up on the high mountains of Tibet so he wants to leave a legacy for them in cooking industry in years to come.
Tibetan mountain cook with Tibet Ctrip Travel
Most of his past clients has huge praise in store for him and some even said that his dishes up on the valleys and mountains were more delicious than restaurant. He is known for his skills in Yak management during the trekking days for transportation and assist in any department of need.  
He takes utmost care to serve healthy, fresh and delicious food for the guest around the world.
Right now he is a permanent cooking member of Tibet Ctrip travel service (TCTS) for the last three years and takes immense pride in his Job.
Tashi Delek!
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