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How to choose a Tibet Travel Agency Online
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How to choose a Tibet Travel Agency Online

In recent years, Tibet travel has become increasingly popular; the surge in popularity has brought with it a proliferation of online Tibet travel agencies. This guide helps travelers make informed decisions by helping you sifting through the plethora of options.

Looking for a travel destination that wraps exciting adventure and unique cultural experiences into one? If so, Tibet is it! Full of natural beauty and people whose culture have roots in ancient times, there is something for everyone in Tibet. Nature-lovers will be awe struck by the endless snow-capped peaks and the expansive valleys that lie in between. Culture-lovers will be enthralled by the monasteries, temples, and how they have played a role in Tibetan history. More and more travelers travel to Tibet every year, and with it has come a proliferation of online Tibet travel agencies; with so many to choose from following a few simple guidelines can help eliminate hassles.

Lhasa-based Travel Agencies Who Can Obtain Tibet Permit

A Tibet travel agency designs and operates Tibet tours for domestic and foreign travellers. Many offer packages that are inclusive of hotels, transportation, guide, drivers, and meals. Choosing the right travel agency can be the difference between a dream vacation and a trip full of hassles! First and foremost, make sure that the travel agency is able to obtain you a Tibet Travel Permit; local travel regulations require that all foreign travelers in Tibet must possess Tibet Travel Permit before entry. If arriving via Mainland China, this will require a valid Chinese visa; if coming from Nepal a Tibet travel agency can help arrange for a special Chinese visa to be issued in Kathmandu. When booking a tour, you need to make sure your Tibet travel agency can arrange for travel permits and offer travelers advice on obtaining a Chinese visa.

Lhasa-based Travel Agencies Who Offers Different Kinds of Tibet Tours

Tibet is a large country, with many popular travel destinations. When planning a tour, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. In addition, online travel agencies offer many different kinds of Tibet tours, ranging from a few days of sightseeing to extensive trekking tours. Travelers are encouraged to learn as much about Tibet as possible while planning their tour, then pick the tour destinations that match their group’s interest. Those looking for adventure may want to investigate trekking or mountain biking routes in and around the regions they are interested in visiting. Travelers looking to cover as much ground as possible, while still taking time to learn about Tibetan culture and enjoy the scenery, are better off with an overland tour. Once travelers have decided on a destination and particulars of a tour, it is important for them to pick a travel agency that can meet their needs and interests.

With so many destinations, types of tours, and online travel agencies to choose from, it’s no wonder that travelers may be overwhelmed when planning a Tibet tour. Many feel it’s best to begin planning by deciding what the focus of their tour would be, then decide on more specific details. Once specific destinations have been decided upon, travelers may want to consider if they want to do any special activities like trekking or mountain biking. In any case, travelers will want to work with a tour operator that can accommodate their travel interests, and most importantly, reliably provide them with a Tibet travel permit. With the 2018 Tibet travel season upon us, you are encouraged to start planning your tours now! Email us at please.

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