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Popular Flights to Lhasa 2018 & 2019
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Popular Flights to Lhasa 2018 & 2019

There are no direct long-haul flights to Tibet. You will certainly to stop somewhere, either a city of China or Kathmandu Nepal. To be a savvy traveler, please read below what Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team has to share about the flight cost to Lhasa in 2018 & 2019 from different cities.

By now from inland China there are about 18 cities have direct flight to Lhasa; and there is one international flight from Kathmandu Nepal. It can be rather stressful to pick one as the best gateway city to Lhasa. In the end, it depends on your travel itinerary. Some cities are chosen more often than others for their convenience of location, daily flight availability, and cheaper cost, etc.


Popular Flights to Lhasa 2018 & 2019 Duration Frequency Flight Type Full Price for Economy Class
Flight from Chengdu to Lhasa  About 2.5 hours Appr. 12 flights per day Direct   RMB 1850
Flight from Beijing to Lhasa About 4~6 hours Appr. 3 flights per day Direct   RMB 3320
Flight from Xian to Lhasa About 3 hours Appr. 7 flights per day Direct   RMB 2210
Flight from Shanghai to Lhasa About 7-8 hours Appr. 2 flights per day Stopover / Connecting  RMB 3320
Flight from Chongqing to Lhasa About 3 hours Appr. 12 flights per day Direct   RMB 1950
Flight from Kunming to Lhasa About 3~5 hours Appr. 3 flights per day Direct / Stopover  RMB 2320
Flight from Guangzhou to Lhasa About 6 hours Appr. 3 flights per day Stopover / Connecting  RMB 2990
Flight from Xining to Lhasa About 2.5 hours Appr. 4 flights per day Direct   RMB 1840
Flight from ShangriLa (Diqin) to Lhasa About 2 hours Appr. 1 flight per day Direct   RMB 1560
Flight from Lijiang to Lhasa About 2 hours Appr. 2 flight per day Direct   RMB 1650
Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa  About 1.5 hours Appr. 1 flight per day Direct   Depends on tax. etc


From time to time, foreign travellers may meet problem of booking the direct flight to Lhasa. It is because sometimes, from somewhere, it may be restricted to book flight to a sensitive place like Tibet. As a Lhasa-based travel agency, Tibet Ctrip are free of these restrictions. If you need to book your flights to Lhasa, please feel free to email us,


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