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Tibet is Expected to Achieve Better 5G Network Coverage
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Tibet is Expected to Achieve Better 5G Network Coverage in 2020

According to a work report released by the Tibet Autonomous Region Government at the ongoing regional people's congress on Tuesday, the Tibet Autonomous Region plans to accelerate the application of 5G networks in the region this year.

At the third session of the Eleventh Tibetan People ’s Congress, the chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Zizara, said that the region expects all seats in its cities and regions to cover 5G networks by the end of this year.

Qizala said: "By 2019, the region will enable 98% of villages to be connected to 4G networks, fiber optics and broadband Internet services."

"Together with other provinces, the region has completed the task of telecom coverage in the country's rural areas in advance, which is earlier than the country's" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan "(2016-20) before 2019.

Data show that by the end of November, the telecommunications industry in the region had revenues of over 4.51 billion yuan ($ 650 million) from various telecommunications industries. The total number of telephone users in the region reached 3.96 million, with approximately 115 telephone numbers per 100 people. There are 3.24 million mobile phone users.

During the same period, the number of fixed broadband Internet users in the region reached 926,000, an increase of 144,000 over the previous year.

Pema Jamyang, party secretary of Pebar, a village in Tingri County in the region, said that due to overall social development and telecommunications development, 380 of the 530 people in the village own mobile phones.

He said: "A few years ago, if there was no better telecommunications service in the village, life would not be as convenient as it is today. Now, we can no longer have the Internet."

Peima said that all four of his family members have their own mobile phones, and his two children are studying in high school.

Dingri is located in a remote area, about 120 kilometers from Mount Everest in the west, known as Mount Everest.

Peima said: "In the past, if the villagers' cattle or sheep got lost, they had to walk for a few days to find them. Now, within seconds, the villagers can call others to help."

He said: "I can't always be with my child or wife." "But, whether it's calling or video chatting, I feel we are very close because I can see them smiling or talking."

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