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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Tibet Travel
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The Most Commonly Asked Questions by Travellers about Tibet Travel 2018

Tibet fascinates people and draw hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. However, Tibet continues to be shrouded in mystery for many travellers. Here Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( discusses the most commonly asked questions by travellers about Tibet travel 2018.

Lying at the heart of the Himalayan range, to travel to Tibet has its challenges. However, for most travelers coming to Tibet for regular sightseeing it isn’t that difficult, especially you listen to the advice of your local travel agent and guide. Respecting local cultures, customs and laws is fundamental for Tibet travel. Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( shares the answers of the most commonly asked questions by travellers about Tibet travel 2018.

Can I Travel Tibet Independently?

Obtaining Tibet travel permits and understanding the constantly changing restrictions of Tibet travel for foreigners can seem like a hassle at first sight. With a permit required to enter Tibet, then additional permits for travel to certain areas of Tibet it seems like an extremely complicated process. Independent travel in Tibet is not possible at the moment. Fortunately, a properly-registered local travel agency, like Tibet Ctrip, can take care of all these details for you. When planning your trip to Tibet, be sure to keep in mind that you will need to do your part by providing the appropriate documents to your travel agency and complying with local laws.

What Documents & Information Needed for Tibet Permit?

In order to obtain your Tibet travel permits you will need to provide your travel agency with the appropriate documents. It is required that you indicate your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and occupation. Sending scanned copies of your passport to your travel agent and letting them know your occupation via email is this easiest way to do this. It will also be necessary to send a copy of your Chinese visa as well. When applying for your visa it is recommended that you indicate your city of arrival (e.g. Beijing) as your destination in China. You must present the permit when boarding the train/plane to Lhasa, this is why it is necessary to stay at least one night in China before heading for Tibet.

Who cannot Get a Tibet Permit?

Unfortunately, there are additional restrictions on travel in Tibet for diplomats, government officials, military, and journalists. Make sure and check with your travel agency before booking your trip because it is not always possible for these individuals to obtain a Tibet travel permit. Outside of this permit applications are seldom denied as long as you follow the guidelines given to you by your travel agency. Also depending on the time of year and local political climate, there may be additional restrictions on group sizes and travel to certain areas of Tibet.

Is Tibet Permit Guaranteed?

When booking your trip it is important to remember that government regulations can prevent all Tibet travel permits from being issued with little to no advanced notice. Your travel agency will keep you up to date on changes in regulations, but you must accept the risk that they can change at any time and be flexible if you choose to book a trip to Tibet. In the event that a change in the Tibet travel permit regulations prevents you from entering Tibet, there are a variety of nearby destinations in China and Nepal that you can travel to with no restrictions.


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