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Top 4 Overlooked Essentials for Tibet Travel
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Tibet Travel Expert service Discloses Top 4 Overlooked Essentials for Tibet Travel besides the usual packing list

What to pack for Tibet travel has been widely discussed on the internet. Anybody who has done the basic research about Tibet travel would know the basics. i.e. passport, cash, backpack, hat, sunglasses. etc. Here Tibet Travel Expert service, a Lhasa-based travel agency, discloses top 4 overlooked essentials for Tibet travel. If you are packing for your Tibet travel, this is the information to know.

Below are the top 4 overlooked essentials for Tibet travel introduced by Tibet Travel Expert service:

1.Sun Protection

Hat and sunglasses may not be enough for sun protection in Tibet, especially for those who easily get sunburn. While suntanning is considered a luxury by many foreigners in your home country, the UV radiation is too strong in Tibet even in winter. The main symptoms of sunburns are excessive redness of the skin exposed to the sun with high UV radiation, fatigue; the skin is hot to touch, burning sensation, blisters and pain. Sometimes it may cause headache and mild fever.

Please pack a sunscreen with a PH value that matches with your screen. It is best to use medicated sunscreens. Use a sunscreen having SPF more than 30. This is extremely important, as the SPF value is important to determine the protection of the skin. If you are going for Tibet trekking tour or if your destination is some higher altitude area, then use a sunscreen having SPF more than 60.

You should apply the sunscreen more specifically to your nose and cheeks. Note down the hour it works. Apply it frequently after certain interval of time. Reapplying of sunscreen should be done during treks or other such high-altitude ranges.

Pack lip balms having SPF because lips are even more sensitive than skin.


In addition to altitude sickness and strong radiation, dry air is also a bother during Tibet travel. The dry air on the Tibetan Plateau can wreak havoc on unprotected skin, causing chapping and nose bleeds. Be sure to bring lotion, lip balm and saline mist for nasal cavities. Travelers should prepare enough drinking water, fruit and vegetable to replenish the water that their body loses and skin care products to prevent being burnt by strong sunshine. You will find what you should prepare from the page of how to protect your skin in Tibet.

3. Long Trousers/Skirt

No matter when you are travelling Tibet, even in the hottest summer month of August, you should always prepare a long trousers/skirt. Although the weather in Tibet is warm and sunny during the summer, Tibetans tend to dress conservatively. It’s considered inappropriate for women and men to wear short trousers/skirt to enter a temple. Monks can refuse to allow you enter a chapel even you have purchased the entrance ticket.

4. Swimsuit

Tibet doesn’t sound like a place for swimming, right? Actually, there are quite a few hot springs and resort spas available for travelers. Be sure to pack a swimsuit if a hot spring has been included in your itinerary. i.e. Yampachen Hot Spring, Tidrum Nunnery with Hot Springs…

For more inside tips about Tibet travel, please feel free to contact Lhasa-based local tour operator, Tibet Travel Expert service. Email us at about your Tibet travel please.

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