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Dream Come True for Mt Everest Travel
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Dream Come True for Mt Everest Travel

For many travellers around the world, Mt Everest travel has been a life-long dream. With a developing tourism infrastructure and the availability of quality tour providers, Mt Everest is now an accessible travel destination. Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( discusses the natural beauty that awaits those who make this adventure.

Mt Everest travel is a dream that has come true for many travellers worldwide in recent years. Mt Everest sits on the roof of the world: the air is thin and cold temperature bites as the wind blows constantly. In the past, only the most intrepid travelers could make the trip here. However, a developing tourism infrastructure now makes it possible for many travelers to pay a visit to the world’s tallest mountain. Comfortable tent camps are available along with space for travelers who bring their own camping gear. Unimaginable high altitude beauty awaits those who set out on this adventure, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( gives travelers a preview!

The Road to Mt Everest

The drive to Everest traverses varied landscapes, each as stunning as the next. For many who travel Tibet, the scenery on the way to and from Mt Everest is as breath-taking as Mt Everest itself. Travelers ascend mountain roads with sheer drop-offs then cross into rocky high-altitude valleys that give way to fertile river-fed expanses. Climactic differences between the tent camp at Everest Base Camp and about which is only a short drive away can be surprising different; it is often much colder, winds can be strong, and the thin dry air leaves travelers more prone to the effects of the altitude. Despite the harsh environment, views of the mountain can be captivating!

Mt Everest Travel Time

Tibet tours that visit Mt Everest can be scheduled for many months out of the year although the best times to visit are late April to mid-May and September to early October. In the summer months Mt Everest is usually hidden behind a blanket of cloud cover and the area is nearly inhospitable throughout the winter. Many arrive overland from Nepal and enjoy staying in the tent camps at Everest Base Camp while outdoor enthusiasts can make the trek from Old Tingri in about four days or add a stop at Mt. Everest to an extensive Tibet biking tour.

With a developing tourism infrastructure and a variety of ways to get there, Mt. Everest is now accessible to nearly all kinds of travelers. Witnessing the majesty of the world’s highest mountain is an experience most won’t soon forget. Many travelers are not only surprised by the striking beauty of Mt Everest itself but also the scenery along the route to Everest. Tibet Ctrip offers overland, trekking, and mountain biking tours of Mt Everest professionally guided by native Tibetans who are passionate about sharing their love for this land. Autumn is approaching and with it comes excellent opportunities to visit Tibet for a glimpse of Mt Everest, travelers are encouraged to plan ahead and book their tour now!

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