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2018 Must Read Important Tibet Travel Price Breakdown
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Important Guidelines about Tibet Tourism Service Price Breakdowns 2018

We have provided the Tibet tour price breakdowns many times for foreign travelers since 1999, and we will say it again: It keeps amazing us that there are still many foreign travelers wanting to book full packaged tour with sky high prices. As local insider tourism company in Lhasa, we can provide the price breakdowns for your references before you combine any items to one itinerary. Hope it can be a big help for you to make the right plan.

Tibet is a very attractive travel destination for many people. Once deciding that they want to make a trip to this magical kingdom, curious travelers begin to read extensively about Tibet, and start their own research on various Tibet travel topics. One of the most frequently asked questions about Tibet is: is traveling to Tibet expensive? As with any question that concerns the standards of cost in a given location, there is no definite answer to it, and it depends on many things. Now, we want to give you some insight into all the costs that go into your trip, so that you can decide for yourself what kind of a destination Tibet is in terms of price level.

  • Tibet Travel Permits Price Breakdown

Tibet travel permits are documents required of every foreign traveler to Tibet. They are issued by various governmental offices and give you permission to visit places of your interest in Tibet. Your itinerary and travel dates are listed clearly on them. Your local agency will apply them for you once your booking is confirmed. If you don’t know what they are or want to know more about them, you can check out our detailed “Tibet Travel Permits” page.

The permits are technically free. However, agencies normally charge a one-time fee for the labor cost. This is due to several reasons. First, the application requires a lot of paperwork. Secondly, the application can take a long time depending on how complicated your itinerary is. For example, if you want to visit border regions or military sensitive regions, there are extra forms you need to apply. Many travelers also need the permits delivered to their entry city or place of residence in China, so the mailing fee involved should also be factored in. This fee normally ranges from $50 to $150 per person.


Tibet Travel Permits

Service Fee

4-Day Lhasa Tour

(Short single destination tour)





8-Day EBC Tour

(Mid length multiple destination tour)





15-Day Kailash Tour

(Long distance and length multiple destination tour )





* price subject to change on a case by case basis

  • Chinese Visa or Chinese Tibet Group Visa Price Breakdown

Depending on how you enter Tibet, you need to have either a Chinese visa or a Chinese Tibet group visa to visit Tibet. If your stop prior to Tibet is a Chinese city, you apply for a Chinese visa in your home country before you leave, and you should consult your local Chinese embassy/consulate for the visa fee. If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal (by air or by land), you need and only need another type of Chinese visa called Chinese Tibet group visa. You apply at Chinese embassy in Kathmandu and it takes 3 working days to get it. Depending on the nationality, this visa usually costs from $115 to $210.


Chinese Visa

Chinese Tibet Group Visa

US citizen, fly from New York to Beijing to Lhasa

Apply for Chinese Visa in New York, single entry visa fee $140


Italian citizen, fly from Milan to Kathmandu to Lhasa


Apply for Chinese Tibet Group Visa in Kathmandu, single entry visa fee $85

* price subject to change on a case by case basis

  • Tibet Travel Transport Price Breakdowns

Generally, Tibet is accessible by air, land and train. Let me discuss each option below in detail.

  • Air fare: All Tibet bound flights are served by Chinese airlines with departures from mainland Chinese cities only, with one exception from Kathmandu, Nepal which I will discuss separately. If you find it convenient to travel to China first, or if you want to combine a China trip with Tibet trip, it is a very good idea to consider this option. Major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on all have daily departures to Lhasa. Flight ticket price fluctuates with season and availability, so it is important to utilize various ticketing websites to find the best deals. For example, in low season, you can enjoy a one-way discounted flight from Chengdu to Lhasa for just $120 per seat. In high season, a one-way flight from Shanghai to Lhasa will cost $500 per seat.

The only direct international flight to Tibet is from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This is a very scenic and popular choice, as Kathmandu is easily accessible from many international destinations and you fly over the Himalayas. A one-way ticket costs up to $420, but the trip is worth every penny. However, we want to remind you again that to travel this way, please allow 3 working days in Kathmandu to get your Chinese Tibet group visa.

  • Train tickets price breakdown: Taking a Qinghai railway train is probably the most well-known way to travel to Tibet. Qinghai-Tibet railway is 2000km in total and takes you from Xining to Lhasa in slightly less than one day’s time. The scenery on the way is unparalleled, as you will come across vast area of pristine landscape and an abundance of unique precious wildlife. The train also extends to cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc, so a railway trip across the entire grand China is easy to plan. A soft sleeper on Xining-Lhasa train is at a fixed $145 price, and hard sleepers and hard seats are also available. Trains Tickets are in high demand all the time and are only released one month in advance. Therefore, to enjoy the privilege of sitting on this train, you need not only your credit card but also some luck too!
  • Land transport price breakdown:Tibet is accessible by land from both mainland China and Nepal. The seemingly straight forward option also requires some prearrangement. On the Chinese side, you can approach Tibet from Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Once at the provincial border, chances are you need your Tibetan agency-arranged licensed tour vehicle to pick you up and continue the travel. Car cost is a major component of your Tibet tour expense and is usually included in your program. On the Nepalese side, you will ride a car to arrive at Nepal/Tibet border, which is Gyirong checkpoint, and your Tibetan guide and driver will pick you up after you pass the immigration. Many Tibetan and Nepalese agencies have working relationships, so remember to consult this service with them to make your Tibet journey smoother.


High Season

Low Season

Beijing to Lhasa one-way flight



Beijing to Lhasa one-way soft sleeper train




Getting around-Sightseeing Entrance Tickets Price Breakdown

Tibet is a vast land and travelers can easily spend a full day sitting in the car on their way to the next destination. Tour vehicles are essential if you want to visit different regions of Tibet. Normally you are required to use licensed vehicle for all travels in Tibet, and depending on the size of your travel group, your local Tibet travel agency will arrange a car for you accordingly. The car options range from luxurious 4-wheel drive Prado to large 23-seater tour bus and everything in between. The cost is largely decided by the mileage. Therefore, if you and a budget single traveler, it is most cost efficient to limit your sightseeing activity within Lhasa, or always join group tours to visit attractions. The larger the group, the cheaper the per person tour price will be. Encourage your family and friends to join you on the Tibet trip you are planning. It is not only cheaper, it is also more fun.

  • Entrance tickets:

Attractions in Tibet usually charge an entrance fee. These attractions usually include monasteries, museums, natural parks, etc. Most places impose a fee less than $10, and the rest charge a bit more due to their scale and level of popularity, such as Potala Palace, Mt. Everest, and Mt. Kailash. While not the most significant component of your budget, entrance fees can add up, so it is wise to keep track. Whether the entrance tickets are included in your tour program should be listed very clearly in the service details section of your tour contract. If you can’t find information on it, it is never a bad idea to inquire your travel agency directly.


Entrance Fee(per person)

Potala Palace

$16-80 depending on season

Jokhang Temple


Mt. Everest


Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar


Tashilhunpo Monastery


Samye Monastery


Namtso Lake



  • Tibet Travel Accommodation Price Breakdown

Like all travel destinations, Tibet provides accommodation options to travelers of all budgets and expectations. Big cities such as Lhasa and Shigatse gives travelers the most freedom of choice. There are 5-, 4- 3-star hotels, as well as countless beautiful guesthouses and hostels. In remote areas, the scenario is quite different, and travelers usually have to stick with whatever is available. For example, at Lake Manasarovar, even the best available guesthouse is very basic in terms of facilities. You will have to share bathroom with others and be advised to bring sleeping bag to add comfort.

The hotel price in Tibet is lower than the average in Western countries, with a clean and comfortable 4-star Lhasa hotel double room at around $50 in low season and $70 in high season. However, not every hotel in Tibet can receive foreign guests. Therefore, it is best to contact the hotel before you book and pay. Your local Tibet travel agency probably have working relationships with many hotels you are interested in, so it is also a very good idea to contact and book through them.


High Season Price (per double room per night)

Low Season Price (per double room per night)

Lhasa Shangri-la Hotel (5 star)



Lhasa Tashi Nota Hotel (4 star)



Lhasa Yak Hotel (3 star)



Everest Base Camp Guesthouse



Food Cost Breakdown in Tibet

Contrary to popular belief, the food price in Tibet is not low. This is mainly due to the fact that the resources in Tibet are very rare. The cost of living in Tibet is on par with first tier Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Food choices are plenty, and restaurants are located everywhere from cities to rural villages. In Lhasa, you can find a bowl of simple noodles for $1 and a deluxe meal for $20 per person and everything in between. In rural areas, the same bowl of noodles will cost $3 and a normal meal will cost $10 per person. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can tell your dietary preference to your guide and s/he can recommend restaurants to you or order for you. It is also a good idea to buy breakfasts and snacks from supermarkets because you can get hungry during long distance travel.



One bottled water (500ml)


One bowl of noodles


One can of beer (200ml)


One Average meal (lunch or dinner) per person


One can of sprite


Apple (per kg)


Banana (per kg)


One pizza in a western style restaurant


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