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Tibetan Local Travel Agency-Tours Service Since 1999

Not only just better Tibet Tours prices, But Much Better Tibet Travel Services 2015...

Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-Happy Tibetan New Year 2015

Better Tibet tour itineraries, Tibet travel services, better prices 2015....

Authentic Tibet Travel Experience with Local agency-

Better Tibet tour itineraries, Better Tibet travel services, Better prices 2015....

Want the Authentic Tibet travel experience?

Better Tibet tour itineraries, Tibet travel services, better prices 2015....

Welcome to travel with local Tibet travel agency

Better Tibet tour itineraries, Tibet travel services, better prices 2015....

Welcome to travel with local Tibet travel agency

Great Tibet tour itineraries, professional travel services, better prices 2015....

Welcome to travel with local Tibet travel agency

Better Tibet tour itineraries, Tibet travel services, better prices 2015....

Local Tibet Travel Company Offers Quality Travel Services Since 1999

Travel Tibet with local tour operator! We know Tibet better! Traveling with Tibet Ctrip Travel Service is an experience like none other. We look forward to welcoming you to the mysterious Tibet! Our mission is to create lifelong memories for our guests!

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About Us

Tibet Ctrip Travel Service,
one Local Tibet travel agency, is the online platform of Tibet Niwei International Travel Service which was registered in 1999 in Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) and Administration of Industry and Commerce (ACI) in Tibet (The Official License Number is L-XZ00012 (Please have a view to Tibet Niwei International Travel company License documents:12). Our company is one of the very few agencies which began to offer online Tibet tour booking services early this century.   

All of our staff at Tibet Ctrip Travel Service are local Tibetans with many years’ experiences. Our guides are familiar with the most beautiful highland landscapes and are experienced in high-altitude trekking. Our safe drivers drove many years in every corner of Tibet and are reliable. Most importantly, as native Tibetans, they have deep-rooted knowledge of local culture, tradition, religion and history that is part of their daily life. During our trips, our guests have the opportunity to experience the life of Tibetans and learn about their daily routines and customs. 

Now you can easily experience Tibet through intense cultural immersion while trekking across the many Tibetan natural wonders. Our company’s primary goal is to provide you the most Authentic Tibet tours and trekking experience at LOCAL price. Share more videos review  Tibet videos.

Tibetan office manager Sonam Duojie 

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What sets up apart from others?

1. Our Expertise and Reliability:

All our travel consultants and Tibetan tour guides are qualified with at least 5 years working experience in Tibet. This is still far from enough. Our Tibetan guides are well selected according to different traveler group’s requests. So is it for our tour drivers. We are proud that they are among the top guides and best drivers in Tibet tourism. Because of the insightful knowledge of Tibetan travel information, the tours and travel information we provide are not based on books or heard from others, but from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation.

2. Flexible and accommodating Itineraries:

We always try our best to run our trips as flexible as possible according to customer’s personal requests, so that they are not confined by a fixed itinerary which is restrictive and inflexible. That is why our guests like to book our private Tibet tours.

3. Fair trade and service guarantee:

With more than 15 years Tibet tour quotations experience, we know exactly what price is reasonable according to specified service items. We do not sell you sky-high “Tibetan prices”, because we do not stress you to support our Tibet travel agency by paying high prices based on your compassion on Tibetan people. To provide better Tibet tours experiences with more reasonable prices is one of our core values.

4. Absolutely no forced shopping or tourist traps: 

We guarantee that all tours are purely authentic without any hinted shopping commission because we seriously object any act of forced shopping. On the other hand all our travelers do not travel to Tibet to buy expensive fake staff but to maximize their Tibet travel experience with reasonable price in a limited travel timeframe.

5. Our sense of responsibility:

When traveling with us, your personal travel advisor will be available 24 hours a day. For example, if someone in the group, especially the young or old gets sick during travelling, we will take this seriously and probably take him or her to local hospital or transfer to lower altitude imediately. Before, during and after your Tibet tour, we are just a phone call away!

6. Responsible tourism:

Preserving the native environment and local habitats insures the natural preservation needed for future generations of tourist to experience Tibet in real time. Furthermore establishing meaningful relationships between tourist and the Local Tibetan people offers mutual understanding of both cultures in which enhances respect for both tourist and host and thereby promotes future prosperity. Based on this value, we support local community by arranging local services, volunteering in local villages, and always trying our best to minimize impacts on environment and culture of the locals.


Tailor-made Tibet Tours and Group Tour Packages 2016-2017

Classical Tibet Tour packages - for couples, families, friends, students, foreign teachers or companies staff in China;
Small size Join-in Group Tibet Tours (less than 8 people) - for individual travelers, backpackers, budget travelers;
The lost paradise in Sichuan and Yunnan (Amazing landscape adventures);
Train tours to or out of Tibet;
Tibet Trekking (Hiking) Tours;
Plus all necessary Tibet travel permits and visa documents;
Customized trips for any kind of special request
Our tailor-made itineraries may take you through ancient monasteries, nomadic lands and the stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau. This makes an incomparable experience of unique environment and the rich traditions of Tibet!

What Our Distinguished Customers Say:

We are highly recommended by Lonely Planet, trip advisor, etc as one of the best-reputed local Tibet travel agencies. And we are honored to have received countless travel reviews, feedback and testimonials from our customers around the world. Here are just a few of them.

"My friend and I just completed three days in Tibet with Tibet Ctrip Travel Service. Tony was an awesome host and coordinator and delivered on everything he proposed to do for us. Not only did he personally deliver our visas to us in Chengdu, but he employed one of the most knowledgeable people in Tibet to show us around for three days. Tony had a very well planned out itinerary to ensure we saw all the major sights and having Sonam who was so expert and knowledgeable in everything was such a bonus!...

I would definitely recommend Tony's agency. He was very competitive in pricing and allowed us to book our own hotel and adjust the price accordingly. More importantly than price, though, Tony was very ethical, had great interpersonal skills, and delivered on everything he stated he would do. I cannot recommend this agency enough and I definitely will use them in the future when my travels take me to Asia."---Leslie Presutti, read more Tibet travel reviews and share some Tibet travel videos.

Thanks for your precious time on our site and thanks for your interest to book with us. 

Looking forward to meeting you in Lhasa,

Blessings with peace and joy!

General Manager: Sonam Duojie
Marketing and sales Manager: Tony

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