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Tips about Whom to tip in a Tibet Tour and How much
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Tibet Travel Expert service Shares and Discusses about Whom to Tip in a Tibet Tour and How much

In Tibet, while tipping or gratuities are not common practice in most sectors of Tibetan life, it has become the norm to tip guide and driver in recognition of their good service. If you are wondering whom to tip in a Tibet tour and how much can be appropriate, here experienced Tibet local tour operator, Tibet Travel Expert service provides some tipping customs in Tibet to help foreign travelers to prepare for your Tibet tour.

When planning a Tibet tour, travelers usually ask how much they should tip guides, drivers, and other travel support staff. Tipping customs vary greatly throughout the world and travelers usually wonder when a tip is appropriate and how much. Base on the customs in Tibet, travelers are not obligated to tip in a Tibet tour, however, good service does deserve encouragement and reward. Here Tibet Travel Expert service outlines some general guidelines for travelers about tipping in Tibet.

How Much to Tip Travel Staff in a Tibet Tour

Responsible guides and drivers play very important roles in a Tibet tour. Thus, the size of tips should be increasing. Around 55-65 RMB per day for a guide and 30-50 RMB per day for a driver is appropriate. Travelers are encouraged to give special consideration for outstanding service or if their group is large. Some trekking tours in Tibet require yak support, so 100-200 RMB (depending on length of the trip) is a good tip for the herder of yaks.

How Much to Tip Hotel Staff in a Tibet Tour

Usually, for a porter in a hotel, around 10-20 RMB is an appropriate tip. For the maid over a few days’ stay, 15-20RMB is a good tip; for longer stays a larger tip may be appropriate. The best time to tip the porter is when they bring luggage to the room and the maid’s tip can be left in the room when travelers depart.

Small Gifts as Tip in a Tibet Tour

While cash is always appreciated, small gifts from a traveler’s home country are also great tips for guides, drivers, and other travel support staff. Small items from your home country representing your culture are very welcoming, such as hats, T-shirts, and bags, etc.

Guides, drivers, and other travel support staff work very hard to ensure travelers can enjoy their time in Tibet. And in fact, tipping is an important source of income for them. There isn’t much tourists in the winter of Tibet. Guides, drivers, and other travel support staff depend on the extra income of tips besides their salary to support themselves and their families throughout the whole year. Tipping is not only an encouragement for their good service, also a support for their life. But there is no explicit obligation to tip, if a travel group is satisfied with the service they have received then an appropriate tip is customary.

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Whom to Tip in a Tibet Tour and How much

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