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Tibet Military Permit for Traveling in unopened area Tibet

Military Permit is required if your Tibet tour itinerary includes Eastern Tibet and Mt.Kailash which are regarded as the military sensitive areas in Tibet. It is issued by the Military office in Lhasa and we need you to provide your passports information along with foreign affairs permit to apply for it. It normally takes 1-2 week days and the cost is 100 Yuan/person. Because for this sort of trip, almost all kinds of Tibet travel permtis are necessarily needed, we suggest foreign tourists to confirm this trip at least 1 month in advance to avoid any urgent cases and extra handling fee. Here is bird view to all kinds of Tibet travel documents.

Areas Require Military Permit:

  1. Ngari: all the places you will visit such as Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasorovar, Guge Kingdom Ruins, Purang etc.
  2. Nyingtri: all the places you will visit such as Draksumtso, Pomi etc.
  3. Chamdo: all the places you will visit such as Chamdo, Riwoche etc.
  4. Overland from/to Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang or Qinghai

Note: Military Permit is NOT needed for overland tour from Lhasa to Katmandu or vice Versa.

Tibet Permits Categories

  1. Chinese Visa (from China to Tibet) or Tibet Group visa (from Nepal to Tibet)
  2. TTB (Tibet Entry Permit)
  3. PSB (Alien's Travel Permit-mostly for trip with Everest Base Camp and all those unopened area)
  4. Military Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit